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Glowing Lean System Review Reveals New Beauty Detox Program

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) November 29, 2014

The Glowing Lean System review indicates that this method was created by Kimberly Snyder as an effective beauty detox program. The method promises to help users achieve a wonderful skin and hair, but also amazing energy levels.

The author of the new system claims that her program will actually make users look 10 years younger.

Actually, the Glowing Lean System review published by Daily Gossip indicates that the author of this program is a popular nutritionist. Kimberly Snyder has worked with many celebrities, including Fergie, Drew Barrymore, Olivia Wilde and Reese Witherspoon, among many others.

Read the full review here: http://www.dailygossip.org/glowing-lean-system-review-beauty-detox-diet-8853

Her method is a healthy lifestyle plan that will focus on detoxification. Body detoxification is well known to lead to weight loss, enhanced health and is also known to help feel better and beautiful from the inside.

The Glowing Lean System program is now available in an easy to understand online manual, accompanied by training videos and other bonus materials. These materials present the best workouts that can help the body achieve the perfect weight.

This is a 12-week program that talks about both the importance of diet and exercises. The program teaches users how to get rid of all the accumulated wastes in the body and how to improve digestion.

To learn more about “Glowing Lean System” please use the following link: http://www.dailygossip.org/glowing-lean-system-8506

The Glowing Lean System review accessible for readers on Daily Gossip reveals that the system is suitable for everyone. The program starts by giving readers an understanding on the way the body works and how the metabolism can be stimulated and what detoxification means. The system is based on modules that are easy to understand and practical to apply.

Daily Gossip reveals that Kimberly Snyder’s program has already been used by many people. The testimonials shared online by these individuals reveal that this program is not only effective, it also is very fast for enhancing beauty and well-being, from the inside.

The new system comes with a full money back guarantee, meaning that the method is free of risks. Kimberly also offers the users of her program the possibility to access a private forum, where they will discover more important features of her system.

Allen Technologies HD Interactive Patient System Unveiled At Torrance Memorial Medical Center

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) December 09, 2014

When the new Melanie and Richard Lundquist Patient Tower opened at Torrance Memorial Medical Center in Torrance, Calif. on Nov. 16, 2014, the 446-bed medical center also unveiled a new level of patient experience through an Allen Technologies Interactive Patient System (IPS).

?Our goal for the new technology is to provide a more comfortable and positive experience for each patient by giving back many of the same personal choices and controls they have at home, in a hotel, or even on an airplane. Little things we take for granted, like the freedom to choose what to eat for dinner or which movie to watch haven?t traditionally been options for someone who is hospitalized. For this reason, patients often feel a loss of control over their own care,? said Sean Yokoe, RN, manager of the progressive care unit. ?By giving patients more choices and control over their care experience, we?re now enabling them to become more empowered and engaged which will increase their satisfaction levels.?

The new Allen IPS turnkey solution will include software, 40? HD televisions in patient rooms, an expanded offering of television channels, movies on demand and health education videos. It will eventually offer the ability to order meals from a room service-like menu.

?Patients have access to entertainment choices equal to, or perhaps better than, what they have at home. They can access the Internet, play video games and listen to music. The system?s capabilities will eventually expand to enable patients to request additional hospital services, including a visit from a volunteer, patient services representative, spiritual care provider or a pet visitation dog, all through their hospital TV,? said Don Van Buren, director of interactive media. Additional offerings may include the ability to request housekeeping services and purchase gift shop items.

Upon admittance to the hospital, a welcome video orients patients to their room and relays safety information on topics such as infection control and avoiding falls. A message from Torrance Memorial President and CEO Craig Leach greets patients and communicates the hospital?s mission and values and philosophy of care. A short video explains what a patient may encounter during his or her stay. An example might be the director of radiology welcoming the patient and discussing how radiation exposure is limited during imaging studies.

?Torrance Memorial is using the high tech of interactive media to deliver a high-touch patient experience,? said Van Buren.

Health education videos, customized to various conditions such as heart health, diabetes and maternal care will be available on-demand to help patients learn about managing their conditions, improving their outcomes, and making the transition to their home once hospital treatment is completed.

?One of the new features we?d like eventually to deploy is the ability to ?prescribe? videos based on a patient?s individual condition. Our doctors and nurses will be able to ?order? videos that will show up in the patient?s inbox on his or her TV to watch,? said Yokoe. ?Once the patient has watched the videos, nurses and doctors can have more meaningful conversations to help him or her understand the care plan. We?d also like to make these videos available in the newly launched online patients? portal, so they can be accessed when the patient returns home.?

Yokoe continues, ?In addition to increasing patient satisfaction, we?ve identified opportunities to streamline our routine processes and reduce operating costs. For example, enabling patients to control their own room temperature through the IPS system will allow nurses and other staff members to focus on clinical patient needs while giving patients more control of their own comfort.?

While the system is currently only available in the new Lundquist Tower, plans are in the works to update TV systems in existing hospital rooms, so patients hospital-wide can enjoy the benefits the new interactive system.

About Torrance Memorial Medical Center

Founded in 1925 by Jared Sydney and Helena Childs Torrance, Torrance Memorial Medical Center is a locally governed, 401-bed, nonprofit medical center established to provide quality healthcare services, predominantly to the residents of the South Bay, Peninsula and Harbor communities of Los Angeles County. Torrance Memorial seeks to offer the most current and effective medical technologies rendered in a compassionate, caring manner. In 2012, it joined the ranks of the top hospitals in the nation by earning coveted Magnet