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Moringa is Green Tea at its best

Moringa is Green Tea at its best
Green Virgin Moringa tea has a 'kick,' but a good one. It's an acquired taste, but something is pleasingly refreshing about their Moringa tea. It sits warmly on the palette and feels clean when ingested. I'm sold. I have levels of green tea products
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Green tea is tasty, healthy
There are two ways to buy green tea – loose leaf or pre-bagged. I have tried out many brands of green tea in tea bags and the one that brews up the nicest of the common brands is the “Stash” brand. Another good one is “Double Green Matcha Tea” by the …
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Indians dip into green tea fad, sales soar
Green tea's natural harsh taste has made tea brands like Lipton and Tetley look for new flavours. "We have taken a lot of effort to mask the alien taste of green tea. Two of our best-selling variants are honey and lemon and aloe vera," says Grover of
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