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Tips from the experts for a heart-healthy lifestyle

Tips from the experts for a heart-healthy lifestyle
When it comes to good advice about heart health, we went straight to the experts who have their finger on the pulse of the topic: local nurses who work with cardiac patients on a daily basis. It was a simple question, but all expressed difficulty
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The World According To Kate Hudson
Her fitness, beauty, and lifestyle book, Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body, is a guide to reclaiming well-being in an overscheduled world—something Hudson, a busy single mom juggling two careers, understands as well as anyone. Yet she's …
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38 popular diets ranked from best to worst

38 popular diets ranked from best to worst
Dukan. 36. Paleo (tie). 38. Whole 30. Looking for a more targeted plan? Here are some highlights from U.S. News' more specific lists: For Weight Loss. 1. Weight Watchers. 2. Biggest Loser Diet. 3. Biggest Loser Diet. 3. Jenny Craig. 3. Raw Food Diet (tie).
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Best Diets 2016 revealed: From weight loss to conquering cravings
From Dukan to DASH, Weight Watchers and Paleo, what works in terms of weight loss, heart health and even reducing diabetes has become a minefield. But if 2016 is your year to shed that unwanted weight, US News and World … “The popularity of the DASH
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Cheesy ideas: Choose from hundreds of styles and tastes for your holiday

Cheesy ideas: Choose from hundreds of styles and tastes for your holiday
At Atkins Country Market on West Street in Amherst for example, you can find waxed cheeses in Christmas shapes such as candy canes and reindeer. Whole Foods Market in Hadley has a huge selection … At Atkins Farms cheese manager Kathy Kirley has other
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Harness Holiday Indulging
These recipes – favorites of actress Alyssa Milano, who started her own journey on the Atkins program – show how easy it is to make and enjoy low-carb dishes packed with flavor. Find more low-carb recipes to share this holiday season at atkins.com.
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Christmas baking with a little help from Bettys
Lisa said courses were even more popular in the wake of TV shows such as MasterChef and the Great British Bake-Off and that customers were looking for more and more challenging and adventurous recipes and techniques to master. New on the calender for
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The One Thing Missing From Your Diet (Hint: It's Not What You Think!)

The One Thing Missing From Your Diet (Hint: It's Not What You Think!)
I convinced myself that I had to eat diet foods in order to lose weight. Day after day I'd eat low calorie yogurts for breakfast, a small salad for lunch, and something light for dinner. By the end of the week, I'd be knee-deep in empty icing cartons
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6 health benefits of cranberries, plus how to get more of them in your diet
My favorite blend: Unsweetened almond milk, plain 2 percent Greek yogurt, and a blend of fresh or frozen strawberries, raspberries, and cranberries. Low-sugar compote. This is basically whole-berry cranberry sauce made with a zero-calorie sweetener …
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How Your Diet Can Help (or Hurt) Your Seasonal Allergies
While others in subsequent studies found that eating spinach, broccoli, and tomatoes were able to ease the swelling in their airways significantly by a diet of these specific vegetables, according to the research. Of course, we all know that hot soup
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Weight Loss Tips from Women Who Work with Junk Food

Weight Loss Tips from Women Who Work with Junk Food
"Tasting the product is the easiest way to slip off course," says Danielle Vilagie, co-founder of Wicked Good Cupcakes. But she reminds herself that "you only need to take a bite. The taste doesn't change halfway through the cupcake." Good weight loss
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10 weight loss tips for men
Most men in Britain today are too fat. If you are a man who's fed up with being flabby where do you start? The weight loss basics are the same for both sexes: eat less and do more exercise. But different psychology comes into play and what works for
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Helpful Hints on Men?s Health this Father?s Day from NewYork-Presbyterian

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 20, 2015

Just like a car, your body is a well-oiled machine that needs its check-ups, tune-ups and daily maintenance. Dr. Steven A. Kaplan, director of the Iris Cantor Men?s Health Center at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, addresses common men?s health myths to get you back in gear towards living a better lifestyle for yourself, your family and your loved ones.

YOU can have control over your libido.
Libido is multidimensional and is affected by many things besides age. This includes frame of mind, obesity and other conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Protect your skin.
Given that men spend a lot of time in the sun, especially “weekend warriors,” they are susceptible to skin cancers such as melanoma or basal cell cancer. If you see spots starting to appear on your skin, even subtle ones, see your doctor and determine if a biopsy is necessary.

Lifestyle can keep chronic illnesses in check.
Dr. Kaplan says that many chronic illnesses are preventable by lifestyle modification. ?Changing men?s attitudes to health and adaptation of well-being can significantly impact their health and long-term quality of life.?

No matter what your age ? combat cancer with early detection.
Prostate cancer occurs in men under 50 as well. However, the cancer can be cured if it is detected early.

Watch your waist size!
Men deny their increasing girth, waist size and obesity. Bad diet, poor exercise and lack of awareness have contributed to the epidemic of obesity in men. Engage in more fun physical activity outdoors, in the gym or with your family.

Everyone has a heart.
Heart disease and heart attacks don?t just happen to your dad or grandfather. Younger men, including well-known athletes, can get significant heart disease and die from it. If you are experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath or have a family history of cardiac disease, see a doctor immediately.

Take action to manage your aches and pains.
Stop blaming age for your general lack of well-being. Today, you have access to better understanding of diet, exercise regimens and disease screening that can make you healthier, more engaged and happier as you age!

NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center

NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, located in New York City, is one of the leading academic medical centers in the world, comprising the teaching hospital NewYork-Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Medical College, the medical school of Cornell University. NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell provides state-of-the-art inpatient, ambulatory and preventive care in all areas of medicine, and is committed to excellence in patient care, education, research and community service. Weill Cornell physician-scientists have been responsible for many medical advances ? including the development of the Pap test for cervical cancer; the synthesis of penicillin; the first successful embryo-biopsy pregnancy and birth in the U.S.; the first clinical trial for gene therapy for Parkinson?s disease; the first indication of bone marrow?s critical role in tumor growth; and, most recently, the world?s first successful use of deep brain stimulation to treat a minimally conscious brain-injured patient. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital also comprises NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children?s Hospital, NewYork-Presbyterian/Westchester Division, NewYork-Presbyterian/The Allen Hospital, and NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital. The hospital is also closely affiliated with NewYork-Presbyterian/Hudson Valley Hospital and NewYork-Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital. NewYork-Presbyterian is the 1 hospital in the New York metropolitan area, according to U.S. News & World Report, and consistently named to the magazine?s Honor Roll of best hospitals in the nation. Weill Cornell Medical College is the first U.S. medical college to offer a medical degree overseas and maintains a strong global presence in Austria, Brazil, Haiti, Tanzania, Turkey and Qatar. For more information, visit http://www.nyp.org and weill.cornell.edu.

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Best Diet Plans for Diabetics; Tips from 101 Medical Weight Loss

Canoga Park, CA (PRWEB) June 17, 2013

Nearly 26 million adults have diabetes in the United States, while as many as 79 million adults are estimated to have pre-diabetes. The physicians’ at CMWL specialize in helping to prevent type 2 diabetes through weight loss and lifestyle changes. Losing just 5 percent of your weight can help bring your blood sugar level back within the normal range. Taking into consideration the following foods and factors, 101 Medical Weight Loss physicians can help tailor a diabetes diet plan for you. A personalized diabetes diet plan can both help lower the risk of diabetes, and help patients with diabetes manage the disease without the need for medication.

Stay Active: Diet plans for diabetics should incorporate physical activity. Exercising will help you lose weight, regulate pre-diabetes glucose levels, and lower blood pressure. According to research in the journal Diabetes Care, taking a short walk each day is enough to lower the risk of diabetes in high-risk people who don’t regularly exercise.

?The Role of Exercise in Losing Weight

?5 Ways to Fit Fitness Into Your Day

Practice Portion Control: The best diet for diabetes focuses on calorie and portion control. Controlling calorie intake and eating smaller meals throughout the day rather than eating a few large meals is the goal. Large meals loaded with calories will get blood sugar levels spiraling in the wrong direction.

?3 Simple Tricks to Managing Portion Size

?Calorie Counting for Effective Weight Loss

Fill Up on Vegetables: The best diet for diabetes is no different than the best diet for everybody. Rather than following a fad diet, make healthy food choices with balanced nutrition. Vegetables are a good choice for cutting calories and fat. Spinach, broccoli, and zucchini are non-starchy with the lowest calorie counts.

?Grilled Veggie Burritos

?Zucchini and Onion Quiche

?Salmon over Spinach Greens

?Garlic Beef with Broccoli

?Chicken Salad with Broccoli and Pine Nuts

?Shrimp and Vegetable Pasta

Eat Low-Fat Dairy: Low-fat cheese, yogurt and milk add calcium and vitamin D while cutting calories and fat. In recent diabetes diet news, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that cheese-eaters have a 12 percent lower risk of the disease than non cheese-eaters.

?Hearty Mushroom Calzones

?Turkey Cheese Melt

?Sundried Tomato and Feta Turkey Burgers

?Cheesy Rice and Beans

?Mushroom and Goat Cheese Frittata

?Eggplant Mozzarella Heros

?Sirloin Goat Cheese Quesadilla

Snack on Nuts: In recent diabetes diet news, researchers from the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center found that people who regularly eat tree nuts (walnuts, almonds and cashews) have a lower risk of Type 2 diabetes, as well as heart disease and metabolic syndrome. Just go easy on portion size, as they are loaded with fat.

?Asian Chicken Stir-Fry

Choose Whole Grains: Foods that are high in carbohydrates should be avoided at all costs as they cause blood sugar levels to skyrocket. Swap processed foods for whole grains such as brown rice or whole-wheat pasta. The fiber will keep you full for longer and help reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

?Brown Rice and Mushroom Risotto

?Brown Rice Stir-Fry

?Whole Wheat Pasta with Kale

?Pasta Spirals with Turkey and Spinach

Go High Protein: When choosing protein, select lean meats that have less fat than other cuts. Poultry is low in calories and fat, especially if you remove the skin. The ADA also recommends eating two to three servings of fish each week. Vegetarian options include protein packed lentils, tofu and mushrooms.

?Orange Chicken Wraps

?Chicken Breast with Yellow Squash

?Bass with Bok Choy and Ginger

?Cold Lentil Salad

?Tofu-Vegetable Stir-Fry

Avoid Junk Food: Why sabotage your diabetes diet plan with high-calorie fats and snack foods? Find healthy alternatives to chips and ice cream by eating reduced-fat crackers or frozen yogurt instead.

?Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

For people with pre-diabetes, eating the right foods, practicing portion control, and exercising regularly is the best diabetes plan available. Losing weight will not only help prevent full-blown diabetes from developing, but also reduce blood pressure and lower heart disease risk, ensuring a healthier overall life.

For more information please visit 101MedicalWeightLoss.com

About 101 Medical Weight Loss:

For more than a decade, The Center for Medical Weight Loss has been helping people to shed unwanted pounds through physician-guided programs. The company is known throughout the San Fernando Valley area for uniquely meeting the needs of patients through personalized plans. 101 Medical Weight Loss operates on the belief that safe weight loss results from healthy food and lifestyle choices, but provides the option of a safe appetite suppressant prescription when necessary. To discover what The Center for Medical Weight Loss can do for you, visit 101 Medical Weight Loss.com