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The New L-Style Revolution Diet & Exercise Program By The Makers of The Sports Nutrition Supplement Brand, Liporidex, Have Hit Over 10,000 Pounds Lost In Just Two Months

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 24, 2015

The popular all-natural supplement brand, Liporidex, has had over 1000 members sign up for their newly launched L-Style Revolution Program?, and collectively the members have already lost over 10,000 pounds and counting in just two short months. The customized weight loss program provides a tailored diet and exercise plan for men and women of all health and fitness levels to follow and achieve their weight loss and weight maintenance goals faster than traditional methods.

?We were on cloud nine after announcing our new program just a couple months ago, and we have been blown away with the commitment and results of our members so far. We are looking forward to working with new members, and are encouraging people to sign up now to get ready for summertime?, stated CEO and founder of Liporidex, Dr. Emeka B. Okwuje. ?Our program makes available customized plans based on award winning techniques to help people according to their specific fitness and weight loss goals and needs. L-Style Revolution? is designed around Liporidex Fitness Formulas, our line of all-natural, MD formulated supplements, which are fundamental to the program and achieving safe and lasting weight loss success?, said Okwuje.

For the past two months, Liporidex has been working closely with members of all fitness levels, whether they are just starting out, need to overcome a plateau, or just need to lose those ?last 10 pounds,? with their highly successful and one of a kind nutritional and exercise plans. L-Style Revolution? works with, and takes advantage of, Liporidex Fitness Formulas to optimize metabolism, reduce appetite, as well as increase energy and stamina. L-Style Revolution? is unlike any other weight loss program, and has been proven to be highly successful so far with its current members by helping them reach and exceed their fitness goals. Developed around Dr. Okwuje?s four pillars to lasting weight loss success, it offers members expert nutrition and exercise planning, as well as unlimited behavioral modification support and motivational coaching. Liporidex supplements will help maximize the results of diet and exercise by leveraging the power of clinically researched and proven ingredients.

L-Style Revolution? is a high tech solution for living an enhanced lifestyle. It utilizes several wireless and cloud-based technologies to deliver truly personalized nutritional guidance and support from a panel of expert physicians, registered dietitians, certified personal trainers and behavioral coaches, along with safe and effective supplements to help users turbo charge results and smash their plateaus. This revolutionary program has already ensured success for individuals and athletes looking to lose weight, maintain weight loss, get stronger, and live an overall healthier lifestyle.

About Nuretix Research Labs, LLC

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nuretix Research Labs, LLC is a privately owned and operated company dedicated to the research, development and production of high quality, safe and revolutionizing nutritional supplements and metabolism boosters. Dr. Okwuje launched the company in 2007, bringing to life the careful collaboration of medical and fitness professionals in the form of Liporidex Fitness Formulas. Each of their diverse supplements is manufactured to meet or exceed all applicable industry standards. Liporidex supplements are 100% natural, consist of ingredients that have been put through the rigors of clinical testing for over 35 years, and are ranked among the best fat burners that work on the market. Visit myliporidex.com for more information or connect with the company via Facebook and Instagram.


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Female Fat Loss Over 40 Program Now Released by Shawna Kaminski

California (PRWEB) April 10, 2013

Shawna Kaminski is catering to a demographic of women over forty years of age. Her new program, which can be accessed exclusively online at http://www.femalefatlossoverforty.com/, sells for $ 39.95 and comes with a money back guarantee. The program provides women with instant access to customized training and 12 bonus videos.

?I saw a need for women over 40 because their bodies are different. I designed a program that can be accessed from anywhere,? said Kaminski. ?A workout for a 20 year old woman shouldn’t be the same as one for a 40 year old woman. No one in the fitness industry has addressed this issue- so I thought I would! My workouts are 20 minutes long and make a huge impact,? continued Kaminski.

Shawna Kaminski includes her best weight loss tips for women in the program, too. ?I designed these home workouts for women over 40 years of age because they are needed and they work. The price point is reasonable and I guarantee results. Now, women can actually lose weight at home- which is a bonus for those who are uncomfortable in a gym setting,? continued Kaminski.

Female Fat Loss Over 40 helps women increase their metabolism, transform ?jiggly? arms and helps develop flat abs. Members of the media are invited to request a free copy of the program for review.

