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Teacher loses weight on 3-month McDonald's diet

Teacher loses weight on 3-month McDonald's diet
Talk about a fantasy weightloss diet: eating McDonald's every single day, dropping the pounds and getting healthier. That's exactly what happened to an Iowa high school science teacher and now it's a story serving up a million smiles on McDonald's
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She lost 145 pounds — could you?
I've put on a lot of muscle weightlifting at the gym." She plans to stay around 155 to 160 pounds. Secret #3: Be consistent. Today Ianuale goes to the gym six days a week. She runs between 3 and 4 miles a night and does 30 to 40 minutes of weight training.
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Dr. Oz's Weight Loss Diet Melts 5 Pounds in 3 Days: Fat-Flush Plan Details And
Have you vowed to achieve your weight loss goals before the holiday food frenzy begins? Dr. Mehmet Oz revealed how to flush away excess fat with his new diet, designed to help you lose as much as five pounds in just three days, on his talk show Nov. 3.
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