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Organized Living Launches Reveal Series to Make freedomRail Most Adjustable and Custom Home Storage Solution Available

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) January 09, 2015

Organized Living freedomRail distinguishes itself as the most flexible and adjustable home storage system in the marketplace with the launch of the new Reveal Series. The Reveal items feature full extension pull out drawer glides to allow freedomRail users full visibility and easy access to items being stored.

Components include a pull out Pant Rack, Wire Baskets, Canvas Basket, Hamper, Women?s Shoe Rack and Shoe Shelf. These items are easy to install, easy to use, are strong and epoxy coated and add ultimate functionality to freedomRail closet designs.

?Items in a closet, such as pants, shoes and undergarments are easier to see if they are stored in or on storage accessories that reveal contents or pull out to provide full visibility. The Organized Living solution is the new Reveal Series for freedomRail,? said Jennifer Castenson, VP of marketing at Organized Living. ?Reveal is a great solution for anyone who prefers to have visibility to storage as opposed to hidden away in solid drawers or dressers. It also offers more great ways to maximize space in any area for better home organization.?

Like all freedomRail components, the Reveal Series is made with high quality steel and is simple to install. Components require no assemble and they easily snap onto freedomRail uprights. Once installed, Reveal components adjust easily, without additional tools.

?Reveal becomes the next step to even more adjustability and flexibility for freedomRail,” said Amanda LeBlanc, spokesperson for Organized Living. ?The Reveal items allow you to design a storage space truly custom to every need for any area of the home. I use them in laundry, closet, pantry, mudroom and linen designs. They also give me flexibility for pricing designs so that customers can get what they truly need and want for home organization.?

About Organized Living

Organized Living brings superior storage and organization to the world through strong products, strong people and strong brand, helping people organize their lives. From the closet to the kitchen to the garage, Organized Living offers high-quality, innovative storage and organization products that make everyday life easier and sells through professionally installing dealers, retailers and online retailers. http://www.OrganizedLiving.com.

Statistics Reveal That the Number of ‘Older’ First-Time Mothers Is Growing

Santa Rosa, California (PRWEB) September 21, 2014

According to latest National Vital Statistics Reports women aged 40?44 experienced the highest birth rate since 1966 (10.5 births per 1,000 women in 2013). Since 2000, the rate for women in their early 40s has risen steadily by 2 percent per year. The birth rate for women aged 45?49 (which includes births to women aged 50 and over) also rose, the first such increase since 2008. Ultimately the data reveals that there were more than nine times as many first births to women aged 35 and older than there were just four decades ago. Perhaps ironically, among women under the age of 30, and even more so – those under 20, first births have actually declined.

Although there are risks associated with waiting to have children, one study conducted in the UK showed that children born to mothers who are over 40 actually tend to have higher IQs and a greater vocabulary. Those children were also less likely to require hospitalization or have accidents. It was theorized that older parents are likely more vigilant and better able to help children avoid dangers. Other studies on the subject showed that women who delay motherhood actually live longer than those who give birth at younger ages. And studies consistently show that older mothers are typically better educated than young mothers.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Considerations for Older Women

After the age of 35 it may take longer for women to get pregnant due to a decrease in quantity and quality of eggs, and an overall reduction in the rate of fertilization. The chance of having twins also increases with age, particularly when the use of assisted reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization comes into play. Older women are more likely to develop gestational diabetes which can complicate the development of the fetus if not monitored closely by an OBGYN healthcare provider. Gestational diabetes predominately affects older women and occurs only during pregnancy. Research also points to an increased likelihood of high blood pressure developing during pregnancy. The chances of low birth weight and a premature birth are also typically greater among older mothers.

Pregnancy-related complications that might lead to a C-section delivery is statistically more prevalent in older mothers. The risk of chromosome abnormalities such as Down syndrome is also higher. And finally, the risk of pregnancy loss due to miscarriage and stillbirth as a result of a pre-existing medical condition or fetal chromosomal abnormalities also increases as women get older.

Preparing Before Conception Helps to Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy

The Women?s OBGYN Medical Group of providers emphasizes to patients that the choices all mothers, and particularly older mothers make before conception can have a lasting effect on the health of both the mother and the baby. Parents who are considering having a baby ? no matter what age ? are encouraged to schedule an appointment with an OBGYN physician or certified nurse midwife to take advantage of expert guidance from the start. Topics to discuss with your physician prior to becoming pregnant include:

Alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine use
Birth control
Diet and exercise
Environmental concerns
Family histories and Genetics
Medical problems/concerns
Medications and Vitamins

The Women?s OBGYN Medical Group of Santa Rosa suggests talking to a healthcare provider about overall health and lifestyle changes that might improve the chances for a healthy pregnancy as well as concerns about fertility or pregnancy will help get prospective parents off on the right foot. An OBGYN healthcare specialist will be able to advise parents about steps that can be taken to increase the odds of conception as well as options if there is trouble conceiving. Continuing prenatal visits will allow the healthcare provider to keep an eye on both the mother?s and the baby’s health.

