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Facile Flexitarian Fun ? Panax Publishing Releases Next Generation Cookbook

Corona Del Mar, CA (PRWEB) February 1, 2005

Panax Publishing has announced the release of ?Grazing on Pasta,? a new cookbook designed to help streamline the feeding process. Wholesome, gourmet-style, whimsical and user-friendly, ?Grazing on Pasta? sets a new standard in cookbooks.

Author Shari Rae Noyes, who shuns deprivation, is quick to point out that healthier eating does not have to mean boring. ?Think delectable variety,? she says, ?Who wants to feel restricted?or eat something that tastes like cardboard??

Flexitarian for Life

?Grazing? offers a fresh take on the traditional Mediterranean diet, praised (and re-praised) for its excellent effects on health and longevity. ?Grazing?s? recipes are rich in olive oil and include a plethora of herbs and vegetables, nuts and modest amounts of poultry or seafood.

Flexitarianism, the post-modern term for a diet consisting primarily of plant-based foods with moderate amounts of animal foods, reflects the traditional diet of the Mediterranean and other areas?and a wisdom that science continues to validate. Earlier this month, Mediterranean staple olive oil again starred in media reports?this time for breast cancer prevention.

Sizing up the Book

?Grazing on Pasta? serves up recipes in a convenient, 8.5? x 5.5? format, with a maximum of 10 steps in each. Other features include:

Variety?seafood, poultry and vegetable recipes keep life zesty.

Enticement?each recipe sports a gorgeous, full-color photo.

Fun?whimsical recipe titles range from ?Monsters and Greens? to ?Purple Cords on Neptune.?

Help??Grazing? offers a preparation timetable, menu suggestions, cooking tips, presentation ideas and a glossary.

Wear-and-tear power?the entire book is printed on sturdy cover stock.

Easy access?it self-stands (on a shelf or windowsill) or mounts on a wall.

Stay Tuned

?Grazing on Pasta? is the first installment in a series of six?all in the same friendly format. With a touch of irony, Noyes has titled her series ?Grazing? because the word evokes an image of leisurely consuming food?a practice in which most of us are deficient. ?Slow food,? she says, ?is the way to go. Eating snake-style precludes proper digestion, while thorough chewing slows down consumption?which translates to stretching out one?s satisfaction more than one?s waistline.? Noyes also teaches that taking time to feed oneself well nourishes more than body: ?It sends the subconscious a message of worthiness.?

“Flexebitionist” Author

Noyes has been developing flexitarian recipes for over 15 years. Primarily self-educated, she complemented her early experience with a 15-month sojourn in Italy, where she experienced firsthand the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Going “Grazy”

Panax Publishing is offering ?Grazing on Pasta? (ISBN 0-9702973-0-0), priced at $ 29.95, on the Web at http://www.panaxpublishing.com. Named after a type of ginseng, known for its vigor-inducing properties, Panax?s immediate mission is to help improve the grazing experience?especially for those interested in healthier eating?by offering this new tool.

?Olive oil beats breast cancer,? EARTHtimes.org – Jan 10, 2005

?Why does Mediterranean diet protect women from breast cancer? It’s in the olive oil,? Medical News Today – Jan 10, 2005

?Establishing healthy habits helps age-proof your body,? Fort Wayne Journal Gazette – Jan 11, 2005

?The Man Behind the Mediterranean,? Eating Well magazine – Mar 1997

Oldways Preservation and Trust

# # #

Muscle Tactics Releases Highly Anticipated “Science Of Abs” Fat Loss Program

Pompano Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 12, 2014

Having six pack abs is the goal for any guy who steps foot in the gym, but many men have trouble achieving that ripped physique and seem to store more body fat in their mid section.

Most guys have a pre disposition to storing belly fat ? and having six pack abs is the hardest thing to achieve because of this. The more fat a person loses, the slower their metabolism becomes ? and losing that last 10 pounds is a steep uphill climb.

Fitness model Troy Adashun and the Muscle Tactics team are renown fat loss experts and have been seen on YouTube by over 6 million people giving fat loss advice.

It was fitness model Troy Adashun?s goal two years ago to come up with a fat burning solution to help men all over the world get chiseled six pack abs.

Troy reveals many science-based tricks surrounding diet, workouts, supplements and hormone manipulation that have helped men all over the world achieve six pack abs.

