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Holy Crap Plus Gluten Free Oats Is The First Product With Oats In Canada To Carry The Gluten-Free Certification Program Trademark

On May 29, 2015, Health Canada announced that they had registered a Marketing Authorization which is effective immediately and permits the use of gluten-free claims for gluten free oats and foods that contain them as ingredients.

?We are very excited about the prospect of expanding the Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) to include gluten-free oat products in Canada,? says Frank Massong, VP of Regulatory and Technical Services at the Allergen Control Group, owners of the GFCP. ?The GFCP and its management system approach are complementary to this change in regulation in Canada as it needs to ensure that the necessary level of protection for persons with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity is consistently attained?.

?The Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) who exclusively endorses the GFCP in Canada supports this long awaited decision to allow gluten-free claims for specially produced gluten-free oats and products containing such oats,? says Sue Newell Operations Manager at the CCA. ?Sticking to a gluten free diet can be a challenge because of limited food choices. Oats provide a nutritious source of proteins, carbohydrates and especially fibre. Eating foods made with gluten free oats provides a wider choice of grain and cereal-type foods for people with celiac disease and could help people better cope with this challenge.?

Corin Mullins and Brian Mullins the husband and wife team behind HapiFoods Group, makers of Holy Crap cereal, are the first in the GFCP to introduce a gluten-free oats product. ?Holy Crap Plus Gluten Free Oats will be the first product with oats in Canada to carry the Gluten-Free Certification Program trademark and we could not be more excited,? says Paul Valder, President of the Allergen Control Group. ?Holy Crap produces this product in their dedicated gluten-free facility where they have strict supplier requirements on all ingredients and especially oat ingredients. It is with this in mind that we feel fully confident allowing Holy Crap to carry our trademark.?

Holy Crap PLUS Gluten Free Oats contains original Holy Crap cereal plus organic, non-GMO, GLUTEN FREE oats. This high fiber cereal is a vegan source of protein, and a source of omega-3 to give you energy and fuel your brain all day long. Visit the store locator to find a retailer near you.

?We understand first-hand the importance of food labeling,? explains Corin, ?I developed Holy Crap cereal to address my husband?s food sensitivities. HapiFoods Group participates in several certification programs to help consumers make more informed decisions in the grocery aisle. GFCP certified products help celiacs and gluten-sensitive consumers quickly and reliably identify foods safe for them to eat. We?re thrilled our complete line of healthy breakfast cereals, including Holy Crap Plus Gluten Free Oats, now display the GFCP certification seal in Canada and the USA.?

The Gluten-Free Certification Program is a voluntary certification program designed to help brand owners differentiate their gluten-free products from the increasing clutter of gluten-free claims, by displaying the GFCP trademark. The Program is based on a robust third-party audit certification process at the manufacturing facility, which verifies their ability to regularly meet the stringent GFCP requirements, when managing gluten as part of their internal food safety programs.

For more information see http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/securit/allerg/cel-coe/avoine-gluten-oats-eng.php

About Holy Crap

Corin Mullins and Brian Mullins are a husband and wife team that started Holy Crap cereal in 2009. They’ve grown the artisan cereal business in a few short years to an award-winning business success story. The gluten-free, vegan, certified organic breakfast cereals are made in Gibsons, British Columbia, a rural community outside of Vancouver, BC. http://www.holycrap.ca

About the Allergen Control Group Inc. (ACG)

The Allergen Control Group Inc. is a privately held corporation which owns and operates the Gluten-Free Certification Program and is endorsed exclusively by the CCA in Canada and the NFCA in the USA. http://www.glutenfreecert.com

About the Canadian Celiac Association (CCA)

The Canadian Celiac Association is the national voice for people who are adversely affected by gluten, and is dedicated to improving diagnosis and quality of life. Based in Mississauga, Ontario with 28 Chapters across the country, its mission includes advocacy, education, research and community support. http://www.celiac.ca

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A Limited Time Discount Offer on Slim Weight Patch Plus Announced

Los Angeles,Ca (PRWEB) April 01, 2014

There are currently many ways to lose weight. There is a range of diet systems to choose from, a horde of fitness exercises to try, and far too many weight loss supplements to take. However, not everybody realizes that the easiest way to lose weight is to use slimming patches.

