1. Try kale! But not just raw (its nasty that way!), I cant easily explain how to make it so watch it here on YouTube!
    It’s called “clean eating kale recipe”. By danispies.
    It’s great and these are amazing in salsa! So your basicaly eating leafy greens and choppe veggies(salsa) and it tastes SO good (comming from a picky 16 year old who won’t touch most veggies and any salad).
    Please give it a shot:) I loved it and I hate almost everything healthy, but these taste like a real fried chip and even better in salsa:)
    And here’s a website I like that has loads of healthy snack ideas!


  2. My personal favorite and I eat this before softball games is a snack wrap.
    Take 1 whole wheat tortilla
    1 apple
    Some peanut/cashew/almond butter (personal preference)
    Some raisens
    Take the nut spread of your choice and spread it over the tortilla, cut the apple into slices and lay inside tortilla pressed into the spread. Sprinkle rasins on top, wrap it up and there ya go a quick and easy snack that’s packed with protien and carbs to keep you going through a workout.

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