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New Innovation in Home Pregnancy Testing: The Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test

Bellingham, WA (PRWEB) October 05, 2011

Just like a traditional home pregnancy test, the Detect 5 Progressive Pregnancy Test works by detecting the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (or hCG for short) in the urine. But, unlike a traditional HPT, Detect5 consists of 5 separate pregnancy tests on one test stick, each measuring a different level of hCG: 25 miu/ml, 100 miu/ml, 500 miu/ml, 2,000 miu/ml and 10,000 miu/ml. Using the Detect5, a woman can determine where her urine-based hCG levels fall at any given time within a spectrum of levels ranging from just 25 miu/ml all the way up to 10,000 miu/ml and beyond – allowing her to not only confirm pregnancy but also monitor her urine-based hCG levels.

For example, a newly pregnant woman using the Detect5 who receives a positive result on the 25 miu/ml and 100 miu/ml tests, but a negative result at 500 miu/ml, 2,000 miu/ml, and 10,000 miu/ml, can conclude that her urine-based hCG levels fall somewhere between 100 miu/ml and 500 miu/ml. Repeated testing with the Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test during the early stages of a normal pregnancy would be expected to reveal increasing hCG concentrations.

The Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test retails at $ 19.95 and is available for retail sale at http://www.Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com, a leading Inernet supplier of fertility and preconception products. To learn more about the Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test, visit http://www.detect5.com.


Organized Living Launches Reveal Series to Make freedomRail Most Adjustable and Custom Home Storage Solution Available

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) January 09, 2015

Organized Living freedomRail distinguishes itself as the most flexible and adjustable home storage system in the marketplace with the launch of the new Reveal Series. The Reveal items feature full extension pull out drawer glides to allow freedomRail users full visibility and easy access to items being stored.

Components include a pull out Pant Rack, Wire Baskets, Canvas Basket, Hamper, Women?s Shoe Rack and Shoe Shelf. These items are easy to install, easy to use, are strong and epoxy coated and add ultimate functionality to freedomRail closet designs.

?Items in a closet, such as pants, shoes and undergarments are easier to see if they are stored in or on storage accessories that reveal contents or pull out to provide full visibility. The Organized Living solution is the new Reveal Series for freedomRail,? said Jennifer Castenson, VP of marketing at Organized Living. ?Reveal is a great solution for anyone who prefers to have visibility to storage as opposed to hidden away in solid drawers or dressers. It also offers more great ways to maximize space in any area for better home organization.?

Like all freedomRail components, the Reveal Series is made with high quality steel and is simple to install. Components require no assemble and they easily snap onto freedomRail uprights. Once installed, Reveal components adjust easily, without additional tools.

?Reveal becomes the next step to even more adjustability and flexibility for freedomRail,” said Amanda LeBlanc, spokesperson for Organized Living. ?The Reveal items allow you to design a storage space truly custom to every need for any area of the home. I use them in laundry, closet, pantry, mudroom and linen designs. They also give me flexibility for pricing designs so that customers can get what they truly need and want for home organization.?

About Organized Living

Organized Living brings superior storage and organization to the world through strong products, strong people and strong brand, helping people organize their lives. From the closet to the kitchen to the garage, Organized Living offers high-quality, innovative storage and organization products that make everyday life easier and sells through professionally installing dealers, retailers and online retailers. http://www.OrganizedLiving.com.