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How effective are weight loss pills and herbal remedies?

How effective are weight loss pills and herbal remedies?
On one of such days during the last Christmas holidays, I overheard a herbal medicine promoter in an open vehicle holding a microphone promoting herbal remedies for weight loss, among others. He attributed all kinds of power to the medications
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Kourtney Kardashian Rocks 45-Pound Weight Loss, Ripped Abs: Diet And Exercise Tips
Kourtney's weight loss secrets are an organic diet, waist training and intense exercise that includes yoga and cardio workouts such as running, Examiner reported. kourtney kardashian diet exercise Kourtney has long followed an organic diet and does
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5 herbs you should avoid during pregnancy
St. John's wort: A study published in the Canadian Journal of pharmacology revealed that consuming St. John's wort (Choli phulya) might lead to lower birth weight in infants. The herb is commonly used to treat tiredness, loss of appetite and depression.
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Just how effective is exercise for weight loss?

Just how effective is exercise for weight loss?
Photo (c) Fotolia When people want to lose a few pounds, their first thought may be to head off to the gym for some exercise. But it turns out it takes a lot of exercise to burn just a few calories, and most health experts recommend a combination of
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Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers get an A
It's also an epidemic: More than one-third of adult Americans, or 78.6 million adults are obese, according to the U.S. government. But while the diagnosis is comparatively easy, finding an effective treatment is far more difficult. Those seeking to
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Eating Specific Proteins, Carbs May Be More Effective For Weight Management
Be specific in choosing the types of proteins and carbohydrates you eat, because these little things might make a big difference in your weight loss or weight gain later on. A new study out of Tufts University claims that making even small changes to
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Heartburn No More Review Discloses the Most Effective Natural Remedy to Stop Pain

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) November 30, 2013

According to http://www.DailyGossip.org, the effective treatment plan was created by Jeff Martin, a former heartburn sufferer.

Jeff Martin reveals that users undergoing “Heartburn No More” treatment will enjoy freedom from all the symptoms of heartburn, in only 2 days.

To find out more about this new treatment visit Jeff Martin’s official website: http://www.dailygossip.org/HeartBurn-Relief-6796.

Jeff Martin is a popular researcher, nutritionist and health consultant, who took the decision to start a research with the main purpose to find a natural remedy for heartburn.

Jeff Martin had to deal with this condition for several years, until he found his effective system that can put an end to all the disturbing symptoms this condition causes.

The method he found is 100 percent guaranteed, being a clinically researched system.

Heartburn No More needs no drugs or medical procedures to work efficiently. The entire cure plan is now shared by Jeff Martin in his complex eBook.

The guide debates the symptoms, causes and treatment options for heartburn, introducing patients to a complex 5-step program that will gradually eliminate all disturbing symptoms that make this condition extremely difficult to deal with.

The treatments suggested in this program are very simple to apply, providing permanent results. So, once patients achieve a cure, the results will be permanent.

Acid reflux is a serious issue, which can be caused by a series of factors, including obesity, smoking, sleeping problems, as well as alcohol consumption and much more.

While most treatments for this issue leave people only with short term effects in controlling acid reflux, Heartburn No More provides a permanent cure.

In this program users will find everything they need to know to address this issue. The method is so effective that relief will be felt in a few hours, while the cure will be achieved in about 2 months.

In its review, DailyGossip.org describes this method as a fast and safe program. The complex package features many bonuses that can be accessed by users along with the Heartburn No More eBook. Moreover, the package features free counseling from Jeff Martin on a period of 3 months.

This means that clients will be able to contact the author of this method and ask for more tips and recommendations to improve their overall health. The package also contains a money back guarantee, proving its efficiency.

