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A refresher course for packing school lunches and ideas for happy campers
Just when you thought you'd seen all the cool kid-friendly tricks and tips, the ADA offers a few more, such as putting fruits, such as grapes and blueberries, inside a waffle cone and then topping them with low-fat yogurt. Or, another fruity idea, make
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Grocery Buying Guide: How to Buy and Store Cucumbers
Come summer, and the cucumber becomes one of our favourite ingredients to beat the scorching heat. The slender veggie not only has incredible hydrating properties, it is also packed with vital nutrients that help in keeping the body cool. And the best
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5 must try low calorie dishes
Dieting, but can't give up the temptation of good food? Try out these healthy, low calorie recipes. LowCalorie Salad Ingredients Carrot – 2 tblsp, chopped, Tomato – 2 tblsp, finely chopped, Cucumber – 2 tblsp, chopped, Onion – 2 tblsp, sliced, Ginger
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Easy dinner recipes: Drink your dinner with one of our Bloody Mary recipes

Easy dinner recipes: Drink your dinner with one of our Bloody Mary recipes
Check out our favorite Bloody Mary recipes here, and continue reading below for the Bacon Bloody Mary recipe. Cheers. BACON BLOODY MARY. 6 cups Bacon Bloody Mary mix (recipe below). 9 to 12 ounces vodka (or tequila if making Bloody Marias).
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Carolyn Robb, chef to Princess Diana, reveals recipes, anecdotes with royal
(PIX11)– Long-time chef to Diana, Charles, and young William and Harry, Carolyn Robb shares recipes and anecdotes in her new book “The Royal Touch.” Here are some her delicious ones: CHOCOLATE BISCUIT CAKE Ingredients FOR THE CAKE:
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Want to live longer? Try these healthy eating tips and salad recipes from Ikaria
She also shares their recipes and easy-to-follow advice for adopting some healthy Ikarian habits. Kochilas, a cookbook author and collaborating chef at New York's Molyvos, has roots on Ikaria, and spends part of each year living on the remote island
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Easy dinner recipes: Great pasta dishes in only 25 minutes

Easy dinner recipes: Great pasta dishes in only 25 minutes
If you're looking for a fast yet filling dish, pasta is always a great option. The noodles act as a blank canvas, ready to work with almost any flavor combinations you wish to add, whether rich sausage and broccoli, fresh herbs or a creamy sauce
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Padma Lakshmi shares her under meal: One-dish sausage with rice and
What's better than dinner for four for under $ 20? How about a one-dish dinner for four for under $ 20? Here, Padma Lakshmi shares her easy recipe for protein-packed sausage with rice and lentils. Want to vary it? Lakshmi says you can substitute all
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Test Kitchen recipe: Spaghettini with Italian Sausage
Pairing the pasta with the sausage and spinach helps make a filling meal. When cooking pasta, some people add oil to the water. Others add salt. I typically add a good heaping tablespoon or more of kosher salt. The water should taste salty. Today's
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