[Real 2PM] Taecyeon’s Photoshoot for Men’s Health Magazine

[Real 2PM] Taecyeon’s Photoshoot for Men’s Health Magazine


  1. Oh, those guys are all very talented. Apart from singing & dancing, some like Taec & Wooyoung involved in drama too. Taec is currently attnding Business Studies at a univ & he’s writing songs too. So are Junsu & Junho, they both hv been composing music for the group.Currently this group hv been favoured by advertising companies in Korea. Every member takes up the top 10 places as most popular male cf models.And to top that they’re naturally very funny. They’re natural clowns without any attempt.

  2. i can see why mostly women would buy the mag. i just hope that people see that they have talent in other areas. if not they will surely not like when they hit that lovely age when looks are gone. their music is good, nice dance moves but i dont know alot about them.

  3. Yup. You can say that. They are all so gorgeous. 4/6 have been models of this mag. 2 have received award for best model. When Taec was featured in this mag they were sold out. I guess they were mostly bought by women…..

  4. 66 dislikes are boys i alway dream thaat he went to my house and he bring yoona unnie and we join my cousin and have fun

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