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Product Launch Platform, Daily Grommet Works with New York Gastroenterologist, Dr. Vijaypal Arya, to Launch Shudh, a Natural Colon Cleanse

Lexington, MA (PRWEB) January 03, 2013

Daily Grommet, an online shopping site and product launch platform for innovative and undiscovered products has partnered with a New York gastroenterologist to launch Shudh, a natural colon cleanse using all – natural ingredients and the body’s own reflexes to cleanse the colon.

Water, salt, and a few yoga stretches are a recipe for renewal. Dr. Vijaypal Arya, a gastroenterologist in Brooklyn, NY, has developed a natural way to cleanse the colon that?s based on 2,500 year-old yoga and ayurvedic methods. Called Shudh, Dr. Arya?s technique works quickly and effectively, without the use of any laxatives, phosphates or glycol.

The Shudh cleanse uses natural ingredients and the body?s own reflexes to clean your digestive system, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. It?s a continuous process that alternates drinking a saline solution with specific yoga stretches and squats. The saline solution travels through the digestive system, causing it to empty itself. At the same time, the yoga stretches keep the process moving quickly. Most people finish the cleanse sometime during their third set of stretches, in about 100 minutes, Dr. Arya says.

The kit comes with a DVD that tells you how to mix the salt solution, instructs you when to drink, and prompts you to do the exercises at the right pace. The benefits can include increased energy levels, the removal of toxins from the body, and a feeling of refreshment. Shudh, which means ?purity? in Sanskrit, can be a purifying addition to your overall wellness plan.

About Daily Grommet

Daily Grommet is a highly curated online,marketplace and launch platform for products of great utility, style or invention that haven?t hit the big-time yet. Daily Grommet seeks out these unique products, carefully tests them, and produces a video review of each one telling the story behind its creation. Daily Grommet is rooted in the philosophy of Citizen Commerce whereby regular people form the commerce experience by suggesting products that reflect their values and interests. Citizen Commerce turns the typical top down retailer approach sideways, encourages global product innovation from small producers, and satisfies the consumer?s need to know the stories behind and origins of favorite products. The company was also just named one of the hottest sites of 2013 by Internet Retailer. For more information, visit http://www.DailyGrommet.com.

Rebranded Public Analytics Platform Expands Application to All U.S. States and Releases New Report Builder Application

Cleveland, Ohio (PRWEB) May 05, 2014

Public Insight has announced the expansion of its public data analytics platform (http://www.publicinsightdata.com) to encompass all fifty states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The new site has also been rebranded from 360-Public to Public Insight. Users can now analyze and benchmark public data across states, counties, school districts, higher education institutions, and zip codes with cities to follow shortly. This includes thousands of data metrics across national sources such as the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and National Center for Education Statistics.

The expanded national platform creates additional opportunities for public data analysis across a wide variety of stakeholders covering education, demographics, and economics. For example, the recently released implementation of the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) is now supplemented with census data from school districts across the country.

The new Report Builder application provides a whole new level of capability to customize analysis across multiple data sets. Users can combine any metric with any visualization for any period. Reports are saved as templates and can be combined with entities at run-time. For example, users could analyze educational attainment from the U.S. Census against labor trends. The analysis could be run for counties for a specific region and then compared to other counties in a different region.

?Public data is very difficult to analyze and we have made complicated public data sets very accessible and useful to a wide range of users,? Public Insight CEO Dan Quigg said. ?Otherwise complicated data analysis can be broken down in a few mouse clicks. Peer comparisons and historical analysis can be accomplished in minutes as opposed to hours and even days with government sites and tools.?

The site offers several levels of analysis, from ?public? to paid subscriptions, which provide increased reporting and data analysis tools. There is no charge to use the public tool.


About Public Insight

Public Insight transforms public data into insight so that users can quickly and easily navigate data, create peer comparisons, and show context to what is traditionally complicated data sources.

For more information, visit the Public Insight website at http://www.publicinsightdata.com.

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