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

All expectant mothers require more folic acid, calcium, iron, vitamin D as well as other essential nutrients. A healthy diet is imperative as is a daily prenatal vitamin – commencing a few months before conception – is also recommended. Regular physical activity can help increase energy levels and improve overall health during pregnancy. It can also help prepare for labor and childbirth by increasing stamina and muscle strength. Avoiding alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs is imperative, while any medications or supplements need to be reviewed by an OBGYN healthcare provider in advance.

Prenatal testing for chromosomal abnormalities is also something older women may want to consider. Noninvasive prenatal tests include a blood test that scans fetal DNA in the maternal bloodstream to determine whether the baby is at risk of certain specific chromosomal abnormalities. Diagnostic tests such as chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis provide additional information about the baby’s chromosomes or the risk of specific chromosomal abnormalities, but also carry a slight risk of miscarriage. A healthcare provider can help parents weigh the risks and benefits.

About Women?s OBGYN Medical Group

Planning for a pregnancy can be an exciting and stressful time. Women?s OB/GYN Medical Group excels at maximizing mother and baby?s health and helping new parents to achieve the best experience throughout the process of giving the gift of life. Our provider team of expert OB/GYN physicians, certified nurse midwives, family nurse practitioners, and medical assistants provides unmatched care to patients in our region. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is both efficient and caring; creating a pleasant and comforting clinic experience for our patients. As women proudly serving women, we understand your needs and expectations. For more information visit our website or call (707) 579-1102.

Diet Doc Hormone Diets & Weight Loss Plans Reveal Advanced Diets to Eliminate Diabetes Symptoms Caused When Patients Gain Weight

Detroit, MI (PRWEB) December 03, 2013

Succumbing to overeating and the temptation to indulge in unhealthy foods could cause many people across the United States to gain weight at a staggering rate. And, with consistent news headlines drawing attention to the fact that being overweight and is a substantial contributor to, and risk factor for, type two diabetes symptoms, many people are searching for the most effective methods for losing weight and eliminating the problem that is causing them to gain weight. Because Diet Doc?s prescription hormone diet plans were designed to target and address personal causes of weight gain and motivation for weight loss, such as ending diabetes symptoms, programs like the Diet Doc weight loss plans are now used in combination with prescription hormone treatments. This exclusive protocol, combining the hormone diet with fat burning and appetite suppressing treatments, has already helped thousands of patients quickly rid themselves of excess and embarrassing fat and has made the company?s prescription hormone diet plans the nation?s leader in medically supervised weight loss.

For patients who are looking to lose weight fast while being able to prevent or control their diabetes symptoms and taking Diet Doc?s prescription hormone treatments will allow them to see fast, effective results and assist in managing their health concerns. Because patients follow a healthy, low fat diet when participating in the Diet Doc diet, patients can feel confident that what they are eating won?t make them gain weight or conflict with a physician?s advices regarding their diabetes symptoms.

Diet Doc?s certified nutritionists have also been specially trained in the most effective methods for stopping patients? issues that are causing them to gain weight through simple diet changes. While early prescription hormone diet plans encouraged patients to consume a dangerously low caloric intake of 500 calories, Diet Doc researchers have discovered safe and effective treatments that allow their clients to consume a healthy diet of almost double the original recommended caloric intake. This advanced science and research is something that other prescription hormone programs have not discovered and have not been able to incorporate into their programs. Because of this, Diet Doc?s exclusive programs are now the nation?s leader in this area of weight management.

Working closely with a Diet Doc nutritionist, patients will create a meal and snack plan that stops the issues causing them to gain weight, allows them to see rapid fat loss and diminishes their diabetes symptoms. Following a program whose basic principles emphasize consumption of whole grains and produce, and naturally remove saturated fat and cholesterol from the patient?s daily meal plan are in line with the American Diabetes Association guidelines for preventing and controlling diabetes symptoms.

Improving the overall health of their clients, in addition to stopping issues causing patients to gain weight, has become an important focus for the Diet Doc team of physicians, nurses and nutritionists. And, because of their personalized approach to weight loss, patients are able to determine which weight loss methods and prescription hormone treatments will best assist them when they gain weight and when they begin experiencing health concerns because of their weight gain.

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