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Texas Bariatric Specialists is Ecstatic to Announce that a Gastric Bypass Surgery Performed by Dr. Nilesh Patel Cures Man of Diabetes Symptoms {twittertitle}{linksharetitle}{shareasaletitle}

San Antonio, Texas (PRWEB) May 08, 2013

Dr. Nilesh A. Patel of Texas Bariatric Specialists (TBS) announced today that patient, David Cruz, has achieved his ultimate goal of becoming a healthier version of himself. Gastric Bypass Surgery has rid him of all diabetes and high blood pressure symptoms with the assurance of keeping his health for the sake of not only himself, but his parents.

David Cruz?s struggle with weight started when he was diagnosed with severe asthma at age 5. Even though he always tried to stay active by participating in football and basketball, he was still overweight. Once it was time for David to go to college, he started gaining weight rapidly because he didn?t have family or friends around to tell him that what he was putting into his body was not good for his health. He wasn?t a big breakfast person nor cooked his own food, so he would go all day without eating and then binge on junk food at night.

The constant binge-eating lead to David being diagnosed with type II diabetes and high blood pressure. At the young age of 21, he was put on the highest dosage of medicine for his conditions and began having problems with his pancreas. At this point, David was scared. ?There is no reason why I should be this unhealthy,? he said, ?I don?t want to not be able to take care of myself.? On top of this scare was the thought of his parents? rough medical history. Thinking about his Dad?s diabetes and high blood pressure and his Mom?s muscle disease, David started looking up ways to cure his own diabetes and weight loss surgery came up as an option. ?I have to make sure I am healthy for my parents,? David said.

Before making the decision to find himself a weight loss surgeon, David tried many alternative methods to losing the weight including the Adkins Diet, various weight-loss pills, and eating a lot of salads. Nothing was beneficial. He only succeeded in rubber-banding back and forth and gaining more weight. At this point, David knew it was time to do something more.

He researched a few weight loss surgeons and attended a few seminars before stumbling upon Dr. Patel?s team at Texas Bariatric Specialists (TBS). David saw Dr. Patel?s great track record with all the work he has done and thoroughly enjoyed his experience attending one of the TBS weight loss seminars. He felt comfortable with the staff and knew that the path to Gastric Bypass Surgery was his next step.

After the surgery, David felt immediately different. He was so full of energy that he had to ask Dr. Patel the soonest he could start running before he even left the hospital! Once he was able to start working out, David lost the weight really fast. In the first 6 months, he lost 70 lbs. and had a whole new routine. He incorporated a lot of protein bars and shakes into his diet, cut out all sodas, and didn?t eat anything with added sugar.

The biggest benefit of David?s Gastric Bypass Surgery was that he never had to take medication for either of his conditions again. His diabetes and high blood pressure had subsided and he was healthy. ?I don?t know why they don?t recommend weight loss surgery instead of insulin at the Diabetes clinic,? David exclaims.

As his confidence continues to soar, David concludes with this point, ?The goal in life is to be healthy. Physical appearance is just a bonus. People need to look at weight loss from a point of view other than vanity. I mean, who doesn?t want to be healthy?!?

About Texas Bariatric Specialists

Founded by Dr. Nilesh A. Patel, MD, a nationally recognized and fellowship-trained bariatric surgeon, Texas Bariatric Specialists (TBS) is a holistic weight loss practice focused on delivering long-term weight loss solutions for patients. Dr. Patel specializes in surgical weight loss procedures including Lap Band, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Band, and the revision of failed weight loss surgery, which have resulted in over 2,500 surgeries exceeding the national average of successful weight loss management. With a commitment to surgical expertise, compassionate care and exemplary preoperative and postsurgical consultative services, Dr. Patel and his staff at Texas Bariatric Specialists ensure successful weight loss management for their patients through long-term relationships to support good health. Offices are located across major cities throughout Texas including San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, New Braunfels, Seguin, Boerne, Kileen, Temple, Del Rio and Laredo. For more information, or to book a free informational seminar, please visit http://www.texasbariatricspecialists.com.

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Diet Doc Hormone Diets & Weight Loss Plans Reveal Advanced Diets to Eliminate Diabetes Symptoms Caused When Patients Gain Weight

Detroit, MI (PRWEB) December 03, 2013

Succumbing to overeating and the temptation to indulge in unhealthy foods could cause many people across the United States to gain weight at a staggering rate. And, with consistent news headlines drawing attention to the fact that being overweight and is a substantial contributor to, and risk factor for, type two diabetes symptoms, many people are searching for the most effective methods for losing weight and eliminating the problem that is causing them to gain weight. Because Diet Doc?s prescription hormone diet plans were designed to target and address personal causes of weight gain and motivation for weight loss, such as ending diabetes symptoms, programs like the Diet Doc weight loss plans are now used in combination with prescription hormone treatments. This exclusive protocol, combining the hormone diet with fat burning and appetite suppressing treatments, has already helped thousands of patients quickly rid themselves of excess and embarrassing fat and has made the company?s prescription hormone diet plans the nation?s leader in medically supervised weight loss.

For patients who are looking to lose weight fast while being able to prevent or control their diabetes symptoms and taking Diet Doc?s prescription hormone treatments will allow them to see fast, effective results and assist in managing their health concerns. Because patients follow a healthy, low fat diet when participating in the Diet Doc diet, patients can feel confident that what they are eating won?t make them gain weight or conflict with a physician?s advices regarding their diabetes symptoms.

Diet Doc?s certified nutritionists have also been specially trained in the most effective methods for stopping patients? issues that are causing them to gain weight through simple diet changes. While early prescription hormone diet plans encouraged patients to consume a dangerously low caloric intake of 500 calories, Diet Doc researchers have discovered safe and effective treatments that allow their clients to consume a healthy diet of almost double the original recommended caloric intake. This advanced science and research is something that other prescription hormone programs have not discovered and have not been able to incorporate into their programs. Because of this, Diet Doc?s exclusive programs are now the nation?s leader in this area of weight management.

Working closely with a Diet Doc nutritionist, patients will create a meal and snack plan that stops the issues causing them to gain weight, allows them to see rapid fat loss and diminishes their diabetes symptoms. Following a program whose basic principles emphasize consumption of whole grains and produce, and naturally remove saturated fat and cholesterol from the patient?s daily meal plan are in line with the American Diabetes Association guidelines for preventing and controlling diabetes symptoms.

Improving the overall health of their clients, in addition to stopping issues causing patients to gain weight, has become an important focus for the Diet Doc team of physicians, nurses and nutritionists. And, because of their personalized approach to weight loss, patients are able to determine which weight loss methods and prescription hormone treatments will best assist them when they gain weight and when they begin experiencing health concerns because of their weight gain.

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