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The New L-Style Revolution Diet & Exercise Program By The Makers of The Sports Nutrition Supplement Brand, Liporidex, Have Hit Over 10,000 Pounds Lost In Just Two Months

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 24, 2015

The popular all-natural supplement brand, Liporidex, has had over 1000 members sign up for their newly launched L-Style Revolution Program?, and collectively the members have already lost over 10,000 pounds and counting in just two short months. The customized weight loss program provides a tailored diet and exercise plan for men and women of all health and fitness levels to follow and achieve their weight loss and weight maintenance goals faster than traditional methods.

?We were on cloud nine after announcing our new program just a couple months ago, and we have been blown away with the commitment and results of our members so far. We are looking forward to working with new members, and are encouraging people to sign up now to get ready for summertime?, stated CEO and founder of Liporidex, Dr. Emeka B. Okwuje. ?Our program makes available customized plans based on award winning techniques to help people according to their specific fitness and weight loss goals and needs. L-Style Revolution? is designed around Liporidex Fitness Formulas, our line of all-natural, MD formulated supplements, which are fundamental to the program and achieving safe and lasting weight loss success?, said Okwuje.

For the past two months, Liporidex has been working closely with members of all fitness levels, whether they are just starting out, need to overcome a plateau, or just need to lose those ?last 10 pounds,? with their highly successful and one of a kind nutritional and exercise plans. L-Style Revolution? works with, and takes advantage of, Liporidex Fitness Formulas to optimize metabolism, reduce appetite, as well as increase energy and stamina. L-Style Revolution? is unlike any other weight loss program, and has been proven to be highly successful so far with its current members by helping them reach and exceed their fitness goals. Developed around Dr. Okwuje?s four pillars to lasting weight loss success, it offers members expert nutrition and exercise planning, as well as unlimited behavioral modification support and motivational coaching. Liporidex supplements will help maximize the results of diet and exercise by leveraging the power of clinically researched and proven ingredients.

L-Style Revolution? is a high tech solution for living an enhanced lifestyle. It utilizes several wireless and cloud-based technologies to deliver truly personalized nutritional guidance and support from a panel of expert physicians, registered dietitians, certified personal trainers and behavioral coaches, along with safe and effective supplements to help users turbo charge results and smash their plateaus. This revolutionary program has already ensured success for individuals and athletes looking to lose weight, maintain weight loss, get stronger, and live an overall healthier lifestyle.

About Nuretix Research Labs, LLC

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nuretix Research Labs, LLC is a privately owned and operated company dedicated to the research, development and production of high quality, safe and revolutionizing nutritional supplements and metabolism boosters. Dr. Okwuje launched the company in 2007, bringing to life the careful collaboration of medical and fitness professionals in the form of Liporidex Fitness Formulas. Each of their diverse supplements is manufactured to meet or exceed all applicable industry standards. Liporidex supplements are 100% natural, consist of ingredients that have been put through the rigors of clinical testing for over 35 years, and are ranked among the best fat burners that work on the market. Visit myliporidex.com for more information or connect with the company via Facebook and Instagram.


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Doctors Health Press Reports on Study: NTP Warns Popular Supplement Ginkgo Biloba May Cause Cancer

Boston, MA (PRWEB) June 17, 2013

Doctors Health Press, a division of Lombardi Publishing Corporation and publisher of various natural health newsletters, books, and reports, including the popular online Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin, is reporting on a new study finding that the popular supplement ginkgo biloba may cause cancer.

As Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin (http://www.doctorshealthpress.com/cancer-articles/ginkgo-biloba-friend-or-foe) notes, ginkgo biloba has held a place of prominence in the world of herbal remedies for most of the past decade. This herb has been touted for its ability to enhance memory and delay the onset of Alzheimer?s symptoms. Ginkgo biloba was found by Western medicine researchers to be high in antioxidants, and it has been shown to protect against oxidative damage in the brain, heart, and eyes. Ginkgo biloba has been prescribed to treat hearing problems, impotence, and macular degeneration, to name just a few conditions.

