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London, UK (PRWEB UK) 24 June 2013

1. Counting Calories Is The Only Way To Lose Weight (75% said Yes)

Calorie counting is a good way of preventing you from overeating. Although it theoretically works on the basis of physics and energy, it does not take into account the biological factors that cause weight gain through digestive processes. Protein is high in calories but is the crucial component of most weight loss programs.

2. Cutting Carbs Is The Quickest Way To Lose Weight (87% said Yes)

Simple carbohydrates, such as sweets, crisps and biscuits lead to weight gain (in most people) as a result of an insulin response caused by a rise in blood sugar levels. However, cutting carbohydrates out of your diet on the whole may not lead to efficient weight loss. Your body (and particularly, the brain) require a degree of complex carbs to keep itself energised.

Remember, cutting carbs drastically might lead to quick weight loss, but it might also lead to very quick weight gain post-program. So beware!

3. More Exercise Will Always Aid Weight Loss Results (94% said Yes)

This is a huge myth in the industry. The notion of more exercise and less food is an old one and science has proven that this is not an effective way of losing weight. This all depends on the TYPE of exercise and your diet plan. Exercise alone will not always lead to weight loss, and a diet alone might not lead to good-looking results. Combine the both of the best results.

4. Protein Is Most Important For Building Muscles (100% All said Yes)

Protein is certainly important for building bigger and leaner muscles. However, protein alone will be pretty much useless when it comes to the building process. Your body requires good, clean carbohydrates such as brown pasta, sweet potatoes and chickpeas to transport the protein for optimum synthesis. Anybody aiming to build muscle should consume at least as many carbohydrates as protein.

5. Running For 60 Minutes Is Better Than Rowing For 10 Minutes (69% said No)

More intense training leads to more ?calories burned? (i.e. it requires more bodily energy) such as rowing. Running alone is a good way to maintain weight loss and improve cardiovascular health, but it will not lead to weight loss on an impressive scale compared to high intense exercise.

This poll was conducted on 218 members of the public taken at random in London, UK by 3 contractors, overseen, sponsored and on behalf of Differ Diets.

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