Troy?s unique approach to fat loss can be showcased in his videos like the one titled, ?How To Get Ripped Abs: 4 Mistakes that Kill Your Beach Body.? In this video Troy discusses 4 mistakes that almost every person is making who doesn?t have six pack abs.

Troy has a very unique approach to diet and manipulating key fat burning hormones through nutrient timing. Troy?s expertise for efficient six pack abs hacks can be seen on the Muscle Tactics YouTube channel ? and is showcased in the video titled “Quick Weight Loss Tips: 3 Easy Fat Loss Diet Hacks From A Fitness Model.”

While many fitness experts argue that getting abs is genetic and depends on where your body stores fat, Troy preaches a hormone manipulation tactic through strategic diet and workouts.

Troy?s 10 years of fat burning expertise and background at prestigious sports academy IMG helped him develop the integral components to the Science Of Abs program.

Troy holds absolutely nothing back in the Science Of Abs program, revealing never before seen strategies to manipulate your body?s most important fat burning hormones.

Troy breaks down all 8 of your body?s key fat burning hormones and offers a solution to manipulate them through the Science Of Abs eating system and Science Of Abs 8 week workout program.

Experts agree that the Science Of Abs workout program is a powerhouse of highly effective fat-burning knowledge.

The Science Of Abs program combines precision focus on developing your abdominal muscles by forcing you to pre fatigue them before full body movements.

The experts at Muscle Tactics have developed a strategic solution to burning fat and building lean muscle mass simultaneously. The Science Of Abs program caters to men who want to lose the last 10 lbs of stomach fat while building lean muscle mass. Inside the program, Troy hands over all of his fat burning secrets.

Unlike most programs that specialize in burning fat or building muscle ? the Science Of Abs program does both. The program involves specific compound muscle building exercises that are essential for burning fat and building muscle mass at the optimal rate. The added benefit of this type of training is that it maximizes the body’s fat burning and muscle building hormones at the same time, which amplifies the results.

Another component that makes the Science Of Abs program unique is an emphasis on building the actual muscle of the abdominal and oblique?s. Many fat loss programs will emphasize fat burning but not building the actual abdominal muscles.

Through strategic overload on the abdominal muscles throughout the 8-week program ? Science Of Abs sculpts rock solid and aesthetically pleasing six pack abs.

Grammy nominated Music Producer Justin Boller from Orlando, Florida says that the Science Of Abs program is a brilliant program for getting six pack abs and has changed his life and helped him transform his physique in only 8 weeks.

Muscle Tactics is a Pompano Beach company that provides strategic programs helping men all over the world reach their muscle-building and fat loss goals since 2010. For more information on Muscle Tactics, please visit https://www.youtube.com/user/MuscleTacticsVideos

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Home Care Assistance ? Halton/Peel Region, a Top Provider of In-Home Care, Releases Holiday Sleep Guidelines for Seniors

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) December 31, 2014

Home Care Assistance ? Halton/Peel Region (http://www.GreaterTorontoHomeCare.ca), the area?s leading provider of non-medical, in-home senior care, is releasing its sleep guidelines for seniors, especially at the holidays.

According to the experts at Home Care Assistance ? Halton/Peel Region, getting enough sleep is just as important as eating a healthy diet and exercising. In fact, not getting enough sleep can lead to a buildup of toxic chemicals in the brain, which has been proven to increase the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes. (Source: ?Relax and Catch Some Zzz?s this Holiday Season,? Home Care Assistance web site, December 15, 2014; http://homecareassistance.com/relax-and-catch-some-zzzs-this-holiday-season.)

?The holidays are a prime example of when life can become hectic, with traveling, cooking, and making arrangements and accommodations for family and close friends,? says Rick Heinz, Owner of Home Care Assistance ? Halton/Peel Region. ?It?s a great time of year when people get a chance to be with family and celebrate the holidays, but it?s also a time of year when rest can potentially be neglected, and that can have some negative repercussions for seniors.?

Heinz explains that, as with the aforementioned diet and exercise, all people, not just seniors, should be just as focused on getting enough sleep. It?s a point that caregivers should be very aware of as part of their home care services, as making sure seniors are well rested helps better prepare them for the day.

?Studies have shown that sleep deprivation also reduces cognitive functions, memory, and daily energy,? he adds. ?Eight hours of sleep is the recommended nightly minimum and caregivers should assure that seniors adhere to those recommendations.?

