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Miranda Jade Turbin of GlutenFreeHelp.info Develops New, Highly Anticipated Recipes for Her Gluten-Free Online Bakeshop

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 31, 2014

Miranda Jade Turbin, the acclaimed celiac advocate and writer behind http://www.GlutenFreeHelp.info, has just returned from attending an exclusive workshop and apprenticeship in Seattle that followed the world renowned Fancy Food Show. During her stay, she developed several brand-new gluten-free dessert recipes to offer through her newly opened online L.A.-based bakery, http://www.MirandaJadeBakeshop.com.

Over the course of her three days in Seattle, Miranda Jade worked closely under highly renowned gluten-free bakers in order to further perfect the art of creating gluten-free and even grain-free treats. Her new recipes, Miranda Jade says, are decadent desserts, rich in chocolate. ?They are absolutely delicious and I can?t wait to share them!?

?There?s always something new to learn when it comes to baking, especially in the gluten-free arena,? Miranda Jade said. ?Just when you think a dessert has finally been perfected, we take it to a whole new level.?

Miranda Jade?s L.A.-based online bakery, open for orders at http://www.MirandaJadeBakeshop.com, opened in early January of this year. Miranda Jade Bakeshop features many of the owner?s widely celebrated gluten-free baked goods prepared in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen.

Through her widely respected reviews, popular blog, and informative articles, Miranda Jade has established herself as one of the leading gluten-free advocates and a prolific writer on the subject of the gluten-free diet. Miranda Jade, already celebrated for her gluten-free recipes and cooking tutorial videos on her acclaimed GlutenFreeHelp YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/glutenfreehelp), says that opening a bakeshop of her own was a ?natural step? for her.

Miranda Jade was finally correctly diagnosed as a young adult with celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis (DH), also known as the ?gluten rash.? After her recovery on the gluten-free diet, Miranda Jade became passionate about helping the celiac and gluten-free community, and she developed a love for gluten-free and allergy-free baking. She joined up with her mother, Tina Turbin, to run Turbin?s Gluten Free Help website, which was voted the #2 .info website in the world out of over 6 million registered .info sites. Miranda Jade now shares her acclaimed gluten-free recipes and cooking expertise on her blog at http://www.GlutenFreeHelp.info and on her GlutenFreeHelp YouTube Channel in addition to running the new Miranda Jade Bakeshop.


To Book Miranda Jade Turbin for an Interview Or Speaking Engagement: Contact media (at) glutenfreehelp (dot) info

To Learn More About Miranda Jade Turbin, Visit: http://glutenfreehelp.info/about-tina-turbin/

To Purchase Any of the Gluten-free eBooks Visit: http://glutenfreehelp.info/gluten-free-and-celiac-ebooks-available-here/

About Miranda Jade Turbin, Official Partner of Glutenfreehelp.info:

Miranda Jade Turbin was finally diagnosed with celiac disease after 18 years–her entire childhood–of repeated misdiagnoses, going from one doctor to the next and in and out of hospitals without any answers. Within two weeks of removing all gluten from her diet, Miranda Jade?s life completely turned around. After her experience, she knew in her heart she had to help others as an advocate for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Miranda Jade teamed up with her mother Tina Turbin, also a diagnosed celiac and founder of the award-winning website GlutenFreeHelp.info, to this day handling this very busy website. Miranda Jade has gone on to write numerous eBooks, articles, reviews, and sought-after gluten-free grain-free recipes. Miranda Jade is bicoastal with gluten-free test kitchens on both coasts.


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Muscle Tactics Releases Highly Anticipated “Science Of Abs” Fat Loss Program

Pompano Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 12, 2014

Having six pack abs is the goal for any guy who steps foot in the gym, but many men have trouble achieving that ripped physique and seem to store more body fat in their mid section.

Most guys have a pre disposition to storing belly fat ? and having six pack abs is the hardest thing to achieve because of this. The more fat a person loses, the slower their metabolism becomes ? and losing that last 10 pounds is a steep uphill climb.

Fitness model Troy Adashun and the Muscle Tactics team are renown fat loss experts and have been seen on YouTube by over 6 million people giving fat loss advice.

It was fitness model Troy Adashun?s goal two years ago to come up with a fat burning solution to help men all over the world get chiseled six pack abs.

Troy reveals many science-based tricks surrounding diet, workouts, supplements and hormone manipulation that have helped men all over the world achieve six pack abs.