But as the article ?Ginkgo Biloba: Friend or Foe?? reports, a recent study says the popular herbal supplement may cause cancer. The study was conducted by none other than the National Toxicology Program (NTP) and was addressed in the NTP?s Report on Carcinogens, published on behalf of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This report is based on a scientific study and is created to specifically address threats to public health in the form of toxins. These toxins can be classed as agents, substances, mixtures, or exposures, but they all have one thing in common: they potentially put people at an increased risk for getting cancer.

The Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin article states that, back in March, the NTP conducted a study that found that a dietary supplement of ginkgo caused cancer in lab animals. Researchers discovered that ginkgo biloba extract caused cancer in the thyroid glands of male and female rats. It also caused liver cancer in both male and female mice.

As Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin outlines, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated it won?t issue an alert based on one study. Critics of the study point out the animals may have been given excessively high doses of ginkgo biloba that are not similar to the dose an average human usually takes. However, experts supporting the NTP camp have countered that the testing would have been rigorous, professional, and of a very high standard.

Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin concludes by pointing out that, while the FDA has already stepped in to ban ginkgo biloba from food and drinks, it is hesitating when it comes to banning the herb from supplements; the FDA is concerned that the extract used for this study could be different from those that you are able to buy in stores and herbal pharmacies. Clearly, more studies are needed to definitively prove whether or not ginkgo biloba is a safe supplement. Until such time, Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin advises readers to consult their doctor before taking any ginkgo biloba supplement.

(SOURCE: Knowles, D., ?Consumer group asks FDA to ban gingko biloba after study links supplement to cancer in mice and rats,? New York Daily News web site, June 3, 2013, last accessed June 6, 2013.)

Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin is a daily e-letter providing natural health news with a focus on natural healing through foods, herbs, and other breakthrough alternative health treatments. For more information on Doctors Health Press, http://visit visit http://www.doctorshealthpress.com.

Doctors Health Press believes in the healing properties of various alternative remedies, including traditional Chinese medicine. To see a video outlining the Doctors Health Press? views on traditional Chinese medicine, visit http://www.doctorshealthpress.com/chinesemedicine.

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African Mango Plus Herbal Supplement Now Increases Energy as It Burns Fat

Los Angeles, Ca (PRWEB) March 18, 2014

Africa is very abundant with unique flora and fauna having a range of health benefits. African mangoes are one of the many fruits that exclusively grow in the African territory. Recent studies of this unique fruit show that it can effectively contribute to a person?s weight loss efforts.

Click here to visit official website of African Mango Plus.

African mangoes can only be found in Cameroon. It is a type of tropical fruit with a bright red outer skin, which is very different from the usual yellow peel of mangoes. For ages, this fruit has been used locally as a dietary aid. This fruit contains a unique kind of seed, which is believed to have many medicinal properties as well. The locals refer to them as the Dikka nuts.

Clinical tests of the African mangoes indicated that it can help reduce body weight and body fat, while taking off a few inches around the waistline. When about 150 mg of the extract is consumed twice daily, obesity can be addressed. And when the supplement starts to burn fats, it will increase one?s energy level in the process. Increased metabolism, improved fat oxidation, and lower instances of fatigue are its added benefits.

Click here to visit official website of African Mango Plus.

The high energy level provided by African Mango Plus becomes evident as the user engages in physical activities. Crystal S., a regular user from California, claimed that after taking the product regularly for a few weeks, she was able to lose as much as 30 pounds. She was also very surprised how easily she can heed to the workout routines recommended by her fitness instructor.

Elizabeth B. from Milton Keynes in the UK said, ?I have spent a few years trying to grow a flat belly. Unfortunately, nothing has worked for me. But when I started using African Mango Plus, the sexy belly I always dream about finally became a reality.?

To further determine how much energy you?ll gain with the African Mango Plus supplement, enlist under the Weight Loss Fitness Program offered by the product manufacturers. Everyone who purchases African Mango Plus online is entitled to a free membership to the said exclusive program. Through it and the supplement, gaining a beautiful body becomes a lot easier.

African Mango is also widely used in Hollywood to keep the supermodel image of famous celebrities. This supplement is very effective because it increases the amount of leptin in the bloodstream. Leptin is the substance that is responsible for regulating the body?s appetite and metabolism.

To know more about the African Mango Plus supplement and how to order, please visit its official website at http://goo.gl/aZe6gV.

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