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Vital Health, Inc. Outlines How an EVA Screening is an Effective Tool in Identifying Ways to Alleviate Eczema

Orland Park, IL (PRWEB) November 19, 2013

When Barbara Griffin, NMD, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Certified Gluten Practitioner, and owner of Vital Health, Inc., consults with a client, the primary problem solving tool used is the EVA screening. Why? The reason is simple; it is a pain-free and non-invasive tool used to gain insight on the overall health of the body, as well as identify food and environmental sensitivities. During the Food Sensitivities Screening, Dr. Griffin can measure which foods and environmental sensitivities trigger a negative response in the body.

Dr. Griffin explained, ?For someone suffering with eczema symptoms, the Food Sensitivities part of the EVA screening is especially beneficial. By measuring the body?s response to each of the 300 food and environmental sensitivities, we can identify which ones trigger a negative response in the body,” Dr. Griffin explained.

?Eczema is a skin condition that appears to result from a combination of genetic predisposition and environmental factors. A combination of factors can influence an outbreak of eczema. Food allergies, diet, environmental allergies, stress and the body lacking certain vitamins and minerals can all cause eczema and trigger flare-up of the disease,? added Dr. Griffin. Eczema falls into the auto-immune category of diseases.

Eczema has been linked to celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. In fact, studies have found that eczema occurs about three times more frequently in celiac disease patients and two times more frequently in relatives of celiac disease patients, potentially indicating a genetic link between the two conditions. (1) Adhering to a strict gluten-free diet helps to reduce the inflammation in the body, thus the eczema symptoms improve.

Flares of eczema are associated with stress and anxiety. Relaxation techniques can reduce the number of flares and relieve symptoms of eczema. Biofeedback is useful as well.

?The foods that are most commonly linked to eczema are wheat/gluten, milk, eggs, fish and soy. The goal when treating eczema are to identify what triggers flares, heal the skin, reduce symptoms, control inflammation within the body, and prevent outbreaks,? explained Dr. Griffin. Other triggers can be identified during the EAV screening.

Dr. Griffin recommends the following dietary and nutritional supplements for combating eczema after consulting with your primary care medical doctor:

Watch your diet ? Eating a healthy diet will help reduce inflammation and allergic reactions. Eat fewer refined foods and sugar, which contribute to inflammation in the body. Eat more vegetables, fruits and essential fatty acids.

Probiotics (bifidobacteria and lactobacillus, 3 -5 live organisms per day) may help boost the immune system and control allergies. (2)

Flavonoids: Antioxidants found in some plants and dark berries, have anti-inflammatory properties and may help reduce allergic reactions.

Evening Primrose Oil ? To help reduce the itching associated with eczema.

Fish Oil ? People taking fish oil equal to 1.8 g of EPA (one of the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil experienced significant reduction in symptoms of eczema after 12 weeks. Researchers link the positive result to the fact that fish oils helps reduce leukotriene B4, and inflammatory substance that plays a role in eczema. (2)

Hydrochloric Acid ? People with eczema are often deficient in hydrochloric acid production.

Vitamin C ? (1,000 mg 2 ? 4 times per day) can act as an antihistamine.

Vitamin B12: B12 can help alleviate eczema in some people.

Zinc ? Many people eczema dermatitis require zinc supplements. In order for zinc to be properly absorbed, a sufficient intake of vitamin B6 is necessary. A deficiency in B6 can be a contributing factor in eczema (3)

About Vital Health, Inc.:

At Vital Health, Inc. Dr. Griffin integrates a whole body approach with the intention of facilitating wellbeing and optimal health amongst her clients. Dr. Griffin?s specialties include: traditional naturopathy, nutrition, EAV Meridian Stress Assessment, Food Sensitivity Screening, Environmental Screenings, Iridology, SKASYS, Live Blood Cell Analysis as well as established integrative therapies such as Neuroemotional Therapy, Neuromodulation Technique, Cold Laser and clinician for Spectracell Laboratories, Inc. Vital Health, Inc. 9031 W. 151st Street, Suite 210, Orland Park, IL 60462, (708) 226-1131, http://www.vitalhealth.org