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Hearthealthy food in just 10 easy steps

Hearthealthy food in just 10 easy steps
“A daily serving of moderate intensity physical activity can decrease LDL [bad] cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure while also increasing HDL [good] cholesterol.” We asked the experts for a list of 10 heart healthy foods. Here are their
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Hearthealthy food in 10 easy steps
MIAMI – The fuel you put into your body, like that in your car, will determine how well you run. The heart is critically essential to the body's function as it controls the circulation of blood. When you clog its pathways with poor food choices you gum
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5 Reasons Your Heart Will Thank You if You Eat Sauerkraut
Most people know that garlic, beans, and whole grains offer many heart health benefits. But there's a surprising food that ranks right up there with those hearthealthy foods: sauerkraut. There are five ways that this overlooked superfood can boost
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7 steps to an anti-inflammatory diet

7 steps to an anti-inflammatory diet
This is easy when you base your meals on healthy carbohydrate choices like vegetables, fruits, legumes (beans and lentils) and whole grains. Eat fewer foods made with flour and sugar, especially packaged snack foods, as these refined carbohydrates …
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Diet can help or hurt what ails you
We're starting to shift the pendulum back and seeing an increased demand for locally grown and organic foods. Elimination diets —such as gluten-free, low- or no-carbohydrate, raw food and juice cleanses — have emerged as ways to lose weight and
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