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New Diet Doc Products Help Patients Achieve Better Sleep While Reaching their Ideal Body Weight Safely, Comfortably and Rapidly

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 19, 2015

Sleep can be equated to nutrition for the brain, while poor sleep patterns are thought to cloud the brain by dulling activity in the frontal lobe where decision making and impulse control is calculated. In addition, it is thought that an overtired body and brain finds itself searching for something to make it feel better, lacking control to say no to a second helping or a high carbohydrate, high calorie treat. Experts across the globe agree that getting a peaceful, restful, adequate and better sleep is imperative to good health, well-being, mental alertness and acuity, as well as maintaining a healthy weight. Fortunately, Diet Doc has created Sleep Support which contains 2 mg of melatonin, along with 5 herbal extracts, to promote relaxation and a more restful state of being, helping their patients achieve better sleep and make smarter decisions resulting in patients more easily reaching and sustaining their ideal body weight.

Diet Doc continues to add diet products that really do work to help their patients over the initial weight loss hurdles. After a personal, online doctor consultation, many patients choose to add appetite suppressants, Diet Doc?s proprietary diet pills, powerful fat burners and hormone diet treatments that make losing weight easier by curbing the appetite, controlling food cravings and eliminating between meal hunger and fatigue during dieting. Their diet plans are designed by certified nutritionists who understand how and why the body reacts to specific foods, and are created to be compatible with the individual nutritional, medical and lifestyle needs of each patient. During the personal consultation, one of the company?s highly trained fast weight loss doctors reviews the entire system which enables the team of professionals to design diet plans and prescription diet products to target very distinctive areas that may have been overlooked in the past and may be contributing to weight gain or preventing fast weight loss. Because their doctors are not merely primary care physicians, but specialize in the art and science of fast weight loss, they are intimately aware of what combination of foods and diet products will help their patients more comfortably and quickly lose weight, while also improving other areas of their lives, including enjoying better sleep, leading to improved mood and the ability to make more informed, conscious and healthier food decisions.

While the internet is inundated with diet products and diet plans that claim to generate fast weight loss, there are only a handful that have proven track records. Diet Doc is one of them. Patients throughout the country attest to their weight loss success and their satisfaction with the Diet Doc team, with the majority of over 25,000 actual patients reporting the quick loss of 20 pounds or more per month without side effects. The company works tenaciously to bring the most modern fast weight loss methods that are combined with products that are all manufactured in U.S. based, fully licensed and FDA approved pharmacies, making them a trusted and reliable leader in the weight loss industry.

Diet plans are designed for those of all ages, gender, shapes and sizes. New patients who are searching for the best diet to achieve safe and quick weight loss can simply visit http://www.dietdoc.com or call Diet Doc to complete a health questionnaire and schedule an online, private and free consultation with a fast weight loss physician.

About the Company:

Diet Doc Weight Loss is the nation’s leader in medical, weight loss offering a full line of prescription medication, doctor, nurse and nutritional coaching support. For over a decade, Diet Doc has produced a sophisticated, doctor designed weight loss program that addresses each individual specific health need to promote fast, safe and long term weight loss.

Diet Doc Contact Information:

Providing care across the USA


San Diego, CA

(888) 934-4451



Twitter: https://twitter.com/DietDocMedical

Facebook: DietDocMedicalWeightLoss

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/diet-doc-weight-loss?trk=biz-brand-tree-co-logo

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Eat This Much creates meal plans for your body, your schedule, your goals
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Miranda Kerr: My Bikini Body Fitness Secrets Are Low Carb Diet and Yoga

Miranda Kerr: My Bikini Body Fitness Secrets Are Low Carb Diet and Yoga
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Food for your Skin & A Feast For Your Senses – New Artisan Body Care Line “Saavy Naturals” Changes the Landscape and Standards for Natural Products

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 30, 2014

Hugo and Debra Saavedra are eager and humbled to announce the launch of their newest venture Saavy Naturals ? a so-called ‘love child’ body care line coined as food for your skin. Having left Hugo Naturals, Saavy Naturals gives consumers pure, sustainably sourced and fresh products unlike any available on the market today. Aside from producing immaculate products, the brand aims to change how business is practiced in America – bringing integrity to corporate America.

Saavy Naturals is a restaurant for people’s senses. From sight, to touch, to smell, to taste, owners Hugo and Debra have accomplished the unthinkable by bringing a unique beauty to the world of business. Using inventive ingredients such as ayurvedic colors and Japanese honeysuckle extract, every product in the line is entirely edible and is made vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, biodegradable, cruelty free, and is created in small batches in their own kitchen factory. Saavy Naturals brings an innovative, organic and timeless essence to the chemically enhanced world of body care.

“Back in the 30s and 40s, a handshake was a contract for life,” says Hugo Saavedra. “Ultimately, I want Saavy Naturals to be the household name of integrity. Our mission is to set the standards for all other body care companies with humility, gentleness, and the desire for our customers to live a genuinely good life that is enhanced by our products.” he explained.

Background in food, the Saavedras have both worked as personal chefs, owned and operated restaurants, created various menus for restaurants, introduced edible exotic flowers and baby greens to 5-star dining in Southern California, and have extensive knowledge of what ingredients are safe for the body both internally and externally.

