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LeBron James thinks the Warriors owe their success to good 'health'

LeBron James thinks the Warriors owe their success to good 'health'
While undoubtedly their success wouldn't be possible without its talented roster, Cavaliers star LeBron James thinks the real key for the Warriors has been good health. [Warriors become third NBA team and first defending champion to start season 15-0].
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To Your Good Health: Revisiting recommendation on routine testing
A. The reason I don't recommend a urinalysis — and, in fact, most blood tests — is that they are more likely to cause harm (from evaluating and possibly treating a false- positive result) than they are to cause good (by finding an unsuspected
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Lowcarbfoods.org Offers an e-Book for a Healthy Menu and Dieting Success

(PRWEB) June 26, 2014

Lowcarbfoods.org launches a newsletter offering a free copy of the e-book Complete 7 Day Low-Carb Diet Plan, which is available to new subscribers. The e-book presents a complete set of healthy recipes to help busy low-carbers with their weekly menu.

The e-book was created by the web and content development team at Lowcarbfoods.org to offer power-packed, healthy recipes that fit into a low-carb diet. The e-book helps dieters to add diversity and discover proper nutrition.

?The newsletter offers an e-book that features a set of delicious recipes for balanced nutrition. Many dieters give up on weight loss because they are tired of the same old recipes and meals. The goal is to beat diet boredom and stay on track,? said John Williams, marketing consultant at LowCarbFoods.org.

The new e-book offers tasty recipes for lunch, breakfast, and dinner as well as snack ideas for a healthy menu. There are many recipes for super-quick dinners, healthy brunches, and delicious, festive treats. From starters, soups, and salads to main meals, dieters are free to choose from quick and elaborate recipes for everyday cooking and different occasions. Many dieters are unaware of the food options they have. Others browse over the Internet and are overwhelmed by choices. Not all recipes are created equal. A balanced menu combines healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates and offers a balanced combination of ingredients. There are many family-friendly recipes and tasty ideas for steady weight loss. Healthy low-carb meals combine generous amounts of fish, lean meat, vegetables, olive oil, and whole grains. A healthful diet means diversity and choice. The e-book the Complete 7 Day Low-Carb Diet Plan offers healthy and tasty options to help visitors make the switch easier. The goal is to offer nutrition-rich recipes and a sample menu for one week that shows the many food choices available, helping dieters to stick to their plan of choice. This is one way to end diet boredom, helping visitors to diversify their menu with tasty and budget-friendly meals.

About LowCarbFoods.org: LowCarbFoods.org is an informational resource designed to offer unbiased information on low carb diets and lifestyle.

Brian Flatt's '3 Week Diet' Launches with Success Offering Diet Plans to Help

Brian Flatt's '3 Week Diet' Launches with Success Offering Diet Plans to Help
'3 Week Diet' by Mr. Flatt seeks to target all people having issues in burning fat from the most difficult body areas. This program contains weight loss tips and focuses on motivation, dieting (paleo, mediterranean, gluten free or just simple diet
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A cricketer's challenge prompts nutrition venture
Tapan Kumar Das and Ryan Fernando were running a nutrition clinic, Qua Nutrition, in Bengaluru when one of their clients, cricketer Robin Uthappa, asked them to provide food based on a nutrition plan. This challenge … It serves those undergoing a
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?Success in Seattle?: New Brand Transition Sends Pike Market Naturals Products Flying Off the Shelves

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 20, 2015

After a successful recent brand transition for its Pike Market Naturals product line, it?s full speed ahead for Puget Sound Foods, a Seattle-based specialty food producer that has developed award winning, all-natural and gluten-free products for more than 28 years.

The company?s fresh new labels on their sauces and seasoning products feature famous Seattle landmarks such as the Pike Pier Seattle waterfront, the iconic Space Needle, and also celebrates seafood enthusiasts with the Pike Pier Fisherman.

Though the looks have changed, the products contain the same award-winning qualities, from the Pike Market Naturals sauces and flavor-enhanced seasonings to the all-natural wood grilling planks.

?We?ve had countless loyal customers buying Pike Market Naturals products across the U.S. and Canada for the past 11 years,? says John Lettengarver, President & CEO of Puget Sound Foods. ?It continues to be a top priority for us to maintain the same quality in our products. Our customers keep coming back because they love what?s inside the jar.?

Since the re-brand, Puget Sound Foods has seen sales rise and products fly off the shelves at existing locations. Previously, the product labels displayed a fishmonger from Seattle?s Pike Place Fish Market, an image some retailers perceived as a competitive private-label brand. New retailers across the nation embraced the change and jumped on board since the reveal of the updated Market Naturals Pike Pier Fisherman labels.

