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Facile Flexitarian Fun ? Panax Publishing Releases Next Generation Cookbook

Corona Del Mar, CA (PRWEB) February 1, 2005

Panax Publishing has announced the release of ?Grazing on Pasta,? a new cookbook designed to help streamline the feeding process. Wholesome, gourmet-style, whimsical and user-friendly, ?Grazing on Pasta? sets a new standard in cookbooks.

Author Shari Rae Noyes, who shuns deprivation, is quick to point out that healthier eating does not have to mean boring. ?Think delectable variety,? she says, ?Who wants to feel restricted?or eat something that tastes like cardboard??

Flexitarian for Life

?Grazing? offers a fresh take on the traditional Mediterranean diet, praised (and re-praised) for its excellent effects on health and longevity. ?Grazing?s? recipes are rich in olive oil and include a plethora of herbs and vegetables, nuts and modest amounts of poultry or seafood.

Flexitarianism, the post-modern term for a diet consisting primarily of plant-based foods with moderate amounts of animal foods, reflects the traditional diet of the Mediterranean and other areas?and a wisdom that science continues to validate. Earlier this month, Mediterranean staple olive oil again starred in media reports?this time for breast cancer prevention.

Sizing up the Book

?Grazing on Pasta? serves up recipes in a convenient, 8.5? x 5.5? format, with a maximum of 10 steps in each. Other features include:

Variety?seafood, poultry and vegetable recipes keep life zesty.

Enticement?each recipe sports a gorgeous, full-color photo.

Fun?whimsical recipe titles range from ?Monsters and Greens? to ?Purple Cords on Neptune.?

Help??Grazing? offers a preparation timetable, menu suggestions, cooking tips, presentation ideas and a glossary.

Wear-and-tear power?the entire book is printed on sturdy cover stock.

Easy access?it self-stands (on a shelf or windowsill) or mounts on a wall.

Stay Tuned

?Grazing on Pasta? is the first installment in a series of six?all in the same friendly format. With a touch of irony, Noyes has titled her series ?Grazing? because the word evokes an image of leisurely consuming food?a practice in which most of us are deficient. ?Slow food,? she says, ?is the way to go. Eating snake-style precludes proper digestion, while thorough chewing slows down consumption?which translates to stretching out one?s satisfaction more than one?s waistline.? Noyes also teaches that taking time to feed oneself well nourishes more than body: ?It sends the subconscious a message of worthiness.?

“Flexebitionist” Author

Noyes has been developing flexitarian recipes for over 15 years. Primarily self-educated, she complemented her early experience with a 15-month sojourn in Italy, where she experienced firsthand the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Going “Grazy”

Panax Publishing is offering ?Grazing on Pasta? (ISBN 0-9702973-0-0), priced at $ 29.95, on the Web at http://www.panaxpublishing.com. Named after a type of ginseng, known for its vigor-inducing properties, Panax?s immediate mission is to help improve the grazing experience?especially for those interested in healthier eating?by offering this new tool.

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Oldways Preservation and Trust

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Skinnylicious Cooking: Review Reveals Details About Flavia Del Monte’s New Healthy Cookbook

Columbus, Georgia (PRWEB) October 25, 2014

A full Skinnylicious Cooking review will be conducted to look at claims from the author of the cookbook, Flavia Del Monte that you can actually burn more fat by eating more food. The newly released cookbook claims to have over 150 great tasting, healthy recipes which will help you live a healthier life and lose weight.

The claims made by the creator of the Skinnylicious Cookbook caught the attention of Trustworthyfitness.com’s Josh Houghton and prompted him to conduct a full and detailed Skinnylicious Cooking Review because it’s important that the public gets insight into weather or note this cooking program can do as the author states.

“My review took a look at the content of the program, the author behind the program and the benefits and claims made reports Houghton. The program contains a huge 370 page cookbook featuring 150 recipes which are all 100% sugar, soy, gluten and wheat free. A good portion of the recipes featured in this cookbook are also paleo friendly and diary free. All recipes are also allergy friendly. It’s pretty rare for a cookbook to feature such an extensive list of recipes which don’t contain any gluten, wheat, soy or sugar.

Every recipe features detailed step by step instructions, professional taken photos, nutrition information, ingredients needed and a personal cooking tip from the author, Flavia Del Monte. You’ll also get instructions on how to prep your kitchen, keep it clean, and choose ingredients and much more. So the claims about the meals being healthy are accurate.

Skinnylicious Cooking also comes with 4 bonus gifts? reports Houghton. The first one is How To Make 15 Meals In 50 Minutes which is a collaboration video with a professional chef. In this video Flavia and Amy, the chef reveals tricks, tips and different techniques to literally cook up 15 meals in less than 1 hour. The second bonus is The 3 Day Delicious Diet and a ready to print menu. This is a special diet based on recipes from the book. It’s completely safe and is actually possible in some cases to lose up to 5ibs in about 7 days. The third bonus is a recipe quick sheet collection. This will allow you to easily print the recipes in a convenience manner in case you just like to have a physical recipe on paper instead of the digital version. The fourth and final bonus is a collection of weekly grocery list. You’ll know exactly what you need to buy and they are printable as well.

“So far my skinnylicious review has backed up all the claims made by Flavia Del Monte” states Houghton. The author of the cookbook, Flavia Del Monte is a well-known certified fitness trainer, certified nutritionist and bestselling author of two top female workout programs. She also runs a popular blog for female fitness.

The final claim made by Flavia Del Monte is that Skinnylicious Cooking can help you lose weight. Is this true? Josh Houghton states “This is indeed true although it’s the recipes that can lead to weight loss not the cookbook itself. Eating healthy meals can lead to weight loss especially if someone isn’t eating a lot of junk food or fast food.”

So in conclusion, The Skinnylicious Cooking review which was performed by Josh Houghton of TrustworthyFitness.com does indeed back up the author?s claims. Skinnylicious Cooking appears to be a well put together, well thought out cookbook featuring healthy recipes are easy to make and taste great.

The author, Flavia Del Monte spared no expense to produce a quality produce which contains quality recipes that anyone can learn to make from home. So if you need to eat healthier, lose weight and just feel better overall Skinnylicious Cooking is a good way to go.

If you would like to purchase or learn more about Skinnylicious Cooking, click here.

To check out a detailed and in-depth Skinnylicious Cooking review, please visit http://trustworthyfitness.com/skinnylicious-cooking-review/