“The skin is your body’s largest organ,? says Debra Saavedra. ?And make no mistake, what you put on your body is absorbed and goes in to your body. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you’re slathering on yourself from head to toe. That’s why we only use 100% natural, food-grade ingredients in each of our products. We want to truly feed your skin!”

Saavy customers have not only fallen in love with the products, but they have fallen in love with the Saavedras themselves. Hugo and Debra are partners in business and partners in life, continuously touching people’s lives with their spirits, company culture, and unique approach to business.

Saavy Naturals products make for the perfect holiday gift for any family member and are currently available at select Whole Foods locations throughout the USA. Saavy also ships worldwide at http://www.saavynaturals.com

To set up an interview with Hugo and Debra Saavedra, please contact Lindsay(at)melrosepr(dot)com.

Natural Candida Cleanse Review | Learn How to Cleanse the Body and Colon of Candida Naturally and Safely ? Vinamy

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 09, 2014

Natural Candida Cleanse is the latest program that helps people say goodbye to yeast infections forever without using any drug or pill. The program also provides simple exercises, healthy diet plans to relieve yeast infection symptoms quickly and easily. In addition, this program is made by Margaret Pearson, a former chronic yeast infection sufferer, and medical researcher who has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Since Margaret Pearson released the ?Natural Candida Cleanse? program, many people used it to discover safe and natural remedies that help them regain their natural inner balance. Accordingly, Jenny Brown performed a full Natural Candida Cleanse review that points out whether this program is worth buying.

The review on the site Vinamy.com indicates that in the Natural Candida Cleanse program, people will learn how to stop candida disease permanently by dealing with the root cause of this disease. The program also teaches people how to get rid of embarrassing bad breath, how to increase energy dramatically, and how to gain complete relief from yeast infections and candida overgrowth within a few months. Moreover, Margaret Pearson will provide people with 8 instruction books and some special gifts when they order this program. Firstly, people will receive the ?Natural Candida Cleanse? book, and the ?Bad Breath Secret Remedies Revealed? book. Secondly, people will get the ?Anti Candida Recipe Cookbook? book, and the ?Secret Weapon Against All Diseases? book. Thirdly, Margaret Pearson will offer people the ?Premier Support Package ? Newly Updated Natural Candida Cleanse? book, and the ?Complete Handbook Of Natural Cures And Remedies? book. Finally, people will have the ?Candida Cleanse Flowchart Of The 7 Holistic Angles To Attack From? book, and the ?24 Hour Express Lane to Yeast Infection Relief? book.

Jenny Brown from the site Vinamy.com says: ?Natural Candida Cleanse is a new program that instructs people how to end the pain of cracked skin, itching and burning, painful urination and reoccurring rashes. The program also covers advanced methods to treat all skin and internal yeast infections, oral yeast infections, penile yeast infections and vaginal yeast infections. In addition, in this program, people will discover tips to take the burden away from family by clearing brain fog, irritability and mood swings. Moreover, people also have 60 days to decide if they want to keep the Natural Candida Cleanse program or get their money back.?

If people wish to view pros and cons from a full Natural Candida Cleanse review, they could visit the website: http://vinamy.com/natural-candida-cleanse/.

To know more information about this program, get a direct access to the official site.


About Jenny Brown: Jenny Brown is an editor of the website Vinamy.com. In this website, Jenny Brown provides people with reliable reviews about new methods for treating all kinds of yeast infections. People could send their feedbacks to Jenny Brown on any digital product via email.

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The Lean Body Bride Review Introduces How To Get A Good Shape Naturally ? Vinaf.com {twittertitle}{linksharetitle}{shareasaletitle}

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 23, 2014

The Lean Body Bride is a new program developed by Adam McCluskey, who has many years of experience in the health and fitness industry. The program provides people with a lot of exercises, techniques, tips, and detailed instructions on how to get a healthy body. In the program, people will discover the common nutrition mistakes they make in choosing fat burning foods. In addition, people will learn how to boost their metabolism and reduce inflammation. Since Adam McCluskey released the program, he has received many positive comments from customers regarding their success. Therefore, the website Vinaf.com tested the program and has revealed an overview.

The comprehensive overview on the website Vinaf.com says, ?The Lean Body Bride takes people step-by-step through the process of learning how to burn fat effectively. In the program, people will know how to do workouts without joint aches and back pain. The program also shows users a lot of healthy foods that help them boost their energy levels. Besides, people will know tips to stop food craving, and tips to prevent the formation of cellulite. People will also learn how to control blood pressure, and keep their blood sugar stable. Moreover, the program helps people reduce the risks of some diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart attacks. Thanks to the program, people can learn how to get a lean and sculpting-looking body at home instead of taking the gym or aerobic classes.

Jart Mac from the website Vinaf.com says, ?The Lean Body Bride provides people with a lot of strength training workouts, and proper diet plans for burning fat. With the program, people will learn how to improve their overall health naturally without any medication. The program is designed simply for people to follow with ease. Buying the program, people will get some special gifts such as the ?Bride Body Abs? book and the ?Recipes For A Bridal Body? book. Moreover, the program offers users a money back guarantee if they are not happy with the results.

If people want to get pros and cons of the product, get a direct access to the official site: http://vinaf.com/lean-body-bride-review/

If people want to know more information of the overview of the product, get a direct access to the official site.


About Jart Mac, Jart Mac is an editor of the website Vinaf.com. He provides people with many reliable reviews on health, fitness training. People can send any question or feedback to him on any digital product via email.