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Quick Weight Loss Workout – You’ll Lose 15 Pounds In 2 weeks

More weight loss workouts: This quick weight loss workout will help you lose 15 pounds very fast but…
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  1. This honestly works. I do it in the morning right as I wake up and I have
    lost a noticeable 14 pounds. I’m not over weight but I have a few extra
    pounds on me that seem to have just disappeared these past few weeks. It’s
    AMAZING. Remember to drink lots of water and try to eat healthy it’s hard
    to do but trust me it helps

  2. +Adrian Bryant I am on a calorie count diet and would like to know how many
    calories I would burn doing this workout . Plz respond

  3. Nordic Lundberg I tried this and I must tell you I felt it!! I have bad
    knees and was in a lot of pain therefore I stopped doing this.. I still
    work out 5 day’s a week though and I started zig zag my cal and I dropped
    10 pounds in 2 weeks .. I guess I wasn’t eatting enough. ..

  4. Imagine beginner and can’t pushup to save my life any ideas on a another
    option for the push ups everything else I’m capable of 

  5. Thank you for all your great work out. I can not do a lot of the moves
    because they are high impact for me. Can you please make a video of a low
    impact workout. 

  6. I went through so many pages of the comments trying to find out it this
    actually works but it was just a bunch of idiots fighting. So if anyone has
    done this workout/is doing it could you please tell me if it actually works
    and how good it works. Thanks! 

  7. I hope this works I have already lost 94 pounds since September
    but….these last five pounds are hard to lose. I’m a 5’5 141 pound female
    and I can’t seem to lose the last five pounds. My husband on the other hand
    drop weight fast when he want. I’m jealous I can’t do that. I dont drink
    soda or juice just water and tea with no sugar. No junk food I don’t know
    what else to do. My tactics have ran out. I really want to be 136/135 I’m
    only five pounds away:(

  8. Those jump squats could be hard on the knees and back for the people that
    are heavier weighted the impact of their upper body on the knees is no

  9. Burpees helped me a lot when I startedvworking its hard but they will work
    on all your body I really recommend @ashleyFaulls

  10. i am not sure whether this video has inspired me or depressed me. I can see
    that if you can get enough discipline control in your life you will do all
    thats advised but my discipline is like my cat – I just do things when i
    feel like it

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