“Slimming bathing suits” that don’t squeeze your thighs?

Question by : “Slimming bathing suits” that don’t squeeze your thighs?
I’m looking for a “slimming” type brand bathing suit that doesn’t always squeeze out my thighs like no tomorrow. They all do it! That “underneath” liner is ok, but I think it just makes my thighs look bigger! I’m not overweight, I’m just middle aged and need a little help here and there. I have a skirted one-piece that looks pretty nice, but it’s all black and I want something in a print but in years before every brand I tried squeezed out my thighs, even though I tried larger sizes–I’m an 8 in slacks and dress but usually get a 12 because they never cover my butt.

Any advice on specific brands or links to shopping sites?

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Answer by bunnystalker
Get a Land’s End catelog- the bathing suit one.
They have some great slimming bathing suits- and they’re all mix and match, so you can put a solid with a pattern, two solids, two patterns, ect. I got mine there last year and I fell in love with it- and I’m getting another this year!
They can be a little pricey, but hey, all bathing suits are expensive. 🙂


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  1. first off what’s your price range?

    unfortunately i have only found some really ugly printed ones in the past, but what you can try is a cut for the bottom, now if your going for a one piece your going to have to look extra hard. but if you are ok with a two piece you could try the bottom half in a short style cut or boy short style like this:


    or just keep with a skirted bottom or a sarong:


    just an example of what they look like try a darker toned one to compliment a bright tankini top.

    good luck!!

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