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Hypnotist focuses on weight loss at Monvtille Library

Hypnotist focuses on weight loss at Monvtille Library
Kathleen Lindert, a Montville author and advanced certified hypnotist, discusses hypnotism as a way to lose weight. One of her books is entitled “How To Fix Yourself For Good; Lose The Weight For Women.” Lindert has written a series on weight loss for
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Hypnosis credited for Madison woman's weight loss
Ronnie Kemp had tried it all but she always struggled with her weight, fluctuating about 40 pounds or so in a given year. “Eventually I stopped caring enough to do anything,” said Kemp, 57, of Madison, who reached a weight of 256 pounds and eventually …
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BG doctor focuses on holistic, naturopathic treatments

BG doctor focuses on holistic, naturopathic treatments
RACHEL STRICKER, a naturopathic physician, recently joined the Battle Ground Healing Arts offices in Old Town Battle Ground. Stricker's holistic practice emphasizes the whole person, including a patient's physical, mental and emotional well-being.
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North Coast celebrates new move and 25 years in business
Dr. Leon Hecht and Dr. Kristy Fassler, naturopathic doctors who own North Coast Family Health and Naturopathic Medicine in Portsmouth in the center's new office at Orchard Park. The practice will be celebrating its 25th year in January 2015. Suzanne …
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The estrogen enigma: A naturopath's perspective
Labriola is director of the Northwest Natural Health Specialty Care Clinic and medical director for naturopathic services, Swedish Medical Center's Cancer Institute; the clinic website is nwnaturalhealth.com. Four weeks for 99 cents of unlimited
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