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MealEasy Announces New Weight Loss Meal Plans For People Who Don?t Like to Diet

Halifax, NS (PRWEB) December 19, 2013

Designed around the benefits of ?mindful eating?, MealEasy has added an exceptional weight loss meal plan to their website.

The new Weight Loss Meal Plan is based on the premise that the easiest way to lose weight is through sensible, controlled eating.

?Guessing what to eat leads to the wrong food choices,? said George Borovan (MealEasy/Noviden Technologies CEO). ?We make it easy for people to change the way they eat.?

MealEasy helps people take a healthier more proactive approach to losing weight.

With the MealEasy weight loss meal plan, people can link to a BMI scale, determine their calorie requirements, set personal preferences, and quickly create a sensible meal plan from a wide selection of highly-nutritious, great tasting recipes.

Dieters are able to customize a meal plan based on their calorie requirements, and enjoy delicious good-for-you meals within a preset calorie range. Meal selections can also be adjusted based on a person?s daily physical activity.

?We are excited about our new weight loss meal plan because it?s all about sustainable sensible eating,? said Borovan. ?It provides a safe way for people to gradually reduce their calorie intake, so they experience long-lasting results.?

With MealEasy, instead of limiting a person?s food choices, people are given a really large variety of healthy meals to choose from. Each recipe has been created and tested by their in-house chef, and follows nutritional guidelines – that when followed as intended – will help people lose weight.

Ideal for people discouraged with the yo-yo affects of typical fad diets, the MealEasy weight loss plan focuses on creating smart and careful eating habits.

Along with weight loss, users are able to select and prepare the foods they enjoy, balance their nutritional requirements and save money on food.


MealEasy.com (a brand of Noviden Technologies) is a family business owned and operated by George and Brent Borovan.

Since 2008, MealEasy.com has been on a mission to help and educate people about the foods they eat. They collaborate with health professionals and nutritional experts to ensure that nutritional guidelines are followed.

Much more than a recipe site, MealEasy will help you plan, shop and prepare deliciously healthy meals. All recipes are prepared by a certified chef and have been tested inside the MealEasy kitchen.

Users enjoy unrestricted use of the meal planner, automatic grocery list generator and an uncluttered advertisement free web application.

For more information contact:

George Borovan

Noviden Technologies Inc.

902 4520505



Kids Don’t Have to Share Their Vegetables, Thanks to Siena Farms, ChopChop Magazine & Chef Ana Sortun

Watertown, MA (PRWEB) August 28, 2014

Siena Farms, in partnership with ChopChop Kids, Inc., is delighted to present its new Kids? Share, which is designed for children ages 6-12. The Siena Farms Kids? Share will encourage kids (and their parents) to get into the kitchen, have some fun, and cook real food from their very own vegetable share. Each week the Kids? Share will be themed and recipe-focused. In addition to the farm?s fabulous veggies, shares will include activities for kids, recipes from ChopChop Magazine: The Fun Cooking Magazine for Kids, games, and food-related tools and accessories. Kids will also receive a year?s subscription to ChopChop Magazine and a copy of the award-winning ChopChop cookbook.

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm-Shares are an easy way to support local agriculture by investing in a farm. The return is a ?share? in what the farm produces. At Siena Farms, families purchase a membership up-front. Then each week during the season, they receive a box/share filled with the farm?s own, super-fresh vegetables (grown using only sustainable, organic-farming methods).The Kids? Share is a great way to get kids excited about healthy eating, and to teach them where their food comes from.

Farmer Chris Kurth, owner of Siena Farms (and Siena?s dad), shared the impetus for the innovative program. ?Getting kids cooking is one of the best-possible, all-around, real-world learning labs. Cooking builds confidence and creativity, uses and develops reading, processing, logic, math, and art skills. Kids learn the timeless pleasure of making food for and sharing it with others. We feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work with my wife Ana, Sally Sampson, and the ChopChop team to bring the Siena Farms? Kids? Share from a great idea into delicious fruition.?

Sally Sampson, the founder of ChopChopKids, is an award-winning cookbook author and a national leader in children?s education about food and healthy eating. Sally has seen picky eaters become more open and adventuresome when they are engaged with making food themselves. ?We are thrilled to partner with Siena Farms in launching this Kids? Share and excited to share ChopChop recipes, all of which will be chosen for what?s in the share and written specifically for kids. The Kids? Share is a terrific way for children to have ownership of the cooking process and we know that ownership breeds better eating.?

Ana Sortun, award-winning chef/partner of the Oleana Restaurant Group (and Siena?s mom), shared her enthusiasm about the new Kids? Share: ?Kids will love having their very own vegetables from our farm! I hope we can inspire some early chopping, peeling, sprigging, washing ? and even some cooking ? with fun recipes and surprises each week.? When 8-year old Siena Kurth heard about the Kids? Share, she told her parents that she knew her friends would enjoy it, and encouraged her dad to launch the program by drawing its playful logo.

The 2014 Siena Farms Kids? Share costs $ 250 for 12 weeks (the week of September 1st through the week of November 17th). Members can choose one of the farm?s many convenient pickup locations/days in the Greater Boston area ? please check the farm?s website for details. For an additional, nominal fee, the Kids? Share is available for home or office delivery! Registration is available now online.

