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HCG Diet for Weight Loss Debated on The Dr. Oz Show

HCG Diet for Weight Loss Debated on The Dr. Oz Show
Since the 1950s, however, HCG has been promoted for weight loss through a low calorie HCG diet that the FDA warns is dangerous. Last year on the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz discussed the HCG diet with pro-HCG diet advocates who claimed that the HCG diet …
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News Testimony on How the HCG Diet Resulted in 1 Pound per Day Weight Loss
According to a recent FOX News report, you can expect to see new weight loss clinics appear that are legally prescribing the HCG diet for patients who want to lose weight fast – even up to 1 pound per day for 45 days according to their claims of
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Beef Jerky Outlet to unveil ?The Experience? at annual IFE Show

(PRWEB) June 16, 2015

Where?s the beef? The answer is everywhere, now that the Beef Jerky Outlet?s mobile store is ready to hit the road.

The Beef Jerky Outlet is excited to release ?The Experience? at the International Franchise Expo at the Javits Center in New York City on June 18-20.

?The Experience? is a mobile Beef Jerky Outlet store that will bring the Beef Jerky Outlet experience out of the store and onto the streets. The trailer is fully equipped with custom stairs, removable signage panels and a self-contained trailer with generator and Internet capabilities for the register system. The trailer has a rear door with a lift so all can enjoy it.

?The Experience? is an open trailer that will let everyone come in for a full sampling of all the great products Beef Jerky Outlet has to offer,? said Paul Lyons COO of Beef Jerky Outlet. ?This will be a great opportunity to showcase our Beef Jerky Outlet store experience at public events without losing that store effect.?

With Beef Jerky Outlet?s surge in growth ? 1,000 percent over the past 24 months ? ?The Experience? will not only bring beef jerky to new customers, but it will also be beneficial for brand awareness.

Over the past two years, the franchise has grown to 37 operating stores with an additional 63 scheduled for opening. The 100th franchise of the Beef Jerky Outlet was just sold last week. This rate of expansion has earned the Beef Jerky Outlet an Entrepreneur Magazine Top 500 Franchise qualification. Entrepreneur has also rated Beef Jerky Outlet as No. 22 of the 75 Fastest Growing Franchises. Beef Jerky Outlet has been featured on many major media outlets, including Fox & Friends, Fox Business News and USA Today.

?The growth that we have seen just backs up what Paul and I always thought. The Beef Jerky Outlet can succeed nationally,? said Scott Parker, CEO and President of Beef Jerky Outlet. ?We are looking forward to hitting the road with our new experience to expand what we have to offer.?


The Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise now has 37 operating stores across the country, with 63 more set to open. The franchise is ready for business in most states in the continental U.S.,, as well as Alaska and Puerto Rico. Beef Jerky Outlet stores offer an excellent opportunity for investors seeking a franchise business with better than average margin returns on moderate start-up costs. For complete information, contact a member of our franchise team by visiting us at http://www.beefjerkyoutlet.com.



P.O. BOX 575, Seymour, TN 37865

Tel: (586) 246-5405

Fax: (866) 876-3626


History of Beef Jerky:

The word jerky has its origins in the native languages of South America. In the 1800s, the term ?jerky? quickly spread across the new world to describe the process of smoking, drying and curing beef. Native Americans, cowboys and pioneers made and embraced jerky as easily transportable and long lasting. Jerky has traditionally been the No. 1 favorite snack of the military, and for years, NASA has sent it up to our astronauts in space.

Today, jerky is selling like crazy with the general population because of America?s demand for lightweight, high protein foods. Jerky is lean, high in protein and nutritional value and low in calories, carbohydrates and fat (jerky is only 3% fat).

