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Gluten Free Things, Inc. Now Offers Vegan Bread Products and Accepts EBT and SNAP Cards for Low Income Consumers

Gluten Free Things, Inc. is excited to announce the introduction of a new payment system ? the company now accepts EBT and SNAP cards for the purchase of its gluten-free food products.

Since June 2015, the company has processed dozens of transactions paid for by EBT and SNAP. The decision to apply as an EBT / SNAP merchant was made in direct response to suggestions by loyal customers who knew of friends and family members struggling to afford quality gluten-free products. Many low income consumers also suffer from celiac sprue disease, or are gluten-intolerant or gluten sensitive and have opted to follow a gluten-free lifestyle.

We spoke with John Irvin, owner of Gluten Free Things, Inc., ahead of the launch of these new payment options and asked him to explain why the company took this step.

?Paying for quality gluten-free food products should not be the privilege of those who can afford it? John stated emphatically. ?It?s a simple step that will allow my gluten-free business to reach a wider customer base with our range of breads, cookies, crackers and muffins.?

?We also want to offer an option for customers using EBT and SNAP cards who are not in Arvada or close proximity to shop our Gluten Free Things bakery.? John stated. ?So we decided to make it very easy for distant customers to visit our website at glutenfreethings.com, see what is available, then call our bakery and place an order over the phone. The card info will be keyed in manually once we talk with the customer.? EBT/SNAP card holders who call in to place orders for shipment will need to provide a credit card to cover shipping charges – but they pay for the gluten-free food order using the EBT/Snap card funds?.

Gluten Free Things, a 100% dedicated gluten-free facility is one of only a few select bakeries offering high quality, gluten-free bread products compatible with a vegan diet, and now the company is focused on helping all consumers, regardless of income level, to enjoy its gluten-free products.

According to a study carried out recently by the Vegetarian Resource Group, close to sixteen million Americans are vegetarian and half those classify themselves as vegan, choosing not to eat eggs or dairy products in addition to meat and fish.

That?s great news for Gluten Free Things, who are continually adding new and exciting food offerings to their bakery ? all of which are vegan (and celiac) friendly.

John told us ?All of my breads are vegan with the exception of the Italian butter cream icing on the cinnamon rolls. By end of summer, all of our gluten-free cookies and muffins will also be classified as vegan. ?

It looks like a great time to visit Gluten Free Things and if you are shopping with EBT or SNAP cards it?s an even better time to pay them a visit!

You can learn more about Gluten Free Things by calling 303-668-1663 or by visiting the company website

at: http://www.glutenfreethings.com

Contact Information:

Gluten Free Things, Inc.

11651 64th Avenue,

Unit A-6,

Arvada, CO 80004

Phone: 303-668-1663

Contact: John Irvin

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