About ChopChop

Endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, ChopChop, The Fun Cooking Magazine for Families, is a nonprofit quarterly food magazine. Published by ChopChopKids, Inc, a 501(c)(3), ChopChop?s mission is to inspire and teach kids to cook and eat real food with their families. Its vision is to reduce and prevent childhood obesity. ChopChop was named the 2013 Publication of the Year by the culinary industry?s James Beard Foundation, and is the only non-profit publication to win the award. ChopChop is also the recipient of a prestigious gold award from the Parents? Choice Foundation, the nation?s oldest nonprofit guide to quality children?s media and toys. To learn more about ChopChop?s mission, and to support the organization by subscribing to ChopChop Magazine or by donating to its cause, please visit chopchopmag.org. Follow them on Twitter at @ChopChopMag, on Facebook at facebook.com/ChopChopMagazine or on Pinterest at pinterest/ChopChopMag.

About Siena Farms

Siena Farms is an award-winning, 70-acre market farm growing diversified produce in the fertile Sudbury River valley, twenty-five miles west of Boston. The farm grows its produce using the traditionally sustainable farming practices of modern organic agriculture; free of chemical herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. Siena Farms distributes its produce through a 750-member, year-round CSA, the Copley Square Farmers? Market, its South End store, and area restaurants, including family-owned Oleana, Sofra, and Sarma. For more about the farm and its CSA, visit sienafarms.com

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AntiAging Institute of California Now Offers DON’T PAUSE for Menopause with a Special Promotion

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) July 25, 2014

DON?T PAUSE is a popular natural remedy for menopause symptoms that can help alleviate uncomfortable bloating, hot flashes, mood swings, burning tongue menopause and the 45 symptoms of menopause as identified by Dr. Shoreh Ershadi. The AntiAging Institute of California is now offering a special promotion for DON?T PAUSE for Menopause that allows women to try this revolutionary product. For a limited time, women who buy two bottles of DON?T PAUSE can get a third bottle at no charge.

Water retention menopause is a common problem that affects a large percentage of women during menopause. Women can combat this water retention by monitoring their diet and reducing their intake of salty food, processed food, fast food, gas-causing vegetables, dairy products and carbonated beverages. Exercise can also be beneficial. DON?T PAUSE goes right to the heart of the problem by addressing the hormonal imbalances contributing to the bloating. Food allergies menopause, which can occur as a result of hormonal imbalances, can also respond well to dietary changes and DON?T PAUSE.

Women who are suffering from painful joints menopause may need to adjust their exercise program to alleviate the pressure on their joints. This can also help them keep their weight at a healthy level, which can further reduce menopause symptoms. DON?T PAUSE contains joint-nourishing herbs and antioxidants to keep women healthy, active and mobile throughout menopause and beyond.

Menopause symptoms can include not just physical changes but also emotional changes that can affect a woman?s relationships, her quality of life and her overall health. One to two capsules of DON?T PAUSE taken daily can combat these symptoms and improve overall health and well-being. Healthy lifestyle changes can be made in conjunction with the supplement and can give women the tools they need to remain healthy and strong.

The AntiAging Institute of California offers a broad selection of natural and herbal supplements, including DON?T PAUSE, to help people live vibrantly and healthfully as they age. The right treatments can help provide women with the support they need during this time of change.

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AntiAging Institute of California Is Now Offering a Promotion on DON?T PAUSE

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) April 23, 2014

#antiaging #institute of #california is now #offering a #promotion on DON?T #pause. Women can buy two bottles of DON?T PAUSE and receive a complimentary third bottle. Symptoms of menopause often first appear when a woman enters her 40s. The average age for menopause for American women is 51, but symptoms can begin much earlier and then continue throughout the lifetime. These symptoms can range in type and severity from woman to woman and even from day to day. Natural treatments can help alleviate symptoms such as menopause depression and menopause weight gain.

Menopause symptoms tend to be linked directly to the hormonal changes of menopause. Women may begin to experience menopause irritability throughout the perimenopause period, which occurs in the months and years leading up to menopause. As their periods become more irregular and eventually stop, women may also begin to experience vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy and irregular periods menopause, which can affect their relationships and self-confidence. Treatments can include a variety of lifestyle changes and natural supplements.

A balanced diet and regular exercise can be great choices for any stage of life but are particularly beneficial for menopausal women. Women who smoke or drink heavily may need to consider quitting or cutting back since both habits tend to aggravate symptoms. Caffeine, spicy foods and hot drinks such as coffee and tea may also trigger certain symptoms and need to be used in moderation.

Women may need to adjust their daily routine and use heavier moisturizing lotions to keep skin dryness at bay and vaginal lubricants to ease vaginal discomfort. Adding several stress-reducing workouts such as yoga and Tai Chi to their normal exercise routines can help women better manage their weight, stress and menopause-related depression. Natural supplements such as DON?T PAUSE offer women additional support for managing their menopause symptoms and can help keep hormones steady throughout this time of change, resulting in fewer symptoms and less intense symptoms.

DON?T PAUSE has been designed to address the 45 symptoms of menopause, which were identified by Dr. Shoreh Ershadi. It is made by the AntiAging Institute of California, which offers an extensive selection of herbal supplements designed to promote good health throughout life, and contains a special blend of natural and herbal ingredients to provide maximum symptom relief.