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SurfWatch Labs Connects the Server Room to the Board Room by Linking an Organization?s Unique Cyber Risks to its Business Operations

Sterling, VA (PRWEB) April 07, 2015

SurfWatch Labs, a provider of cyber risk intelligence solutions, today announced the latest version of SurfWatch C-Suite, an executive-level dashboard application that provides personalized KPI-driven analytics and insights to help measure and drive an organization?s cyber security strategy. This new release of SurfWatch C-Suite helps bring security teams and management together to effectively monitor, measure and understand the impact of cyber risks according to an organization?s key business areas, such as Brand and Reputation, Customers and Suppliers, IT Infrastructure and Financials.

?When it comes to cyber security, most organizations do not view it in the same manner as they would other critical business operations, such as sales and finances, but as we?ve seen over and over again, cyber has a major impact on the business,? said Jason Polancich, Founder and Chief Architect, SurfWatch Labs. ?This latest release of SurfWatch C-Suite extends our vision of treating cyber security as a key business function by linking an organization?s unique cyber risks to their business operations. Now organizations will be able to identify cyber risks and the potential impact by their key business areas to help drive a more informed cyber strategy over the long haul.?

By leveraging the proprietary SurfWatch CyberFact Data Model, which transforms raw cyber event information into evaluated business intelligence analysis for improved risk mitigation, SurfWatch C-Suite makes it easy for security professionals to easily communicate cyber risk insights to management in terms the business can understand.

Key features announced today further enhance the personalization and understanding of cyber risks and their impact to the business:

Cyber Risk Mapping to Key Business Areas (KBAs) ? SurfWatch C-Suite allows security professionals to map CyberFact data tags to their specific Key Business Areas ? Brand and Reputation, Customers and Suppliers, IT Infrastructure and Financials ? for highly relevant alerting, tracking and analysis of potential cyber threats over time. Executives and business analysts can then view analysis in real time of the organization?s exposure to cyber risks broken down by each KBA.

Ask the Analyst ? SurfWatch C-Suite users now have direct access to SurfWatch Cyber Data Analysts, who can help answer questions about the intelligence derived from SurfWatch Analytics and explain cyber trends and cyber problems that are impacting a user?s organization. Examples of questions that SurfWatch Cyber Data Analysts can respond to are:
— Can you help me determine if I am well positioned for current cyber risks?

— Can you give me some analysis of what actor/target/effect/practice events are occurring against my current operating environment?

— Can you provide additional information regarding this specific actor/target/effect/practice and give me some additional context to what it means?

— What does the high level cyber security regulatory landscape look like for my industry? Are there any trends that I should be aware of?

— Can you please explain what this chart means? How do I build a custom dashboard?

Executive Daily Brief ? Now SurfWatch C-Suite users can receive an easy-to-read, daily overview of cyber threats and industry news customized for their organization. C-Suite bases this customization on a user?s own definition of their organization?s Key Business Areas. As a part of the new Daily Brief, users will see a cyber risk rating that highlights the current state of the organization?s cyber risk using Activity, Novelty, Impact, and Trend analysis.

SurfWatch C-Suite pricing starts at $ 10,000 and is also available now in iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Request a 1-on-1 real-time demonstration of SurfWatch C-Suite
Sign up for a free 14 day trial of SurfWatch C-Suite

About SurfWatch Labs

SurfWatch Labs was formed in 2013 by former US Government intelligence analysts to help organizations understand their unique cyber risks from a higher level, business intelligence perspective. SurfWatch cyber risk intelligence solutions provide relevant, timely and tailored information that allows you to:

Easily visualize and comprehend how cybercrime affects all aspects of the business
Continuously monitor cyber risk key performance indicators (KPI?s)
Ensure that the most effective risk management strategies are implemented

Instead of providing overwhelming amounts of low-level threat intelligence that can bury an information security team in data, SurfWatch delivers cyber risk insights in a complete business context ? so you immediately know your greatest exposures, the impact on your business and how to quickly mitigate the risk.

