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Natures Remedies? Fibretrim Weight Loss Aid Now Available on RevNutrition.com {twittertitle}{linksharetitle}{shareasaletitle}

Boca Raton,FL (PRWEB) April 09, 2015

Natures Remedies Ltd, a research and development led company based in Cambridge England, announced that its new herbal weight loss product, Fibretrim, is now available for purchase through RevNutrition.com, a highly respected and comprehensive online nutritional products retailer.

Fibretrim helps people to reduce their daily caloric intake by reducing hunger and also to make healthier food choices. The goal is to help people to achieve their weight loss goals effortlessly whilst feeling comfortable in their own skin. By offering the product through RevNutrition.com, Natures Remedies ensures that the product will reach a much wider range of customers than ever before.

?We?re excited for the opportunity to sell our products through RevNutrition.com,? said Dr. Trevor Jarman, CEO of Natures Remedies. ?We?ve had a lot of success with our existing distribution range, and now that we?ll be able to deliver Fibretrim to an even wider audience, we have a chance to help even more people to reduce their hunger and become happy with their bodies.?

Fibretrim comes in the form of an orange and mango flavored powder, which can easily be mixed into a glass of water to drink. Whenever you feel hungry or before you eat a meal, you drink the solution as a way of curbing your appetite. The patented formula contains a natural mixture of South American plant extracts (damiana, guarana and yerba mate) combined with the dietary fibre inulin. Clinical studies have shown that the results include 200 fewer calories consumed at meal, a reduction in pre-meal hunger and a 50 percent reduction in the amount of high-fat sweet items that people consumed.

Studies have also shown that use of Fibretrim before exercise can increase the amount of fat burned during moderate activity by up to 24 percent.

?This is a weight loss aid that truly has the ability to help people meet their goals through natural methods,? said Jarman. ?The availability of Fibretrim through RevNutrition.com will help us to continue to spread the product in the American market and give people access to simple weight loss methods that work for them.?

Fibretrim is created according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). It has not been found to have any negative interactions with prescription medications that treat conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.

To learn more about Fibretrim, visit: http://fibretrim.com/

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