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?Success in Seattle?: New Brand Transition Sends Pike Market Naturals Products Flying Off the Shelves

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 20, 2015

After a successful recent brand transition for its Pike Market Naturals product line, it?s full speed ahead for Puget Sound Foods, a Seattle-based specialty food producer that has developed award winning, all-natural and gluten-free products for more than 28 years.

The company?s fresh new labels on their sauces and seasoning products feature famous Seattle landmarks such as the Pike Pier Seattle waterfront, the iconic Space Needle, and also celebrates seafood enthusiasts with the Pike Pier Fisherman.

Though the looks have changed, the products contain the same award-winning qualities, from the Pike Market Naturals sauces and flavor-enhanced seasonings to the all-natural wood grilling planks.

?We?ve had countless loyal customers buying Pike Market Naturals products across the U.S. and Canada for the past 11 years,? says John Lettengarver, President & CEO of Puget Sound Foods. ?It continues to be a top priority for us to maintain the same quality in our products. Our customers keep coming back because they love what?s inside the jar.?

Since the re-brand, Puget Sound Foods has seen sales rise and products fly off the shelves at existing locations. Previously, the product labels displayed a fishmonger from Seattle?s Pike Place Fish Market, an image some retailers perceived as a competitive private-label brand. New retailers across the nation embraced the change and jumped on board since the reveal of the updated Market Naturals Pike Pier Fisherman labels.

?We?ve worked hard promoting the Public Market branding concept over the years, but the timing to make a label modification was right,? Lettengarver said. ?The Pike Pier Fisherman promotes our fresh Pacific Northwest products with a more universally accepted branding approach, making this an easy transition for our customers.?

Pike Market Naturals products are versatile, easy to use and complement each other well. Try cooking fresh salmon seasoned with Northwest Seafood Seasoning basted with Alder Smoked Walla Walla Onion Tartar, grilled on an Alder Wood Grilling Plank for a meal that is simple to create and spectacular in taste.

The company plans on introducing several new sauces and seasonings, an exciting new brand extension to its Market Naturals offering and a new label upgrade for its Captain Toady?s product expansion throughout 2015.

About Puget Sound Foods:

Since 1987, Puget Sound Foods has continued to create new, high quality northwest products. Over the years it has expanded its distribution, reaching regions throughout the U.S. and Canada with its Captain Toady’s, Puget Sound Gourmet Naturals and Pike Market Naturals products. Puget Sound Foods? Pike Pier Fisherman products alone bring over 140 years of Pacific Northwest history in full circle. They continue to celebrate this rich history by working with local merchants, farmers markets and producers throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

For more information, please contact Puget Sound Foods, Inc. at (206) 622-6650 or

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