?We?ve worked hard promoting the Public Market branding concept over the years, but the timing to make a label modification was right,? Lettengarver said. ?The Pike Pier Fisherman promotes our fresh Pacific Northwest products with a more universally accepted branding approach, making this an easy transition for our customers.?

Pike Market Naturals products are versatile, easy to use and complement each other well. Try cooking fresh salmon seasoned with Northwest Seafood Seasoning basted with Alder Smoked Walla Walla Onion Tartar, grilled on an Alder Wood Grilling Plank for a meal that is simple to create and spectacular in taste.

The company plans on introducing several new sauces and seasonings, an exciting new brand extension to its Market Naturals offering and a new label upgrade for its Captain Toady?s product expansion throughout 2015.

About Puget Sound Foods:

Since 1987, Puget Sound Foods has continued to create new, high quality northwest products. Over the years it has expanded its distribution, reaching regions throughout the U.S. and Canada with its Captain Toady’s, Puget Sound Gourmet Naturals and Pike Market Naturals products. Puget Sound Foods? Pike Pier Fisherman products alone bring over 140 years of Pacific Northwest history in full circle. They continue to celebrate this rich history by working with local merchants, farmers markets and producers throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

For more information, please contact Puget Sound Foods, Inc. at (206) 622-6650 or psf.info(at)pugetsoundfoods(dot)com.

Capital Food Coaching Announces Contest to Help Dieters Achieve Weight Loss Success {twittertitle}{linksharetitle}{shareasaletitle}

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) July 10, 2014

Every month comes new diets and new failures. The fact is, commercial diets end with a 5% success rate. That leaves many diet-weary adults downright confused by what to eat (and what not to eat); ultimately they abandon simple, sound eating and exercise plans for long-term weight loss and revert back to negative eating patterns.

“America’s Food Coach” and Weight Loss Expert, Vianesa Vargas, calls this vicious cycle “Food Hell” in the title of her new eBook. That’s why her company, Capital Food Coaching, is encouraging anyone looking to break free from diet fads to join her new “Escape Food Hell Video Challenge.”

“It seems we’re bombarded by new and conflicting research every day, telling us about fad diets or behavior modifications that will finally make us fitter, healthier or skinner,” commented Vargas. “For folks with a lot to lose, this can be discouraging. For others looking to make sustainable lifestyle changes, this can be overwhelming. And, for the rest of us just trying to live our best lives, this can be downright maddening.” Vargas added, “No matter how you look at it, it’s clear why I’ve dubbed this phenomenon ‘Food Hell’ and I’ve made it my mission to break Americans free from its grasp.”

Escaping Food Hell

What is food hell? It can take on many shapes and forms, including being someone who has dieted several times without success, can’t stand the sight/smell/taste of diet food, is too busy to cook healthy meals, feels bad after eating or takes supplements instead of food.

In her aptly titled new eBook, Escape Food Hell: How to Lose Weight without Diet and Exercise, “America’s Food Coach,” Vianesa Vargas, gives readers a sensible, time-tested and easy to follow 30-day healthy eating and lifestyle plan. Inside, readers quickly learn that they’re not alone; statistics for the diet industry indicate a measly 5% success rate. Plus, after embarking on a fad diet and failing, many people gain more weight than before they even started.

Instead of restricting choices to a narrow swath of healthy foods, upon completion of this 30-day plan, readers will be given the tools they need to be able to enjoy all nutritious food again; they’ll also gain the knowledge they need to live a healthy lifestyle, learn to save money at the grocery store, lose weight and have more energy than they’ve felt in years.

Escape Food Hell Challenge – Call For Video Submissions

Running from August 1st through August 31st, 2014, the “Escape Food Hell Video Challenge” is the perfect complement to the new Escape Food Hell eBook by Vianesa Vargas. Open to US residents aged 18 or older, to qualify to enter, candidates need only sign up to receive the free Weight Loss Success Guide from the firm’s homepage, where they’ll also be able to download the Guide instantly.

Individuals can enter the contest by choosing one aspect from the Guide and submit it as a video response to the video ?The Good Eater? located on Capital Food Coaching?s YouTube channel. Contestants must create an annotation inside their own video that links back to the Good Eater; videos must not exceed three minutes in length.

Winners will be chosen by Vianesa Vargas and awarded $ 100 each for the duration of the contest.

About Vianesa Vargas of Capital Food Coaching

Vianesa Vargas is known as “America’s Food Coach.” The founder of Capital Food Coaching, Vargas is also the author of the Escape Food Hell eBook available on Amazon.com. Vianesa has years of experience in helping individuals and families make better food choices for life.