Who else is so sick of the “health nuts”?

Question by David S: Who else is so sick of the “health nuts”?
Alright, I have to say this because it has come to a point of being so ridiculous. Those of us who are a little older may recall how good our sodas, chocolate milk, and fast food was so much better “back in the day”. Well, the main reason they are not so good now is because of the continuing politics of these “health nuts”. Here is the thing, though. We are suppossed to be a democracy. I may not agree with someone smoking cigarettes or drinking beer, but I do not deprive them of their right to do so. When we are forced to eat quote “low-carb” and “healthier” beverages and foods, it is just that…..forced. If I choose to drink beer, smoke cigarettes, eat what should be a nice, greasy cheeseburger then I should have the freedom to do so. If others choose to eat and drink like a rabbit, that is their choice, but none of them have the right to force you or me to make the same choices, too. Should we not have our freedom of having the food and beverages the way we want them back?
Oh, and on a side note, I have ate at Wendy’s, Burger King, and McDonald’s my whole life. I only drink whole milk and I love many sweet foods. Oh, guess what…..I just had my last check-up with my doctor recently. Surpise!!!!! I am in EXCELLENT HEALTH!!!!!

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Answer by Kalashnikova
yeahh lets all shoot heroin and eat 50 hamburgers while riding unicycles over the grand canyon! haha im just kidding. i agree that people should mind their own business about what others eat and drink and how much of it

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  1. Where do you live that you are forced to eat healthy food all the time?

    I’ve never seen a single person being forced to eat celery and carrots all day…

    I only give people advice about healthy food when I am asked. Otherwise I dont worry about what other people are doing. Of course, there are people that have a “holier-then-thou” attitude, but that can be said about anything, not just health-nuts. Do what I do when people start shoving ideas down your throat: Ignore them.

  2. Your freedom causes health care costs to skyrocket. It is better for you to eat healthier and exercise some discipline. If you feed yourself junk and trash your body then what do you think you get from that….. I think I have a pretty good mix because I try to eat healthy and it makes me feel better. When I eat junk, I feel like junk so that helps me to continue eating healthy as much as I can. I have always enjoyed being active and working out. I notice performance issues when I eat junk. I think that’s true for most “health” nuts. As long as my health insurance continues to rise because of you guys who have this selfish attitude then us “health” nuts are going to stay after you because we can’t keep affording never stopping health insurance rates.
    Freedom doesn’t mean freedom from responsibility. It really means increased responsibility!! With great freedom comes greater responsibility and accountability. Discipline is what helps but it seems to be disappearing if it’s not gone already.

  3. Eat well, stay fit and die anyway. What I fear is coming is the same people raising the stink about tobacco will be the same that with fatty foods. I have no love for tobacco and alcohol, but the government does go too far, and has aims about food industry. We do weigh too much. There are many reasons, one being that the hard work of earlier generations. To them, the idea of going to a gym for a “work out” would have been absurd. In a nutshell, I’m tired of nuts of all sorts.

  4. I eat well and work to stay healthy. Once each week I eat what I want and there better be a big steak smothered in Blue Cheese with a pile of Garlic Mashed potatoes waiting for me.

  5. First of all, I hail from “back in the day.” Back in the day McDonalds was a treat that your parents took you to every once in awhile. Do you remember what a McD hamburger was? It was a pattie, pickles, catsup and mustard on a bun. Nothing else unless you wanted cheese. A normal size for a drink was 8 oz. Most foods we ate back in the day was not over processed either. They didn’t start putting high-fructose corn syrup in everything we eat until the 1970s and I am not sure about the transfats.

    Back in the day, my mother didn’t make mash potatoes or mac & cheese from a box. It was from scratch and by 8 years old I could spell and identify everything that went into those or any other dishes she made.

    Back in the day, kids thought their mother’s cooking was the way food was supposed to taste. It wasn’t over salted or over processed because our little palates had been corrupted by an over abundance of packaged or “fast” food.

    The only time we had a TV dinner (cooked in a conventional oven) was when mom was sick.

    It isn’t a matter of eating and drinking like a rabbit it is a matter of eating real food, not something comprised of chemicals from a manufacturer in China.

    Food was seasonal. We at tomatoes and watermelon in the summer; cabbage and potatoes in the winter. Oranges were a beautiful winter treat and we ate them as long as they lasted. The same is true of peaches, nectarines, figs, etc.

    I don’t think anyone is trying to force you not to eat fast food but they are trying to get fast food companies not to sneak in chemicals and other non-food things into your food just because it is convenient or profitable for them.

    By the way, my dad is from quite a bit before “back in the day.” He is 85 years old and has always cut the extra fat from his meat and lived on a diet with a high percentage of vegetables and, since he grows his own, they are “organic.”

    So healthy eating isn’t new. Quite the contrary, in the scheme of things, fast food is new and so are all of the additives they have put in to our processed foods.

    I think this may have something to do with the abundance of diet-related diseases we are dying of now. Medicine has grown by leaps and bounds but most of the people I think are still dying of cancer and heart disease. Could it be all of the chemicals we are ingesting, not mention not eating foods free of pesticides, etc.

    O.K. I am will get off my soap box. I just think we have become to lazy to cook for ourselves and most people don’t even know how anymore.

  6. I agree with you until we get universal health care. That’s actually the main reason I fear it – in order to be fair to people who take care of their health the government will have to dictate what people eat, drink and do. For now though, if you want a cheeseburger it’s your business.

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