?The holidays can actually be a good time to get some rest if one organizes their time wisely,? Heinz concludes. ?The streets and roads are typically more quiet and people aren?t in as much of a rush, so seniors should really take the time to relax and enjoy the tranquility.?

Home Care Assistance has released a book called The Senior Sleep Solution, which contains valuable information on sleep deprivation and tips on seniors with sleep disorders. Visit http://homecareassistance.com/healthy-longevity-book-series/the-senior-sleep-solution for more information.

USAirPurifiers.com Releases 3 Sizes of RSU Air Purifiers for Evidence Rooms

Peoria, IL (PRWEB) November 06, 2014

USAirPurifiers.com releases three sizes of RSU air purifiers for police evidence rooms to reduce mold so evidence will be preserved longer. It can be very challenging to preserve evidence from such contaminants as mold especially when evidence contains drugs such as mushrooms and marijuana. Commercial air purifiers often can control this mold and the contaminants from ruining the evidence, therefore, saving money.

Barb Lulay, owner of USAirPurifiers.com, states, “Our best sellers for evidence rooms and even morgues are the RSU air purifiers by Electrocorp or the RAP air purifiers found in our commercial air purifier line. Now we have the option to add UV lamps to further enhance the purification process. Plus the RSU is now available in 3 various sizes (20cc, 24 cc, and 48 cc) so the police stations can cater to the size they need and the budget available.” The main difference between the two air purifiers is that the RAP has a wrap around the unit so it is ascetically more appealing and protected from outside damage resulting in a slightly higher cost.

Since USAirPurifiers.com is a US company, this is easier for the police stations than trying to order directly from Electrocorp / AllerAir which is located in Canada. However, if a company is uncertain which unit is best for their situation, Lulay always recommends speaking with the manufacturer directly. She will schedule a call with an expert directly at Electrocorp to assure all aspects of purification are taken into account. “We want our customers to know that their needs are always our top priority,” Lulay states.

“Some times people feel since a company is a government entity like police stations that money doesn’t matter.” Lulay continues, “We at USAirPurifiers.com don’t think that way at all. In fact, regardless of who is funding a project, finding the best value for our customers based on their needs and their budget is what makes us different than most companies: this is why we have a 5 star customer service rating.”

About the company:

Barb and Dick Lulay?s customers are passionate about reducing their risk of disease. Their customer service and product expertise make shopping with http://www.USAirPurifiers.com and http://www.OttersDream.com an ideal experience. With a full line of natural products such as air purifiers, natural supplements, green cleaners, weight management and paraben free skin care, families find they can conveniently do their household shopping online with home delivery. As successful business owners, the Lulays offer a mentoring program for other aspiring entrepreneurs. They present exceptional marketing tools and a training program that shows how to generate immediate income as well as long term passive income.

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Going Back To Fitness Basics for Big Results: CrossFit Hub Releases New and Funky Exercise Clothing for Workouts

Singapore (PRWEB) January 08, 2014

A famous philosopher and physicist once said, ?The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?. Those were the words of Albert Einstein back in the 1900?s. Today, as we move into the 21st century, that could easily be translated to many areas of modern day living, including physical fitness.

CrossFit is about going back to your basic functional movement patterns. Many people desire an athlete?s strength and a bodybuilder?s form with the holistic mental and spiritual well-being of a yogi. But all they?re ever willing to do are the run of the mill routines they?ve gotten used to over the years, as dictated by their run of the mill trainers because there was no other choice available.

That is, until a revolutionary method of training was introduced to the health and fitness industry. Since the first CrossFit affiliated gym opened in 1995 in Santa Cruz, the world of bodybuilders, athletes, trainers and physical fitness enthusiasts has never been the same. The number of affiliated gyms grew from 18 in 2005 to almost 1,700 in 2010.

Weightlifting coaches associated with CrossFit include Louis Simmons, Bill Starr, and Mike Burgener. Former NFL player John Welbourn developed the CrossFit Football program. Other CrossFit subject matter experts include Dr. Nicholas Romanov, inventor of the Pose Method of running and Dr. Barry Sears, originator of the Zone Diet. Athletes from around the world have competed in the annual “CrossFit Games” in Aromas, California where regional events are held, including a sectional competition at the Arnold Classic that was introduced by 7-time Mr. Olympia awardee himself Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Although many professional athletes have benefited from the CrossFit program, its methods were not created solely for ball players, tennis players or boxers, triathletes, etc. CrossFit is beneficial and accessible to the average Jane, Mary, Tom, Dick and Harry.

