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Day In The Life of a Naturopathic Doctor

Explore a day in the life of Dr. Anna (Naturopath) at Vitality for Life Health Center in Barrie, Ontario. Learn about Naturopathic Medicine and how patients can benefit from this complete approach…

Are you tired of feeling miserable? Are you sick of being sick? Are you ready to find what the underlying cause is, fix the problem, and move on with your life feeling good? Then Naturopathic…

Drexel University and Cook for Your Life Team Up

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) March 04, 2015

Cook For Your Life (CFYL), a New York City based non-profit organization that teaches healthy cooking to people touched by cancer, is launching its first outpost at Philadelphia?s AstraZeneca Hope Lodge. The program, run by founder Ann Ogden, will be facilitated by Drexel University?s Center for Hospitality and Sport Management. The unique partnership will expand the program from its base.

Two-time cancer survivor Ann Ogden founded CFYL in 2007. After going through her own cancer treatments, Ogden realized the impact cooking healthy food could have on both alleviating side effects and promoting a healthy survivorship from cancer. It became her mission to turn dietary advice from doctors and dieticians into practical recipes that would empower patients, caregivers, and survivors to eat better and cook their way through treatment and into survivorship.

Cook For Your Life began in New York City by offering complimentary healthy cooking classes in conjunction with the cancer centers of local hospitals. In 2009, with generous support from private donors, and in collaboration with the American Cancer Society?s Hope Lodge NYC, Ogden was able to expand the program to offer regular complimentary monthly classes open to patients, survivors and caretakers dealing with all types of cancers. CFYL has also collaborated in NIH/NCI funded research projects and Ogden is a peer reviewed and published co-author on several papers resulting from this work. CFYL now has hundreds of recipes and a website that serves as a platform for free education and ongoing support.

Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D., professor and director of Drexel University?s Center for Hospitality & Sport Management, is a former board member of CFYL. Deutsch learned firsthand the importance of nutrition through treatment when his father was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. Now a pillar of the Philadelphia food scene, Deutsch was inspired to bring CFYL to Philadelphia ? and beyond.

Deutsch recognized that Philadelphia is the ideal place to expand the program: it?s the east coast?s healthcare epicenter, and home to countless top chefs and a burgeoning food scene, while the Drexel Food Lab, part of his nationally acclaimed program, is at his fingertips. The Drexel Food Lab is an interdisciplinary research group that aims to solve real-world problems in the areas of recipe development, product development and product ideation. He has commissioned the lab to lead CFYL in its Philadelphia edition; professors and students are at the helm of the program, having developed over 100 new recipes for use.

Deutsch also recognized the perfect leader for the new chapter: Ana Caballero, a cook at Philadelphia?s a.kitchen an adjunct professor at Drexel will be the Chef Instructor for CFYL. At the age of 24, Caballero was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Having grown up in a family with a strong focus on healthful cooking, Caballero knew the incredible impact food could have on her well-being while going through her treatment.

?This is so much more than just cooking classes. This is hope,? says Caballero. ?When you learn you have cancer you enter a world of treatment and hospitals and doctors. During these hard times food can be therapeutic in so many ways. At our classes, caregivers and patients alike can learn a few cooking techniques, talk about food and enjoy a healthy communal meal. It?s a very special space and I?m honored to be part of it.?

Drexel students in the food lab are working with Caballero on developing recipes and teaching the classes. Ally Zeitz, a senior at Drexel and food lab manager, is working alongside her classmate Heather Krick, a junior majoring in nutrition. If the program is successful, it can continuously be passed down to other students in culinary arts. The value of this partnership is symbiotic ? endless students mean limitless potential for the program, while CFYL offers students real world experience.

?They?re making a real life impact on major, real-life issues,? says Jonathan Deutsch. ?These students are applying what they learn in the classroom to helping cancer patients, and teaching patients and caregivers.?

Cook For Your Life kicks off at the AstraZeneca Hope Lodge on March 19th. Caballero, Zeitz and Krick will lead 10-12 patients and caregivers in a three-course cooking class ? the menu may include Herbed Ricotta Cornbread, Napa Cabbage Salad, Vegetarian Chili and Chocolate-Tofu Pudding ? followed by a community-wide dinner open to all Hope Lodge guests.

The classes will continue once a month for a year, in addition to quarterly community dinners. Organizers hope this is the first of many CFYL outposts across the country ? with additional support, the program can flourish in all 50 Hope Lodge locations. For more information on the program, please visit http://hsm.drexel.edu/du/foodlab/cook-for-your-life-classes-at-hope-lodge/

About Cook for Your Life

Cook for Your Life is a nonprofit organization that teaches healthy cooking to people touched by cancer. CFYL realizes that taking care of one?s health is always important, but during cancer treatment it?s crucial. One of the vital ways to deal with the rigors of cancer treatment is by eating a balanced diet of healthy, nourishing food. CFYL believes that it?s not only the act of eating that can be part of the healing process, but also the act of cooking. Cooking is a simple, easy way to take back the sense of control often lost during cancer treatment. To achieve their mission CFYL teaches hands-on cooking classes in community centers and hospitals throughout the tri-state area. CFYL has also been a long-time partner with Columbia?s Mailman School of Public Health in NIH funded research to study dietary behaviors amongst minority cancer survivors. To bring the warm atmosphere of their classes to a wider audience, and to maintain support for those closer to home, CFYL has created a subscription-free website with over 1,000 recipes that are easy to make and full of the nutrients and vitamins needed both during and after treatment. The website serves as a platform for education and ongoing support for all in the cancer community. For more information, please visit http://www.cookforyourlife.org.

