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Yes, There Are Risks To Going Gluten-Free If You Don't Have Celiac Disease

Yes, There Are Risks To Going Gluten-Free If You Don&39;t Have Celiac Disease
For example, the whole grain&39;s structure and rate of digestion increases the feeling of fullness — helpful for weight management — and releases blood sugar slowly, recommended for type 2 diabetes. Dietary fiber in whole grains improves gut health (as
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The 18 fat-burning foods that will help you lose weight
Coconut contains a number medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which are not stored in the body but are instead broken down and used for energy production. In this way, although it is high in calories, it could aid in the weight loss process. Once again
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Going GlutenFree For No Reason Doesn't Help Athletes, Study Says

Going GlutenFree For No Reason Doesn't Help Athletes, Study Says
The researchers say that sometimes athletes will adopt a glutenfree diet thinking it will improve their practice, but often they can end up eating replacement foods that are no better for them. If a diet pushes people toward eating more fruits and
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The best glutenfree foods for your Memorial Day BBQ
Dress yours to impress with creamy, delicious glutenfree salad dressing that all your guests will love; these dressings use Greek yogurt for a lower calorie dressing with more protein. OPA dressings are gluten free, have no Trans fats, MSG or
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Men Don't Follow GlutenFree Diets, Even When Medically Prescribed
New research commissioned by Newburn Bakehouse, a U.K.-based glutenfree bread company, finds many gluten-intolerant men claim they feel stigmatized because of their dietary restrictions. The survey found that 36 percent of U.K. men sensitive to gluten …
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4 naturally glutenfree super foods to eat right now
Head to your local farmers market and stock up on these and other naturally glutenfree super foods while they are at their peak in terms of flavor and nutrition! Gigi Stewart, M.A., Founder & CEO, Gluten Free Gigi, LLC, is a former neuroscience
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If You're Not Diabetic, Don't Bother Going On This Diet

If You're Not Diabetic, Don't Bother Going On This Diet
One diet included high carbohydrate foods that are high on the glycemic index. A second diet included high-carbohydrate, low-glycemic food. A third included low-carbohydrate, high-glycemic food. The final include low-carbohydrate, low-glycemic food.
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Holiday Splurging Proves Risky for Diabetics: Plan Diet Accordingly
The holiday season is a time to eat, drink, and be merry. However, the abundance of fat-, sugar-, and sodium-laden tasty treats on every party table presents a serious health pitfall for diabetics. People with diabetes cannot afford to take risks with
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Going Back To Fitness Basics for Big Results: CrossFit Hub Releases New and Funky Exercise Clothing for Workouts

Singapore (PRWEB) January 08, 2014

A famous philosopher and physicist once said, ?The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?. Those were the words of Albert Einstein back in the 1900?s. Today, as we move into the 21st century, that could easily be translated to many areas of modern day living, including physical fitness.

CrossFit is about going back to your basic functional movement patterns. Many people desire an athlete?s strength and a bodybuilder?s form with the holistic mental and spiritual well-being of a yogi. But all they?re ever willing to do are the run of the mill routines they?ve gotten used to over the years, as dictated by their run of the mill trainers because there was no other choice available.

That is, until a revolutionary method of training was introduced to the health and fitness industry. Since the first CrossFit affiliated gym opened in 1995 in Santa Cruz, the world of bodybuilders, athletes, trainers and physical fitness enthusiasts has never been the same. The number of affiliated gyms grew from 18 in 2005 to almost 1,700 in 2010.

Weightlifting coaches associated with CrossFit include Louis Simmons, Bill Starr, and Mike Burgener. Former NFL player John Welbourn developed the CrossFit Football program. Other CrossFit subject matter experts include Dr. Nicholas Romanov, inventor of the Pose Method of running and Dr. Barry Sears, originator of the Zone Diet. Athletes from around the world have competed in the annual “CrossFit Games” in Aromas, California where regional events are held, including a sectional competition at the Arnold Classic that was introduced by 7-time Mr. Olympia awardee himself Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Although many professional athletes have benefited from the CrossFit program, its methods were not created solely for ball players, tennis players or boxers, triathletes, etc. CrossFit is beneficial and accessible to the average Jane, Mary, Tom, Dick and Harry.

One may not think of oneself as an athlete or realize the importance of acquiring the same skills as Olympic athlete, but if strength, power, balance and agility, flexibility, and endurance are desired in everyday life, then one can clearly aspiring to be one, because being competent in all those areas is CrossFit?s exact definition of an athlete. Each of those aptitudes is enhanced with CrossFit whether they are used by the world?s best athletes and ordinary men and women since the main thrust of the CrossFit principle is all-encompassing of general functional fitness.

The CrossFit program is not focused on any single area but it deliberately attempts to boost fitness in ten fields all at once. They are Cardiovascular and Respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy while focusing on the three metabolic pathways that provide energy for all human action; CrossFit athletes are engaged in gymnastics, weightlifting and sprinting.

In gyms and health clubs, a usual workout comprises of movements for segregated muscles and long-drawn-out aerobic sessions. The fitness community gives the exercising population and the world at large the notion that doing their lateral raises, sit-ups and the like if combined with riding the stationary bike or treadmill is going to produce some kind of ?athlete? in them.

With CrossFit workouts, work is done exclusively on compound and shorter high intensity cardiovascular movements. They have replaced the lateral raise with push press, the curl with pull-ups, and the leg extension with squats.

CrossFit athletes run, row, jump rope , climb rope and carry odd objects. They move large loads over long distances with speed, using powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting techniques. They also use dumbbells, gymnastics rings, pull up bars, kettlebells, and many bodyweight exercises. CrossFit is now used in nearly 1,700 gyms worldwide and even by fire departments, law enforcement agencies and military organizations including the Canadian Forces, the United States Marine Corps, and the Royal Danish Life Guards.

Now many people worldwide have the awareness and opportunity to workout using the CrossFit method such as that offered at CrossFit Hub. Today, everyone who comes to the Hub has been given the chance to become a real athlete, bringing innovation to the daily workout routine and something truly different and spectacular can be expected at CrossFit Hub

Many athletes look for comfort and durability in their fitness gears and workout attire. These types of clothing are usually those which will enable anyone to move around as much as possible when squatting, jumping, running, dead lifting, etc.

Coach Yun of CrossFit Hub said, “I love fitness and workout T-shirts with funny and funky illustrations, they educate, inform and inspire, they make you smile and laugh, and I will be continuing to make these awesome fitness and workout type shirts and share them with everyone who comes to the Hub”

CrossFit Hub recently designed and released limited quantities of new workout shirts that will surely make anyone smile. They are great additions to your collection of gear for Fitness. If you are interested please inquire with CrossFit Hub.

Contact: CrossFitHub.com

Tel: 65-84223062

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