One may not think of oneself as an athlete or realize the importance of acquiring the same skills as Olympic athlete, but if strength, power, balance and agility, flexibility, and endurance are desired in everyday life, then one can clearly aspiring to be one, because being competent in all those areas is CrossFit?s exact definition of an athlete. Each of those aptitudes is enhanced with CrossFit whether they are used by the world?s best athletes and ordinary men and women since the main thrust of the CrossFit principle is all-encompassing of general functional fitness.

The CrossFit program is not focused on any single area but it deliberately attempts to boost fitness in ten fields all at once. They are Cardiovascular and Respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy while focusing on the three metabolic pathways that provide energy for all human action; CrossFit athletes are engaged in gymnastics, weightlifting and sprinting.

In gyms and health clubs, a usual workout comprises of movements for segregated muscles and long-drawn-out aerobic sessions. The fitness community gives the exercising population and the world at large the notion that doing their lateral raises, sit-ups and the like if combined with riding the stationary bike or treadmill is going to produce some kind of ?athlete? in them.

With CrossFit workouts, work is done exclusively on compound and shorter high intensity cardiovascular movements. They have replaced the lateral raise with push press, the curl with pull-ups, and the leg extension with squats.

CrossFit athletes run, row, jump rope , climb rope and carry odd objects. They move large loads over long distances with speed, using powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting techniques. They also use dumbbells, gymnastics rings, pull up bars, kettlebells, and many bodyweight exercises. CrossFit is now used in nearly 1,700 gyms worldwide and even by fire departments, law enforcement agencies and military organizations including the Canadian Forces, the United States Marine Corps, and the Royal Danish Life Guards.

Now many people worldwide have the awareness and opportunity to workout using the CrossFit method such as that offered at CrossFit Hub. Today, everyone who comes to the Hub has been given the chance to become a real athlete, bringing innovation to the daily workout routine and something truly different and spectacular can be expected at CrossFit Hub

Many athletes look for comfort and durability in their fitness gears and workout attire. These types of clothing are usually those which will enable anyone to move around as much as possible when squatting, jumping, running, dead lifting, etc.

Coach Yun of CrossFit Hub said, “I love fitness and workout T-shirts with funny and funky illustrations, they educate, inform and inspire, they make you smile and laugh, and I will be continuing to make these awesome fitness and workout type shirts and share them with everyone who comes to the Hub”

CrossFit Hub recently designed and released limited quantities of new workout shirts that will surely make anyone smile. They are great additions to your collection of gear for Fitness. If you are interested please inquire with CrossFit Hub.

Contact: CrossFitHub.com

Tel: 65-84223062

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Rebranded Public Analytics Platform Expands Application to All U.S. States and Releases New Report Builder Application

Cleveland, Ohio (PRWEB) May 05, 2014

Public Insight has announced the expansion of its public data analytics platform (http://www.publicinsightdata.com) to encompass all fifty states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The new site has also been rebranded from 360-Public to Public Insight. Users can now analyze and benchmark public data across states, counties, school districts, higher education institutions, and zip codes with cities to follow shortly. This includes thousands of data metrics across national sources such as the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and National Center for Education Statistics.

The expanded national platform creates additional opportunities for public data analysis across a wide variety of stakeholders covering education, demographics, and economics. For example, the recently released implementation of the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) is now supplemented with census data from school districts across the country.

The new Report Builder application provides a whole new level of capability to customize analysis across multiple data sets. Users can combine any metric with any visualization for any period. Reports are saved as templates and can be combined with entities at run-time. For example, users could analyze educational attainment from the U.S. Census against labor trends. The analysis could be run for counties for a specific region and then compared to other counties in a different region.

?Public data is very difficult to analyze and we have made complicated public data sets very accessible and useful to a wide range of users,? Public Insight CEO Dan Quigg said. ?Otherwise complicated data analysis can be broken down in a few mouse clicks. Peer comparisons and historical analysis can be accomplished in minutes as opposed to hours and even days with government sites and tools.?

The site offers several levels of analysis, from ?public? to paid subscriptions, which provide increased reporting and data analysis tools. There is no charge to use the public tool.


About Public Insight

Public Insight transforms public data into insight so that users can quickly and easily navigate data, create peer comparisons, and show context to what is traditionally complicated data sources.

For more information, visit the Public Insight website at http://www.publicinsightdata.com.

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