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30 Days To Thin Book Review Exposes Christina Clark’s Weight Loss Guide ? Vkool.com

Seattle, Wa (PRWEB) July 15, 2014

According to the 30 Days To Thin book review recently updated by Vkool.com, this is a comprehensive guide that will help women get their body in shape fast. This book is divided into 15 sections including:

Section 1 ? Introduction
Section 2 ? How Much Is Too Much? A Primer About Figure And Weight Type
Section 3 ? Professional Ana ? Reinventing The New You
Section 4 ? The Good, The Bad, The Ugly ? Bulimia And Anorexia
Section 5 ? Professional Ana Tips: Stick To The Fundamentals Before You Start
Section 6 ? Diet Plans To A Sexy Slim You – The Pro Ana Bootcamp
Section 7 ? The Juice Fasting Professional Ana Diet
Section 8 ? Professional Ana Boot Camp
Section 9 ? The Professional Ana Rainbow Diet
Section 10 ? Aka Master Cleanse Diet (The Lemonade Diet)
Section 11 ? Aka Juice Fast (The Juice Diet)
Section 12 ? The Cabbage Soup Diet
Section 13 ? The 17-Day Diet
Section 14 ? The 3-Day Diet
Section 15 ? The 2468 Diet

Vkool reveals in its 30 Days To Thin review that this book provides women with a wide range of exercises and diet plans for weight loss. The book also teaches women how to melt over 38 pounds in a month.

The new weight loss method, as it is reviewed now by Vkool, was developed by a fitness expert and nutrition specialist. Christina Clark, the author of the 30 Days To Thin, made her method available in a complex eBook.

The 30 Days To Thin review also shows that this method is currently available online with some special bonuses. Upon ordering the 30 Days To Thin book, people will get some special gifts such as:

Bonus 1 ? 30 Days To Thin Weight Loss Calculator Software
Bonus 2 ? How To Get Thin Thighs In 14 Days
Bonus 3 ? How To Get Skinny Legs In 14 Days
Bonus 4 ? 30 Days Workout Chart
Bonus 5 – 60-day money back guarantee
Bonus 6 – Free lifetime 30 Days To Thin Pdf upgrades

Jim Hacker from the site Vkool – Better information, Better Lives says, ?30 Days To Thin is a useful book for women who want to learn how to get a slim body fast. In addition, people will have 60 days to decide if they want to keep the 30 Days To Thin book or get their money back.?

To read the full review and learn more about Christina Clark’s book, visit the Vkool website at: http://vkool.com/30-days-to-thin/.

To download 30 Days To Thin book, visit the official website.


About Jim Hacker: Jim Hacker is an editor of the website Vkool.com. In this website, Jim Hacker provides people with a series of bodybuilding tips and advice for women.

uGraft Eyebrow Hair Transplant Helps Patients With Thin Eyebrows

Redondo Beach, California (PRWEB) February 10, 2014

Patients with sparse, thin eyebrows can now achieve thick, full eyebrows with surgical eyebrow restoration using the uGraft eyebrow hair transplant technique. Those with thin eyebrows often desire to improve their appearance by enhancing and thickening their eyebrows. Thin, sparse eyebrows do not adequately frame the face or accentuate the eyes. The recent trend in thick, full eyebrows has led many patients to seek the assistance of an eyebrow hair transplant specialist to permanently enhance eyebrows.

Dr. Sanusi Umar of FineTouch Dermatology invented the uGraft technique, also known as the Umar Procedure, based on follicular unit extraction (FUE). uGraft is an advanced, state-of-the-art FUE hair transplant system that also employs body hair transplantation (BHT). BHT is important since it expands the traditional donor hair source on the head with FUE to the rest of the face and whole body.

This patent-pending technique entails a gentle pulling action during extraction that minimalizes damage to grafts. Additionally, a uGraft eyebrow hair transplant produces superior, natural results for surgical eyebrow restoration or eyebrow enhancement. uGraft eyebrow hair transplants typically uses nape or leg hair for grafts.

Result from uGraft eyebrow hair transplants on various patients show how thicker, more defined eyebrows improve facial appearance. The face is one of the first aspects of appearance that other people notice. The hairline and eyebrows also frame the face proportionally. When hair loss occurs at the hairline or one has sparse eyebrows, distortion occurs of the face.

Many patients seek surgical eyebrow restoration or eyebrow enhancement when they are tired of the daily maintenance of cosmetic eyebrow enhancement, such as eyebrow pencils, or do not like the unnatural look of eyebrow tattoos. Other patients may seek an eyebrow transplant after an accident or burn incident.

uGraft is ideal for eyebrow transplants since body hair much resembles eyebrow hair in terms of softness and fineness. Hair follicles maintain their original nature concerning volume and length even when implanted elsewhere. Body hair is thus an effective donor source for eyebrow transplantation since it?s shorter. Nape hair is often used for the same reasons and similarity to natural eyebrow hairs.

uGraft has many benefits in addition to traditional hair transplantation but there are additional risks. It is a more time-consuming procedure that requires greater skill of the surgeon. Non-head hair is more arduous to extract. It is also more challenging to punch follicular units due to its varying degrees of angles. The procedure is also more laborious.

Prior to an eyebrow transplant, patients first have a one-on-one consultation with a hair transplant specialist. They should discuss goals and the eyebrow transplant procedure itself. The surgeon then explains what to expect before and after the surgical restoration. Once a patient decides to move forward, he or she is given detailed preparation instructions.

Prior to the actual procedure, ?before? photos are taken of the patient. These track the hair regrowth process. Photos also give an accurate description of the ?starting point? of the surgery. A patient is then prepared for uGraft hair excision at the donor area, typically the nape or legs. He or she is also given an intramuscular hypnotic to ingest orally, which promotes relaxation.

The patient then lies down on an operating table, in which local anesthesia is administered to where hair will be excised. The donor hair is shaved and prepared. The surgeon begins the extraction process of follicular units using a micropunching tool and needle devices. This is the most time-consuming portion of the uGraft eyebrow hair transplant surgery.

The patient is then prepped for implantation and sits up. Local anesthesia is administered to the eyebrow area, which is also typically shaved. Customized blades are used to create microscopic slits where follicles are implanted. This aspect defines the aesthetic appearance of the uGraft eyebrow hair transplant surgery.

Following surgery, ?after? photos are taken of the patient and aftercare is discussed. This included instructions for showering and other aspects of daily life, including exercise. A patient is given a prescription for mild painkillers, antibiotics and topical medication. No stitches or sutures are needed.

A patient can expect new hair growth in 14 to 16 weeks, which usually maxes out at a year. New hair will continue to mature and thicken for up to a year and a half after the eyebrow hair transplant surgery. Follow-ups with the surgeon will continue during this time to track progress.

Dr. Umar?s Los Angeles-based practice offers numerous options for the best hair loss treatments, surgical hair restorations and dermatology services.

For more information on uGraft, visit http://www.finetouchdermatology.com/hair-loss-treatment-services.