About Shawna Kaminski. Shawna Kaminski is a retired schoolteacher of 20 years who’s found her passion in the fitness industry. She’s parlayed her ability to teach and her love of training into programs that hundreds have benefited from. Currently she owns and operates fitness boot camps in Calgary. Shawna is a 49 year old mother of two who can knock out over 20 pull ups with ease and she can teach virtually anyone with determination to do a pull up.

Vermont is All Over the Menu at the Summer Fancy Food Show

Montpelier, VT (PRWEB) June 27, 2014

Vermont is a small state of just 626,000 people, and yet, the state?s large presence at the 2014 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City ? not to mention its recognition and reputation in the food industry in general ? is decidedly out of proportion to its small footprint on the map.

At the 2014 Summer Fancy Food Show ? an annual, signature event in the specialty foods industry ? Vermont looms large in the State Pavilion area, with 14 exhibitors in this section. Only three other states (New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia) have a bigger presence in the Pavilion. In addition, 14 more Vermont companies from notable brands like Cabot Cheese and Lake Champlain Chocolates, to up-and-comers like Olivia?s Croutons and Leonardo?s of Vermont, are sprinkled throughout the trade-show floor, making for a total Vermont presence of 28 exhibitors at the show.

As proof of Vermont?s food-industry renown, 2014 is the second consecutive year that Vermont has garnered four SOFI Award Finalists from among its recognized cheese, snack, and condiment sectors. A SOFI (Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation) Award is the top honor in the $ 88 billion specialty food industry. Castleton Crackers, Vermont Smoke and Cure, Tonewood, and Vermont Creamery were among the 125 finalists selected by a national panel of specialty food professionals from 2,724 entries.

All of the Vermont companies at the show represent a ?Vermont brand? that, particularly when it comes to food, stands for quality and authenticity. Their presence in New York will showcase family farms, sustainable agriculture, and ?farm to fork? lifestyles, and will demonstrate creative and health-inspired usage of Vermont-made flavors and Vermont-grown produce.

To highlight Vermonters? success and innovation in the food industry, the Vermont Specialty Foods Association and Vermont Agency of Agriculture will anchor the state?s presence at the show with an additional tasting booth in the State Pavilion. Here at Booth #5030, award-winning Vermont Chef Sean Buchanan will prepare signature recipes and cheese pairings featuring an array of products, from artisan cheese to pure Vermont maple syrup.

Featured recipes include:

Crouton Dusted Pork with Mustard Cream and Maple Dressing ? featuring products from Vermont Creamery, Green Mountain Mustard, Olivia?s Croutons, and Drew?s dressings and salsas; and

Maple BBQ Chicken Tacos with Smokin? Tomato Sour Cream ? featuring products from Butternut Mountain Farm, Vermont Creamery, Vermont Harvest, Cabot Cheese, and Drew?s dressings and salsas.

Chef Buchanan and representatives from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets will also speak to innovations in Vermont agriculture that have positioned Vermont as a food epicenter, catalyzing and accelerating the development of markets which sustain the working landscape that is highly valued by Vermonters and visitors alike. For those who cannot attend the show, a trip to Vermont offers more than 400 food and farm experiences; build your culinary and tasting route at http://www.DiginVt.com.


The Vermont Specialty Foods Association is the nation’s oldest and most highly-regarded specialty food association, whose member specialty products are distributed in country and gourmet stores, natural food and health shops, local, regional, and natural supermarkets and food coops, and online. For more information: http://www.vermontspecialtyfoods.org

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets facilitates, supports, and encourages the growth and viability of agriculture in Vermont, while protecting the working landscape, human health, animal health, plant health, consumers, and the environment. For more information: http://www.agriculture.vermont.gov


Nancy Brooks, Chief Marketing Officer

State of Vermont



Contact at the Fancy Food Show:

Chelsea Lewis, Agricultural Policy Administrator

State of Vermont, Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets

Cell: 802-522-5573

Chelsea will be working at the Vermont Specialty Foods Association booth (Booth #5030 in the Vermont Pavilion) ? and follow her on Twitter @VTAgencyofAg

Vermont agricultural images are available and Fancy Food Show images are available by request.