IRI, a Chicago based market research firm, reports sales of jerky jumped 46 percent from 2009-2014, catapulting it to a $ 1.24 billion industry.
Jerky is in the beef snack category – the fastest growing segment of the snack food industry (Convenient Store Decisions, Nov. 2012).
Our nation?s health craze is fueling the jerky revolution as runners, weight lifters, hikers and weekend warriors eat it before, during and after exercise.
Jerky is a popular snack for folks on the trendy Paleo diet, which urges consumers to eat foods from their hunter/gatherer ancestors.
Jerky is catching on for women too, because the cured, low fat snack provides an energy boost without spoiling the diet. A study at Penn State University found physically active women ages 18?45 consider jerky as more convenient and satisfying than tortilla chips.
Chefs are now incorporating jerky into their gourmet dishes. You can find jerky on the menus of high end restaurants in Four Seasons hotels and others throughout the country.


This is the franchise industry?s premier annual event. The IFE brings together hundreds of the franchise industry?s hottest concepts, and thousands of the most qualified prospects from across the United States and more than 80 countries around the world. For domestic or international expansion, selling single units, area developments or master franchises ? this is the industry?s one stop franchise event. Sponsored by the IFA, assisted by the U.S. Department of Commerce/U.S. Commercial Service, the IFE also offers the industry?s most comprehensive conference program.

About the Beef Jerky Outlet:

The Beef Jerky Outlet is the world?s first national beef jerky franchise that has grown to six founder-owned stores, 40 franchise stores, 40 more scheduled to open in the next eighteen months for a total of 55 across the U.S. The Beef Jerky Outlet specializes in more than 200 jerky varieties and sizes including kangaroo, alligator, venison and elk with exotic flavors ranging from Moonshine to Cajun. Founders Paul Lyons and Scott Parker recognized the nation?s sudden passion for beef jerky and opened the first franchise in Destin, Florida. The dried, smoked meat has traditionally been the 1 favorite snack of the military and for years NASA sent jerky up to the astronauts in space.

Today, jerky is selling like crazy with the general population because of America?s demand for low fat, low calories foods that are high in protein.

IRI, a Chicago based market research firm, reports sales of jerky jumped 46 percent from 2009-2014, catapulting it to a $ 1.24 billion industry. For more information, please visit http://www.beefjerkyoutlet.com.

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Studies of health information exchanges yet to show strong evidence of benefits

Studies of health information exchanges yet to show strong evidence of benefits
Health information exchanges are supposed to improve the speed, quality, safety and cost of patient care, but there is little evidence of that in existing health information exchange benefit studies, according to a research paper published this month
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Health Information Exchange: Lessons From Libraries
Health information exchange: Congress has encouraged it, the business case is strong and the public assumes it is happening behind the scenes. But on the ground, medical staff fight this war with fax machines and frantic calls to medical record
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Vermont is All Over the Menu at the Summer Fancy Food Show

Montpelier, VT (PRWEB) June 27, 2014

Vermont is a small state of just 626,000 people, and yet, the state?s large presence at the 2014 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City ? not to mention its recognition and reputation in the food industry in general ? is decidedly out of proportion to its small footprint on the map.

At the 2014 Summer Fancy Food Show ? an annual, signature event in the specialty foods industry ? Vermont looms large in the State Pavilion area, with 14 exhibitors in this section. Only three other states (New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia) have a bigger presence in the Pavilion. In addition, 14 more Vermont companies from notable brands like Cabot Cheese and Lake Champlain Chocolates, to up-and-comers like Olivia?s Croutons and Leonardo?s of Vermont, are sprinkled throughout the trade-show floor, making for a total Vermont presence of 28 exhibitors at the show.

As proof of Vermont?s food-industry renown, 2014 is the second consecutive year that Vermont has garnered four SOFI Award Finalists from among its recognized cheese, snack, and condiment sectors. A SOFI (Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation) Award is the top honor in the $ 88 billion specialty food industry. Castleton Crackers, Vermont Smoke and Cure, Tonewood, and Vermont Creamery were among the 125 finalists selected by a national panel of specialty food professionals from 2,724 entries.

