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Easy dinner recipes: Great pasta dishes in only 25 minutes

Easy dinner recipes: Great pasta dishes in only 25 minutes
If you're looking for a fast yet filling dish, pasta is always a great option. The noodles act as a blank canvas, ready to work with almost any flavor combinations you wish to add, whether rich sausage and broccoli, fresh herbs or a creamy sauce
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Padma Lakshmi shares her under meal: One-dish sausage with rice and
What's better than dinner for four for under $ 20? How about a one-dish dinner for four for under $ 20? Here, Padma Lakshmi shares her easy recipe for protein-packed sausage with rice and lentils. Want to vary it? Lakshmi says you can substitute all
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Test Kitchen recipe: Spaghettini with Italian Sausage
Pairing the pasta with the sausage and spinach helps make a filling meal. When cooking pasta, some people add oil to the water. Others add salt. I typically add a good heaping tablespoon or more of kosher salt. The water should taste salty. Today's
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