SurfWatch Labs: Cyber In Sight. For more information, visit surfwatchlabs.com.

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Unique Venues Summer Magazine is “The Place to Be” With 4 Stories of Planners Finding the Perfect Venue


A fashion show can?t have just any old runway. A dinner for MLB groundskeepers has to have a home run menu. A UPS sales launch needs the perfect setup to deliver. A funeral reception is more meaningful with the right atmosphere. This is what four planners were tasked with earlier this year, and finding the right venue made all the difference for each of them. The story of how they found each other is profiled in Unique Venues magazine?s Summer Issue, out this month. Each of the planners and venues in different markets ? New York, Washington, D.C. and Denver ? were interviewed for this special cover story and gave their take on how they found success with the perfect match in location and staff.

Says Unique Venues Founder Michele Nichols, ?Just like their hotel counterparts, non-traditional event venues are complete professionals with the knowledge and service mind to execute successful meetings and events. The planners we interviewed for this story know it. All of them were new to Unique Venues members but all admittedly walked away with a new appreciation.?

The Summer Issue also has 60 additional pages of rich content specifically for meeting and event planners, such as a tour of secret garden venues that make a natural choice for outdoor functions and a look at how special event venues are catering to the LGBTQ community for more than just weddings. There?s also a travel guide to Toronto?s best venues ahead of the Pan American Games that head to town this summer and a rundown of how Britain?s Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla were welcomed to a historic landmark in our nation?s capital on a recent U.S. tour. As always, the magazine also provides a signature drink and food recipe that planners can use for ideas in their summer events.

The magazine is distributed free of charge to professional and accredited planners in the U.S. and Canada. As well, the magazine is delivered electronically to an additional 50,000+ professional and freelance planners. To join the mailing list for Unique Venues magazine, simply register here.

In addition, the UniqueVenues.com website features a comprehensive database of all member listings including contact information, photo and video galleries, menus, meeting room capacities, a free RFP service and more.

About Unique Venues

Unique Venues has been the go-to source for non-conventional meeting and event venues, and the planners looking for them, for the past 29 years. The marketing and membership company has grown to be the largest online database in the U.S. and Canada with member venues including colleges and universities, historical and cultural venues, arenas and stadiums, camps and retreat centers, conferences and business centers and other special event venues. Services include free RFP submissions, assisted searches and a quarterly magazine distribution that help planners find the perfect fit every time.

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Unique Hoodia Review Launches on Best Appetite Suppressant Pills Website

Unique Hoodia Review Launches on Best Appetite Suppressant Pills Website
Does Unique Hoodia work? The Best Appetite Suppressant Pills company has launched a new detailed review to answer this question about the popular weight loss pill Unique Hoodia. There are many people looking to lose weight who want to know if this is …
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Unique Natural Sleep Aid Gets First National Attention

Overland Park, KS (PRWEB) June 11, 2014

Berry Sleepy ? The 100% Fruit Sleep Aid has come a long way in a short time. After the product was launched out of the creators? home just 15 months ago, Berry Sleepy ? The 100% Fruit Sleep Aid received its first national publicity by getting plugged in the May issue of Runner?s World Magazine.

?We work hard every day and we?ve had steady successes, but getting in Runner?s World is very exciting and a huge help in getting the word out about our healthy sleep aid,? said co-founder Greg Doring.

One of the prominent magazine?s feature articles discusses how quality sleep can improve running performance. Berry Sleepy is one of several products highlighted to help induce sleep.

With a circulation of around 700,000, Runner?s World Magazine is by far the largest exposure the Kansas City-based health product has seen. To date, it has mostly gained customers grassroots-style from social media and word-of-mouth.

?People are desperate for good sleep, but most are freaked out by the dangers and side effects of typical sleep aids,? said co-founder Adrienne Doring. ?There can be skepticism that fruit can do the job, so getting attention from such a respected publication is a big validation.?

