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Recipes Featuring Healthy Foods of 2016
It's time to freshen up your virtual recipe box and experiment with some new foods and learn new ways to cook with your standby ingredients. We've rounded up our favorite recipes featuring foods trending in the healthy cooking sphere to help you bring
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Food for Thought — Healthy Recipes
Healthier eating habits require a balance of variety and stability. Variety is the source of the perfect balance of nutrition in a diet. Implementing different food items from each food group can revolutionize your diet, while providing the necessary
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'Cooking & healthy cooking not distant terms'
And that's where he steps in. At the workshop, Brar cooked and shared recipes of Amritsari crab fingers with corn chutney, fish kebab and lobster bites, Kadhai pakoda made using seafood. “Nowadays, cooking and healthy cooking are not distant terms. We
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How healthy are dried fruits really?

How healthy are dried fruits really?
Highly praised as great snacks, dried fruits are a very common substitute to regular fresh fruits, due to their smaller size and a their extended sell by date. The trap most of us fall into is that we tend to consume more dried fruits than fresh fruits
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Get Serious Acai Berry Benefits For Hair & Skin With These 3 Beauty DIYs To
Though this vibrantly colored fruit is pretty much only found in Amazon rain forests, you don't need to pay top shelf prices to get the benefits of acai berry for beauty. Instead of snagging store-bought creams and serums, you can make your own DIY
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Demystifying Superfoods in the marketing age
After a brief study of the Internet provided a good list of superfoods and the benefits each claims to provide, I purchased a few with the intent of starting each of the next seven days with a superfood shake. That's a thing, right? Sure. I purchased
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'Dog Chef' Creates Healthy Meals for Canines

'Dog Chef' Creates Healthy Meals for Canines
And even though they don't know when he was born or exactly how old he is, they thought it would be fun to have a birthday party at the cafe, which is known for healthy meals and treats for canines. “Like most dog owners, I care about the snacks and
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3 Healthy Mug Meals with Chicken
As you experiment and become more familiar with preparing meals in a microwave, you'll learn that the possibilities are endless. It's a wonderful way to repurpose leftovers, and in less than 5 minutes, you can sit down to a healthy and portioned meal
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Children need coaxing for healthy meals
I won't beat around the bush about today's topic. My son has put on a little weight (so have I, but that's a different article). Although he is not anywhere close to being able to do the “truffle shuffle” (that's a Goonies reference for all of you
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20 Healthy Breakfast Ideas So You Can Start Every Day Off Like A Boss
That's why, after hitting the reset button and starting a new year, I decided to brainstorm some healthy breakfast ideas that are just as flavorful as they are good for you, so that no matter what I have going on during the day, I'm at least starting
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Healthy 5-minute breakfast ideas
Nonetheless, during those busy mornings it's tempting to bypass breakfast to save a few minutes. It's time to change breakfast bad habits for good! These five breakfast ideas aren't just healthy and delicious, they take a mere 5 minutes or less to make
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