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Twoweek diet swap shows impact on colon cancer risk

Twoweek diet swap shows impact on colon cancer risk
What happens when two groups of people, half a world apart, swap diets for two weeks? That may be all it takes to start impacting their risk of developing colon cancer. Researchers made the startling discovery in an international experiment involving …
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What happens when you switch to only organic foods?
For one week, the five-member family ate normally, giving regular urine samples that were analyzed for 12 different pesticides. Then their diet was switched for two weeks to only organic food, and their urine was analyzed for the same 12 pesticides
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The exorbitant cost of BuzzFeed Life's 'Clean Eating Challenge'
On Friday, BuzzFeed released its second “Clean Eating Challenge,” a twoweek meal plan for readers interested in a “low-carb, gluten-free, non-processed food” diet featuring “lots and lots of fresh produce.” While some have chastised the low caloric
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