The tense standoff between Catholic bishops and the Kenyan government over

The tense standoff between Catholic bishops and the Kenyan government over
Although the government, UNICEF and the World Health Organization have all said that the vaccine is safe, the country's Catholic leaders say they have proof that the doses given to Kenyan women since March are "laced" with a fertility-inhibiting
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WHO statement on tetanus vaccine: 'There is no HCG hormone in tetanus toxoid
The Organization confirms that the Tetanus Toxoid (TT) vaccine is safe. The vaccine has been used in 52 countries, to immunize 130 million women to protect them and their newborn babies from tetanus. There is no HCG hormone in tetanus toxoid vaccines.
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Maryland Credit Union Moo-ves Against Hunger and Raises Over $7700 with its Community and CafeGive Social Apps

MD (PRWEB) September 22, 2014

Any company can give a nonprofit a donation check, but how many of them can give a cow? Last month, Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union ran a wildly successful social media and in-branch fundraiser, using tools from cause marketing leader CafeGive Social and raising over $ 7,700. Last week, the Maryland credit union used that money to buy and donate 4-H steers to a local food bank.

For it?s [Moo]ve Against Hunger initiative, Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union ran a whole new kind of giving campaign that combined in-branch donations, texting, and social fundraising. The goal was to raise enough money to buy at least two steers at auction to donate to Manna Food Center, and the credit union partnered with cause marketing leader CafeGive Social to make their goal a reality.

This is the second year that MAFCU bought steers to donate to the food center, but the first year that the credit union involved the public and used social media. Last year, the credit union raised enough money to buy and donate a 1,029lb steer (cost: $ 3,300). This year, MAFCU wanted to triple that amount by matching donations up to $ 5,000, and used CafeGive Social?s fundraising apps to bring in as many donors and people as possible.

“We knew from day one that we wanted to do something out of the ordinary for Manna Food Center: something that no one has done before,? said Marc Wilensky, VP of Marketing for Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union, about the unusual campaign. ?The food center is always in need of quality protein, so we decided to purchase a steer during the county fair 4-H Steer Auction. CafeGive Social was up to the challenge, and we used their tools to create an online fundraising campaign that worked with our in-branch fundraising.”

From July 1 through July 31st, MAFCU members and their families could visit their local branch and ?purchase? a cow-shaped paper cut-out for one dollar, and display it with their name on the branch wall. At the same time, people could visit the credit union?s Facebook page or text ?BEEF? to 55155 from anywhere to donate to the cause, and ?pin? a virtual cow to the social donor board. MAFCU matched donations up to $ 5,000.

The social apps worked in tandem with Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union?s in-branch fundraising. In addition to raising money through its three branch locations, supporters, partners, and vendors from across the country donated online and and through text. Overall, [MOO]ve Against Hunger raised $ 7,718 – surpassing Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union?s $ 5,000 fundraising goal.

“Many of our members do their banking online and don’t come into branches on a regular basis,? said Marc. ?The social and texting components really helped break down the barrier of getting people involved even if they don’t come into the branch or aren’t yet a member. With the fundraising app, people all of the country as well as our partners could donate online, and then instantly share it with their friends and networks.”

The Germantown-based credit union used the money to buy three steers at the county fair 4-H Livestock Auction on August 15th, including the largest steer of the night, weighing in at nearly 1,600 lbs. In total, Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union was able to donate over 1,800 lbs of high quality beef to Manna Food Center — that?s enough to feed nearly 1,200 families.

Through [MOO]ve Against Hunger, Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union not only helped its local food bank; it also raised awareness about Manna Food Center and supported local 4-H programs, which empower youth through life-skill development and sustainable farming practices. The fun and powerful campaign united MAFCU?s entire online and offline community around a common goal: to end hunger.

About MAFCU: Based in Germantown, MD., Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union (MAFCU) is a not-for-profit institution managed for the sole benefit of its members, and offers many financial services at better rates and fees. Profits are returned to MAFCU members in the form of higher savings rates, lower loan rates, and lower fees. MAFCU currently has over 25,000 members and over $ 270 million in assets. Membership is open to anyone who lives, works, worships, volunteers or attends school in Montgomery Country, Maryland. For more information, please visit http://www.mafcu.org.

About CafeGive Social: CafeGive is the only company that combines social media marketing with meaningful, action-oriented cause marketing applications. Using our product, CafeGive Social, we have helped companies, agencies and nonprofits of all sizes connect with customers to build brand, enhance reputation, raise awareness and effect social change. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, CafeGive is a privately held company. For more information, visit http://www.cafegive.com.

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