Berry Sleepy is a unique natural sleep remedy made entirely from three fruits that have been proven to help induce sleep: passion fruit, tart cherries and goji berries. In addition to helping improve sleep, the fruits contain vitamins and antioxidants.

Berry Sleepy ? The 100% Fruit Sleep Aid was first sold in January of 2013. The product website BerrySleepy.com sells 60 capsules for $ 49.95. Add coupon code “run” for $ 10 off at checkout. Accompanying the product is a 100% money-back guarantee.

Berry Sleepy is also available on Amazon.com. To learn more about Berry Sleepy or to view retail locations, visit the website.

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Everest Nutrition Unveils the Revolutionary Aspire Weight Loss System, Designed to Help Shed Weight with its Unique Three-Part Formula

Willmington, Del. (PRWEB) June 30, 2009

Everest Nutrition proudly announces the Aspire Weight Loss System, the world’s most comprehensive solution designed to help busy people burn fat thanks to its revolutionary three-part formula.

The Aspire Weight Loss System is doctor-formulated and based on millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of scientific research. Aspire’s all natural ingredients are well-documented in peer reviewed journals and are widely considered safe.

From cleansing the body of harmful toxins to boosting your metabolism, Aspire addresses every aspect of the weight loss process to make getting the body you deserve fun, easy, and most importantly, safe.

The diet pill is designed to do more than the average dietary scheme by targeting three specific aspects to help lose weight : Cleanse, Appetite Suppressant, and Weight Loss.

The secret behind Aspire’s unique diet pill formula is in its powerful, all natural ingredients.

The Cleanse formula includes herbal remedies and naturally-occurring bacteria like Lactobacillus acidophilus which aids in flushing out harmful toxins from the body. In a study published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition, researchers found that Lactobacillus was useful in reducing dangerous levels of fatty cholesterol.

In the Appetite Suppressant component of the system, natural food additives like Glucomannan are included to curb overeating by promoting a sense of satiety. A study from the Rush University College of Nursing showed a significant loss of weight in obese people who took the additive daily.

Finally, rare, naturally-occurring plant extracts designed to dramatically boost the body’s own metabolism make-up the Weight Loss formula . These clinically-proven ingredients allow customers to keep an active lifestyle and reduce the lethargy that comes from ordinary weight loss strategies like dieting. According to the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, Rhodiola rosea and green tea leaf extracts–both major components of the Aspire system–have shown to enhance physical endurance levels and speed up the body’s metabolic rate.

Other ingredients include proven all natural antioxidants like Alpha-lipoic acid, the famed South African plant Hoodia, and well-known herbal supplements like Omega 3-rich Flax seed and the virus-fighting Goldenseal.

Instead of relying on questionable meal replacements or synthetic supplements, all natural Aspire users simply follow an easy herbal system that harnesses natural remedies to tame hunger, restore your energy, filter out toxins, and burn unwanted, unsightly fat. The diet pills in the Aspire weight loss system are designed to take the confusion out of losing weight.

According to satisfied customers, Aspire makes the perfect natural weight loss solution for hectic schedules: “At night after I’ve had a busy day and the kids are in bed, it’s my time to unwind. This is when the ‘night munchies’ would take over, sabotaging my ability to lose weight,” says Lynn, a working mother of two.

“Now, I take an Aspire appetite suppressant – it really helps to control those cravings!”

The most comprehensive diet pill solution currently available, Aspire’s three-part system features no known side effects and because it was developed from the ground up to use only herbal ingredients, is documented to be safe for consumption.

This novel approach to achieving long-term weight loss–using proven natural ingredients in a three-part formula–is what sets Aspire apart from the competition.

The Aspire Weight Loss System is available online, does not require a prescription and comes with an unconditional, 90-day money-back guarantee.

Visit http://www.AspireWeightLoss.com to learn more about the Aspire Weight Loss System!