Troy?s unique approach to fat loss can be showcased in his videos like the one titled, ?How To Get Ripped Abs: 4 Mistakes that Kill Your Beach Body.? In this video Troy discusses 4 mistakes that almost every person is making who doesn?t have six pack abs.

Troy has a very unique approach to diet and manipulating key fat burning hormones through nutrient timing. Troy?s expertise for efficient six pack abs hacks can be seen on the Muscle Tactics YouTube channel ? and is showcased in the video titled “Quick Weight Loss Tips: 3 Easy Fat Loss Diet Hacks From A Fitness Model.”

While many fitness experts argue that getting abs is genetic and depends on where your body stores fat, Troy preaches a hormone manipulation tactic through strategic diet and workouts.

Troy?s 10 years of fat burning expertise and background at prestigious sports academy IMG helped him develop the integral components to the Science Of Abs program.

Troy holds absolutely nothing back in the Science Of Abs program, revealing never before seen strategies to manipulate your body?s most important fat burning hormones.

Troy breaks down all 8 of your body?s key fat burning hormones and offers a solution to manipulate them through the Science Of Abs eating system and Science Of Abs 8 week workout program.

Experts agree that the Science Of Abs workout program is a powerhouse of highly effective fat-burning knowledge.

The Science Of Abs program combines precision focus on developing your abdominal muscles by forcing you to pre fatigue them before full body movements.

The experts at Muscle Tactics have developed a strategic solution to burning fat and building lean muscle mass simultaneously. The Science Of Abs program caters to men who want to lose the last 10 lbs of stomach fat while building lean muscle mass. Inside the program, Troy hands over all of his fat burning secrets.

Unlike most programs that specialize in burning fat or building muscle ? the Science Of Abs program does both. The program involves specific compound muscle building exercises that are essential for burning fat and building muscle mass at the optimal rate. The added benefit of this type of training is that it maximizes the body’s fat burning and muscle building hormones at the same time, which amplifies the results.

Another component that makes the Science Of Abs program unique is an emphasis on building the actual muscle of the abdominal and oblique?s. Many fat loss programs will emphasize fat burning but not building the actual abdominal muscles.

Through strategic overload on the abdominal muscles throughout the 8-week program ? Science Of Abs sculpts rock solid and aesthetically pleasing six pack abs.

Grammy nominated Music Producer Justin Boller from Orlando, Florida says that the Science Of Abs program is a brilliant program for getting six pack abs and has changed his life and helped him transform his physique in only 8 weeks.

Muscle Tactics is a Pompano Beach company that provides strategic programs helping men all over the world reach their muscle-building and fat loss goals since 2010. For more information on Muscle Tactics, please visit https://www.youtube.com/user/MuscleTacticsVideos

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Acai Berry Select, the Clinically Proven Highly Effective Weight Loss Pills Available with 1 Extra Bottle Offer!

(PRWEB) April 05, 2014

Acai Berry is a very powerful antioxidant that can help increase energy, boost metabolism, and initiate fat oxidation, while reducing one?s total body mass. And now, a person?s strong commitment to lose weight is made even easier with the recently opened Weight Loss Management Club, a club sponsored by the experts behind Acai Berry Select themselves.

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This club is open to all men and women who will purchase at least a bottle of the full 30-day Acai Berry supply to initiate weight loss. The club will complement one?s efforts in attaining the sexy body that everybody wanted by providing members with an easy-to-follow and very effective online fitness program. The program is specific to an individual?s need, as their full physical data is required upon registration. With the information that the user provides, the system is able to come up with a fitness program that would work best for them, and the kind of Acai Berry weight supplement that they take.

The club is exclusive only to Acai Berry Select users, which means any help or information obtained from the database are not made available to the public. First-time and subsequent buyers are automatically enlisted into the program. Immediately, they get full access to all the resources available, every single one of which are guaranteed to provide the best results right from the start.

Click Here to Visit Official Website of Acai Berry Select

What the membership club offers is a series of sensible diet plan suggestions and exercise routines that could ultimately help in reducing weight. Other interesting weight loss tips and tricks are included in the program as well, like the proper drinking habits, correct workout schedule, and a whole lot more. A highly detailed explanation of how Acai Berry Select works is also available. By discovering all the important ingredients of this supplement, individuals will be able to maximize their weight loss activities. With the plethora of information and health resources included with every Acai Berry Select purchase, customers are further assured that a slimmer and sexier body will be theirs in no time.

For more information about Acai Berry Select, check out its official website at http://goo.gl/hceNaC

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