All of the Vermont companies at the show represent a ?Vermont brand? that, particularly when it comes to food, stands for quality and authenticity. Their presence in New York will showcase family farms, sustainable agriculture, and ?farm to fork? lifestyles, and will demonstrate creative and health-inspired usage of Vermont-made flavors and Vermont-grown produce.

To highlight Vermonters? success and innovation in the food industry, the Vermont Specialty Foods Association and Vermont Agency of Agriculture will anchor the state?s presence at the show with an additional tasting booth in the State Pavilion. Here at Booth #5030, award-winning Vermont Chef Sean Buchanan will prepare signature recipes and cheese pairings featuring an array of products, from artisan cheese to pure Vermont maple syrup.

Featured recipes include:

Crouton Dusted Pork with Mustard Cream and Maple Dressing ? featuring products from Vermont Creamery, Green Mountain Mustard, Olivia?s Croutons, and Drew?s dressings and salsas; and

Maple BBQ Chicken Tacos with Smokin? Tomato Sour Cream ? featuring products from Butternut Mountain Farm, Vermont Creamery, Vermont Harvest, Cabot Cheese, and Drew?s dressings and salsas.

Chef Buchanan and representatives from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets will also speak to innovations in Vermont agriculture that have positioned Vermont as a food epicenter, catalyzing and accelerating the development of markets which sustain the working landscape that is highly valued by Vermonters and visitors alike. For those who cannot attend the show, a trip to Vermont offers more than 400 food and farm experiences; build your culinary and tasting route at http://www.DiginVt.com.


The Vermont Specialty Foods Association is the nation’s oldest and most highly-regarded specialty food association, whose member specialty products are distributed in country and gourmet stores, natural food and health shops, local, regional, and natural supermarkets and food coops, and online. For more information: http://www.vermontspecialtyfoods.org

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets facilitates, supports, and encourages the growth and viability of agriculture in Vermont, while protecting the working landscape, human health, animal health, plant health, consumers, and the environment. For more information: http://www.agriculture.vermont.gov


Nancy Brooks, Chief Marketing Officer

State of Vermont



Contact at the Fancy Food Show:

Chelsea Lewis, Agricultural Policy Administrator

State of Vermont, Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets

Cell: 802-522-5573

Chelsea will be working at the Vermont Specialty Foods Association booth (Booth #5030 in the Vermont Pavilion) ? and follow her on Twitter @VTAgencyofAg

Vermont agricultural images are available and Fancy Food Show images are available by request.

Dr Oz Diet Smash The OZ Show with Top Natural Weight Loss Products by Offering Huge Discount on Different Weight Loss Plans as Seen on Fox & ABC News

(PRWEB) March 20, 2013

Dr. Oz has been featuring #weight #loss #products in his #show which effectively reduce unwanted body weight in a #natural way by boosting metabolism. Medical experts suggest that exercise is the best way to burn calories, but the natural way to burn calories is the faster metabolism.

Dr. Oz featured #different natural products in his show which are prepared to effectively target the metabolism process and making food digestion speedy so that more food will be converted into energy and no fat will be stored in the body. In this regard Garcinia Cambogia Select and African Mango Plus are top rated products.

The latest product Garcinia cambogia select is all natural formula featured by Dr. Oz as most exciting breakthrough in weight loss products. This product effectively reduces unwanted body weight by boosting metabolism process, maintaining a proper sugar level and by suppressing appetite and promoting the secretion of serotonin which will let you sleep well; enhance your mood so that you won?t run for food very frequently.

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African mango plus is the latest weight loss product made from the extracts of African mango which effectively targets the belly fat which is the root of many health problems, in this way it prevents from many health problems. By boosting the metabolism, it effectively reduces unwanted body weight, converting more food into energy and increasing the energy level of body.

All above products are natural and don?t contain any fast acting chemical which is harmful for health. Many customers are using these products and reporting best results in shorter time period. However, new customers are advised to read customer reviews about the product about the products before purchasing and using them.

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