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Slim Weight Patch Plus is an advanced weight loss system that can burn away body fat and leave users with a fit and toned body. By simply sticking the patch on the skin, its active ingredients are released deep into the epidermis. It will then start working inside the body to melt fat away. Thus, losing weight is done automatically and with absolutely no effort required.

Slim Weight Patch Plus uses five natural ingredients that are known to help the body achieve its ideal weight, shape, and form. These five ingredients are fucus vesiculosus, 5-HTP, guarana, yerba mate, and a fat burning RX blend. These ingredients are known worldwide for their fat burning and weight loss properties. By working together, they will help the user achieve tighter abdominals, firmer bum, and thinner legs. The use of weight patches is highly advised by doctors because they propose a higher rate of absorption – 95% to be exact – compared to capsules and tablets. And since the active ingredients are not introduced to the digestive system, the chances for the body rejecting them are lower.

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Attractive discounts are currently being offered for every purchase of Slim Weight Patch Plus. Up to a 50% off now is being offered for every purchase of 4 boxes. Additionally, there will be bonuses included in the package, such as an exclusive lifetime membership to the Slimming+ online weight loss program and a 30-day supply of Weight Management Vitamins. All of these are available only for a limited time. Interested parties are advised to act fast.

Losing up to 18 kilograms of excess body weight is very possible with Slim Weight Patch Plus. The many users who have already tried the product were convinced that it really works. To know more about the Slim Weight Patch Plus, how to use it, and how to avail of the recently announced discount and bonuses, please visit the product?s official website at http://goo.gl/615wB4

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African Mango Plus Herbal Supplement Now Increases Energy as It Burns Fat

Los Angeles, Ca (PRWEB) March 18, 2014

Africa is very abundant with unique flora and fauna having a range of health benefits. African mangoes are one of the many fruits that exclusively grow in the African territory. Recent studies of this unique fruit show that it can effectively contribute to a person?s weight loss efforts.

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African mangoes can only be found in Cameroon. It is a type of tropical fruit with a bright red outer skin, which is very different from the usual yellow peel of mangoes. For ages, this fruit has been used locally as a dietary aid. This fruit contains a unique kind of seed, which is believed to have many medicinal properties as well. The locals refer to them as the Dikka nuts.

Clinical tests of the African mangoes indicated that it can help reduce body weight and body fat, while taking off a few inches around the waistline. When about 150 mg of the extract is consumed twice daily, obesity can be addressed. And when the supplement starts to burn fats, it will increase one?s energy level in the process. Increased metabolism, improved fat oxidation, and lower instances of fatigue are its added benefits.

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The high energy level provided by African Mango Plus becomes evident as the user engages in physical activities. Crystal S., a regular user from California, claimed that after taking the product regularly for a few weeks, she was able to lose as much as 30 pounds. She was also very surprised how easily she can heed to the workout routines recommended by her fitness instructor.

Elizabeth B. from Milton Keynes in the UK said, ?I have spent a few years trying to grow a flat belly. Unfortunately, nothing has worked for me. But when I started using African Mango Plus, the sexy belly I always dream about finally became a reality.?

To further determine how much energy you?ll gain with the African Mango Plus supplement, enlist under the Weight Loss Fitness Program offered by the product manufacturers. Everyone who purchases African Mango Plus online is entitled to a free membership to the said exclusive program. Through it and the supplement, gaining a beautiful body becomes a lot easier.

African Mango is also widely used in Hollywood to keep the supermodel image of famous celebrities. This supplement is very effective because it increases the amount of leptin in the bloodstream. Leptin is the substance that is responsible for regulating the body?s appetite and metabolism.

To know more about the African Mango Plus supplement and how to order, please visit its official website at http://goo.gl/aZe6gV.