About the AstraZeneca Hope Lodge

At the AstraZeneca Hope Lodge, we understand that undergoing treatment for cancer can be both financially and emotionally overwhelming. For many, treatment at Philadelphia’s medical centers provides the greatest hope, but requires that they be far from home, adding the additional burden of travel and lodging expenses. That is why the AstraZeneca Hope Lodge of the American Cancer Society offers lodging at no cost for cancer patients being treated in the Philadelphia area. The AstraZeneca Hope Lodge of the American Cancer Society became a reality when, recognizing the increased need for affordable housing for cancer patients, AstraZeneca generously offered the lead gift to build the first Hope Lodge in Philadelphia in 2009. For more information on the American Cancer Society and the Hope Lodge, please visit http://www.cancer.org.

About the Drexel University Center for Hospitality & Sport Management ? Culinary Arts & Food Science

Today?s chefs are global entrepreneurs who need to be equally versed in culinary and business skills. Drexel University?s Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts offers a distinguished credential that prepares motivated individuals for success in every aspect of the dynamic and fast-paced world of fine food. As one of the few programs in the country that leads to a bachelor?s degree, Drexel is also one of the only east-coast programs that combine the rigorous academics and hands-on practical skills required for a leadership position. Coursework is grounded in the latest culinary applications and enriched by Drexel?s renowned cooperative education program that supplements academic study and provides students with a competitive resume upon graduation. Culinary arts students take classes in Drexel?s state-of-the-art kitchens and prepare food for the university?s Academic Bistro a 14,000 square-foot, student-run learning laboratory that is a fully functional restaurant, bar and lounge. The program instills knowledge across all functional areas of the food industry, from kitchen techniques and traditions to front of the house service, with an additional emphasis on food styling, photography, gastronomy, and international cuisine. For more information, please visit http://www.drexel.edu/hsm.

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Health Beauty Life Magazine Fall 2014 Issue Hits Newsstands Across North America

Oceanside, CA (PRWEB) October 31, 2014

Health Beauty Life Media, the rising star of interactive media, is proud to announce that the fall issue of Health Beauty Life magazine has gone to press and will be available on newsstands as of November 4, 2014.

The fall edition showcases supermodel Kelly Emberg on the cover and features an in-depth travel section highlighting the city of Chicago. Exploring trends in celebrity, food, beauty & fashion, health & fitness, travel, and lifestyle, each issue of the magazine includes a mix of exclusive interviews, healthy and delicious cooking with some of the world?s finest chefs, beauty and fashion tips, and destination travel.

In addition to distribution to high-end salons, medical practitioners and through select Whole Foods outlets, the fall issue of Health Beauty Life magazine will also be available nationwide at Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million retailers. Expanded distribution includes Duane Reade, Albertsons, Stop & Shop, Wegmans, and WalMart Canada, with planned expansion to Kroger stores for future issues.

Barnes & Noble currently operates 674 bookstores in 50 states and the District of Columbia with an additional 692 college bookstores at colleges and universities across the United States.

Books-A-Million is the second largest book retailer in the nation with over 250 stores in 31 states and the District of Columbia.

A subsidiary of the Walgreen Company, Duane Reade Inc. is a chain of pharmacy and convenience stores with over 250 stores in commercial and residential neighborhoods throughout New York.

Albertsons supermarkets are located in 200 stores spanning seven states, Stop & Shop offers more than 375 stores throughout New England, New York and New Jersey, while Wegmans, one of the largest private companies in the U.S., operates 83 regional supermarket locations along the East Coast.

Walmart Canada offers 148 discount stores and 234 supercentres throughout Canada.

A glossy 100-page publication, Health Beauty Life magazine retails in all outlets for $ 4.99.

About Patrick Dockry

Publisher, Executive Producer and Host, Patrick Dockry oversees the growing brand of Health Beauty Life, with media outlets including print, online and television.

About Health Beauty Life

Health Beauty Life magazine explores trends in celebrity, food, beauty & fashion, health & fitness, travel, and lifestyle. Each quarterly issue includes a signature mix of exclusive interviews, noteworthy lifestyle explorations, healthy cuisine, beauty tips, and getaway destinations.

Health Beauty Life magazine is nationally distributed in print with interactive QR coded articles and available globally through HealthBeautyLife.com.

For more information about Health Beauty Life magazine or Health Beauty Life TV, please visit HealthBeautyLife.com.


