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The power of tea

The power of tea
White tea, black tea, green tea, oolong tea: it all comes from the same source. This is one of the first things Longo and Nunally point out to guests who visit their 1.5 acre certified organic tea farm, Onomea Tea Company, and one that they say
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Escape holiday madness with fun food events
Greenlands Farm Store, 668 Midway Road S.E. in Bolivia, is offering a Holiday Afternoon Tea 2-4 p.m. Friday. Bring some friends and your favorite tea cup to enjoy organic teas, homemade organic tea pastries and tea sandwiches made fresh on the farm …
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Lose Weight with this Green Tea Smoothie for a Toned Butt, Slim Stomach

Lose Weight with this Green Tea Smoothie for a Toned Butt, Slim Stomach
If you're a fan of both green tea and smoothies, well, we've got some good news for you: there's a green tea smoothie out there that can help you lose weight. The below video shows a shake that can boost your metabolism and help you grab that toned
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Drink up: 12 benefits of green tea we bet you didn't know!
If you look at the ingredients list for any fat burning supplement, chances are that green tea will be on there too. According to Delhi-based dietician Simrann Saini, green tea can help you lose weight and lower your risk of becoming obese. "Given that
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Five reasons to ditch your coffee for green tea
Trading your morning coffee for a green tea can not only significantly reduce your caffeine intake but it could also help you lose weight, among other benefits. Drinking a cup of the green stuff is enough to improve your physical performance and work
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The 30 foods you should be eating if you want to lose weight
Instead of cutting down on what you eat, you should actually be piling your plate with fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds which have fat burning properties. Stocking up on these nutrient rich foods when trying to shed the pounds will eliminate hunger
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Tea Tuesdays: Matcha-maker, Matcha-maker, Make Me Some Tea

Tea Tuesdays: Matcha-maker, Matcha-maker, Make Me Some Tea
Just like flared jeans, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and thighs without a gap, matcha tea powder is in fashion in America. You can grab a matcha latte at Starbucks. Whole Foods stocks the green tea powder on its shelves. Or now that warm weather is
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Is Matcha the New Coffee? Talking with the Founders of Panatea
What is matcha? Matcha is a premium green tea powder from Japan and the ultimate superfood. When prepared traditionally, it can be thought of as a healthy espresso of green tea. More than just a tea though, matcha is also an extremely versatile ingredient.
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Recipes incorporate delicious matcha green tea
Long ago, Japanese monks ground green tea leaves into powder and mixed it into hot water with a bamboo whisk. But today, you'll find green tea powder, also called matcha, mixed into ice cream, used in cookies and cakes, and even Starbucks Matcha …
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Drinking Green Tea For Health Reason, Be Sure You Brew It

Drinking Green Tea For Health Reason, Be Sure You Brew It
The company analyzed commonly sold bottled and brewable Green tea products as well as Green tea oral supplements. Popular, ready-to-drink bottled brands Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey, and Diet Snapple contain very little EGCG and were …
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Herbal amphetamine: Denmark takes heed of Swedish warning
The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Foedevarestyrelsen, warned consumers against the use of the dietary supplement after a risk assessment by the DTU Food Institute revealed that the plant ingredient Acacia rigidula contained naturally …
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Moringa is Green Tea at its best

Moringa is Green Tea at its best
Green Virgin Moringa tea has a 'kick,' but a good one. It's an acquired taste, but something is pleasingly refreshing about their Moringa tea. It sits warmly on the palette and feels clean when ingested. I'm sold. I have levels of green tea products
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Green tea is tasty, healthy
There are two ways to buy green tea – loose leaf or pre-bagged. I have tried out many brands of green tea in tea bags and the one that brews up the nicest of the common brands is the “Stash” brand. Another good one is “Double Green Matcha Tea” by the …
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Indians dip into green tea fad, sales soar
Green tea's natural harsh taste has made tea brands like Lipton and Tetley look for new flavours. "We have taken a lot of effort to mask the alien taste of green tea. Two of our best-selling variants are honey and lemon and aloe vera," says Grover of
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