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How effective are weight loss pills and herbal remedies?

How effective are weight loss pills and herbal remedies?
On one of such days during the last Christmas holidays, I overheard a herbal medicine promoter in an open vehicle holding a microphone promoting herbal remedies for weight loss, among others. He attributed all kinds of power to the medications
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Kourtney Kardashian Rocks 45-Pound Weight Loss, Ripped Abs: Diet And Exercise Tips
Kourtney's weight loss secrets are an organic diet, waist training and intense exercise that includes yoga and cardio workouts such as running, Examiner reported. kourtney kardashian diet exercise Kourtney has long followed an organic diet and does
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5 herbs you should avoid during pregnancy
St. John's wort: A study published in the Canadian Journal of pharmacology revealed that consuming St. John's wort (Choli phulya) might lead to lower birth weight in infants. The herb is commonly used to treat tiredness, loss of appetite and depression.
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Forskolin Appetite Control – 500mg per Day (250mg capsules, twice per day) – Natural Fat Burner Hunger Reducer Supplement. Lose Belly Thigh Weight Stop Binge Eating. Fast Metabolism Booster. Healthy Organic Slimming Herbal Extract. The most powerful formulation we offer, with 100mg active extract. Made in USA. Reviews

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Letter of Recommendation: Kneipp Herbal Bath Oils
Not so long ago, I was given a bottle of jewel-toned Kneipp Herbal Bath Oil as a gift. It was packaged in a pretty glass bottle, like crème liqueur. Also like crème liqueur, it seemed pointless. I ignored it. For two decades, bath-taking was something
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Nigerian Herbal Drug Can Cure Cancer – American Researchers
American researchers from the Department of Environmental and Inter-Disciplinary Services at the Texas Southern University in Houston have provided evidence that SAABFAT6, a Nigerian-C2-herbal drug may prevent the growth of cancer cells. The herbal …
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CompleteBeautyStore.com Now Offers Moraz Herbal Skin Care Products

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) August 02, 2014

Moraz, a line of skin care products delivering the full power of natural healing extracts, will now be available direct to consumers through CompleteBeautyStore.com, a leading online health and beauty products retailer.

Through its line of products, Moraz offers customers a wide range of herbal remedies that help address various skin care concerns. The brand is particularly well known for its effective use of polygonum, a plant grown in the Galilee region of Israel, which contains natural anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial compounds that have been found to repair skin tissue and promote the healing of wounds.

?Complete Beauty Store is a respected online source for the world?s top-quality health and beauty brands, and we are very proud to list ourselves among them,? said Yaniv Shapira, VP of International Sales for Moraz. ?This is a great partnership and we are looking forward to reaching more new customers through this platform. It represents another big step forward as we continue to expand the availability of our products across the United States.?

Moraz (http://www.moraz-usa.com) contains high quality and 100 percent natural active ingredients, made possible through its groundbreaking manufacturing process that leverages technology to integrate the exact right herbs in high concentrations. The line includes 15 plants native to Israel, and polygonum is especially beneficial due to the vitamins, organic elements and natural acids it offers. It also has strong biochemical properties.

Soon to be available through Complete Beauty Store is Moraz?s Para Medical line of products. The herbal active ingredients have been proved efficient in treating various skin care conditions as dermatitis, eczema, wounds, blisters, chafes, rashes, dryness, cracks, itchiness, irritations, athlete?s foot to brittle nails, damaged hair and acne. Moraz products are safe to use and effective for babies, children and pregnant women, and it even offers a Pregnancy line that promotes nourished skin during and after the time a woman gives birth.

Rounding out the Moraz line is its Baby products, which include Baby Shampoo, Baby Soapless Soap and Baby Skin Diaper Rash Cream. All of these unique solutions deliver the same properties and benefits as the rest of the Moraz line.

?One of the greatest aspects of Moraz is that we offer products for people of all ages, from babies to the elderly ? and everyone in between,? said Shapira. ?Because our skin care formulas are completely natural, they are able to help people address virtually all types of difficult skin conditions.?

CompleteBeautyStore.com carries an assortment of both women?s and men?s beauty products, spanning the categories of hair care, makeup, skin care and aromatherapy. To access Moraz products via Complete Beauty Store, go to http://www.completebeautystore.com/moraz-m-14064.html.

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African Mango Plus Herbal Supplement Now Increases Energy as It Burns Fat

Los Angeles, Ca (PRWEB) March 18, 2014

Africa is very abundant with unique flora and fauna having a range of health benefits. African mangoes are one of the many fruits that exclusively grow in the African territory. Recent studies of this unique fruit show that it can effectively contribute to a person?s weight loss efforts.

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African mangoes can only be found in Cameroon. It is a type of tropical fruit with a bright red outer skin, which is very different from the usual yellow peel of mangoes. For ages, this fruit has been used locally as a dietary aid. This fruit contains a unique kind of seed, which is believed to have many medicinal properties as well. The locals refer to them as the Dikka nuts.

Clinical tests of the African mangoes indicated that it can help reduce body weight and body fat, while taking off a few inches around the waistline. When about 150 mg of the extract is consumed twice daily, obesity can be addressed. And when the supplement starts to burn fats, it will increase one?s energy level in the process. Increased metabolism, improved fat oxidation, and lower instances of fatigue are its added benefits.

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The high energy level provided by African Mango Plus becomes evident as the user engages in physical activities. Crystal S., a regular user from California, claimed that after taking the product regularly for a few weeks, she was able to lose as much as 30 pounds. She was also very surprised how easily she can heed to the workout routines recommended by her fitness instructor.

Elizabeth B. from Milton Keynes in the UK said, ?I have spent a few years trying to grow a flat belly. Unfortunately, nothing has worked for me. But when I started using African Mango Plus, the sexy belly I always dream about finally became a reality.?

To further determine how much energy you?ll gain with the African Mango Plus supplement, enlist under the Weight Loss Fitness Program offered by the product manufacturers. Everyone who purchases African Mango Plus online is entitled to a free membership to the said exclusive program. Through it and the supplement, gaining a beautiful body becomes a lot easier.

African Mango is also widely used in Hollywood to keep the supermodel image of famous celebrities. This supplement is very effective because it increases the amount of leptin in the bloodstream. Leptin is the substance that is responsible for regulating the body?s appetite and metabolism.

To know more about the African Mango Plus supplement and how to order, please visit its official website at http://goo.gl/aZe6gV.