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Experience the Joy of Gluten-Free Baking and the Sweeter Side of Life Courtesy of the Allergy-Free Cook

Summertown, TN (PRWEB) July 29, 2014

More than two million people in North America are diagnosed with celiac disease or experience some form of gluten sensitivity or intolerance. The gluten-free food market is a $ 4 billion dollar industry which is indicative of both the demand and the high cost of gluten-free products.

The Allergy-Free Cook Makes Pies and Desserts (September 2014), is the latest in a series of baking books by Laurie Sadowski, aka “The Allergy-Free Cook.” Emphasizing the sweeter side of life with an impressive assortment of flaky pies, fruity cobblers, delicate tarts, gooey pudding cakes, rich cheesecakes, and spectacular frozen delights, these recipes will be enjoyed by friends and family alike.

For Laurie, ?Health and nutrition are priorities?, but let?s be honest?so is dessert. ? From buckles, grunts, and pandowdies to making the perfect pie crust, Laurie?s magic kitchen provides a mini-course in dessertology. Recipes are completely free of gluten, dairy, soy, and eggs, and accommodate restricted diets without skimping on flavor or texture.

In 2005 Laurie was diagnosed with celiac disease and soon discovered that she was also allergic to casein, the dominant protein found in milk and cheese. Around the same time that her diet evolved into being completely plant-based, Laurie fell in love with baking and became inspired to recreate all her favorite foods that were now off limits.

Her first book The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Bread (2011) brings back the irresistible aroma and tantalizing flavor of freshly baked specialty breads, bagels, scones, muffins, crackers and biscuits. Next was The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Cakes and Cookies (2013), a collection of stellar baked goods that include moist and fluffy cakes, sinfully rich bars, bundt cakes, crispy-chewy cookies, biscotti, cupcakes and streusels.

Precise, step-by-step instructions ensure that novice bakers as well as the pastry proficient can be successful. Each book introduces a baking arsenal of highly nutritious gluten-free flours and starches as well as whole foods free of unrefined ingredients. Laurie’s guidelines to hidden allergens and cross-contamination through ingredients or equipment help guarantee a safe kitchen environment.

Laurie?a personal trainer and nutrition and wellness specialist?lives in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. More information about vegan and gluten-free cooking and baking can be found at http://lauriesadowski.com.

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MyShape Lipo Saves One Woman’s Life with Large Volume Liposuction

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) July 10, 2014

You’ve probably heard it before that liposuction is not for weight loss and you should be at your ideal weight before undergoing a procedure. The story of Betty Smith offers an alternative point of view for large volume liposuction as she claims the procedure has saved her life.

At MyShape Lipo, a specialty liposuction clinic located in Las Vegas, NV, Betty underwent a series of 3 liposuction procedures to remove nearly 18 liters of fat from her body. Each of the procedures were done under local anesthesia with at least one week in between. She was able to walk out of the procedure room on her own with minimal discomfort. There were no complications and she was able to get back to work in between each of the procedures.

Betty is a 45 year old mother of 3, who has neglected herself for nearly 20 years as she was taking care of her children. She has suffered from depression in the more recent years. She is 5 foot 4 inches tall and weighed 195 pounds prior to her procedure. Nearly 3 months after her procedures she now weighs 165 pounds and is still working hard at her diet and exercise program.

“I suffered from depression for many years, which led to the majority of my weight gain. Then I was more depressed because I didn’t look the way I wanted to,” says Betty. “I tried diet and exercise, but it seems like I’ve been waisting my time because I’ve been at a stand still despite all of my efforts.”

“Betty has a similar story to many women that I have treated,” says Trevor Schmidt PA-C the liposuction specialist at MyShape Lipo. “It seems like when some women get to around 40 years old, their hormones change and the diet and exercises that may have worked for them previously, doesn’t seem to have the same results. That is usually when they seek our services to help them get over the hump.”

Much of Betty’s depression was due to her body image issues, which she states has led to suicidal thoughts. After her procedures she has lost nearly 30 pounds, but more importantly, she felt better and was motivated to continue her diet and exercise plan.

“I can’t tell you how happy this has made me feel,” says Betty. “I’ve tried for years to do what Trevor was able to accomplish in 3 short lipo procedures. This has literally save my life and given me motivation to keep going. I feel much more confident and now I’ve got my motivation to hit the gym hard to reach my goals.”

“We are all so happy for Betty,” says Schmidt. “Her reaction of improved confidence and motivation are actually quite common after large volume liposuction. It truly changes the way these people live their lives going forward. It’s almost like they are able to start down a different path as a new person more confident and motivated to accomplish their goals.”

Large volume liposuction is a controversial subject, but if performed by an experienced surgeon, it can be done safely. It’s typically recommended to stage the procedures at least one week apart for safety reasons. Large amounts of fat can be removed safely, which will equate to weight loss, but more importantly a slimmer shape and better attitude.

About MyShape Lipo

Trevor Schmidt PA-C is the owner and liposuction specialist at MyShape Lipo, who has the experience of over 15,000 liposuction procedures. They specialize in liposuction and fat transfer procedures. Located in the Las Vegas, NV area, patients fly in from around the globe for their unique skill set and extensive experience. They offer a complimentary “Body Shape Analysis,” simply call today to schedule, 702-818-5476.