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http://www.RealityofAging.com Why the Dr. Atkin’s diet is very unhealthy for you. Yes, the Dr. Atkin’s diet is extremely unhealthy, and I’m going to explain …
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  1. Do you know that the carbs he proposed were greens and veggies and NOT
    grains? Might you consider (or share) what form of carbs you ate to gain
    “30 lbs in 2 days” (for real man?). . . It was the foloowers who saved
    their carbs for empty calories like bread and ice cream and pasta. .
    .That’s your own fault and theirs but not his. 

  2. Absolutely Bollocks And WHO is determining this 50% benchmark? YOU As for
    your “starvation” comment and the need for “carbohydrates” What do you
    think the Brain does? It scans your blood looking for amino acids,
    especially tryptophan and glutamine to determine if the body is hungry or
    not. So your comment about starvation/carbs is an absolute fallacy… how
    do I know this? I have certifications in nutrition/biology/physiology.

  3. Im doing lower carbs, and i feel SO much better. Fruits and vegetables are
    part of a lower carb diet. If you werent eating those, that means you were
    in induction the whole time. Thats crazy. Why would you do that?

  4. and by the way… You seem to think Atkins is a fad and doesn’t work… I
    find that laughable since I myself came from being Overweight to becoming
    lean and muscly. Not to mention the majority of my Clients… I am a
    Personal Trainer on the side and see the positive effects it has on people
    that are overweight and becoming slim. So there is NOTHING you can say that
    would ever convince me that you know ANYTHING about this topic… and that
    is clear by the common fallacy statements you make

  5. When you stop weight training, you will sag into a bag of fat and loose
    skin. So don’t give it up man. Be warned.. I know. It happened to me. Then
    I found Dr. Atkins. I am really concerned for you bro, so heed the advice.

  6. You in no way explained how the Atkins diet is bad. . . Not one piece of
    scientific evidence, reference or case study. Would it surprise u if I said
    there is not one scientific paper or study that emphatically states that
    Atkins is bad. . . .

  7. You have been brainwashed and it will be difficult to convince you of the
    facts, in other words, the science of nutrition. So I will put a simple
    challenge to you. If humans were designed to eat meat, then you need to
    consume it the same way other meat eaters do – catch it with your teeth and
    consume it alive and raw. Cooking any food is obviously unnatural, as well
    as carcinogenic. So eat your meat raw, bloody, without seasoning and then
    reply how much you enjoyed it.

  8. Cont But we are talking about DAILY DIET and Health.. not after workout
    supplementation to assist in muscle growth/recovery… that is a seperate

  9. fuckin meat head prick, I’m pure vegan bodybuilder that does cardio too,
    yeah my legs are strong and I have endurance, why the fuck do all you meat
    heads take protein supplements if meat is so fucking good. take your dumb
    head out of your decomposing flesh residing ass and google vegan body
    building before you send your standard meat head response, my PB’s would
    shit healthy vegan shit all over yours! now fuck off and do loads of sit
    ups to try get a six pack to appear, mine comes naturally!

  10. The glycemic index is a joke, but has made some authors rich. Quit reading
    the fitness magazines that are only trying to sell programs and supplements
    and look at the research (showing the myth between high GI foods and
    diabetes). The main factor for insulin resistant diabetes is obesity. In
    China (where most calories came from carbs) there were few cases of
    diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic Western diseases until they
    added more meat (and more fat) to their diet. Fact.

  11. this guy obviously has no idea how the atkins diet works. apparently he did
    the induction phase of the atkins diet for 6 months (while BODYBUILDING)
    and felt like shit…. NO DUH! the induction phase is supposed to last 2
    weeks, not 6 months. after the induction phase you can slowly start
    increasing the amounts of vegeatbles and fuits you eat, and even whole
    grains and starches as well. i can’t believe so many people try to
    criticize atkins without even knowing how the diet works!

  12. Gee… out of the thousands upon thousands of body builders out there that
    DO follow the Atkins way… that are lean and built up as the fine
    specimens they are today… I haven’t come across any that are “brain dead”
    as you claim would happen… and neither am I “brain dead” either… Why
    don’t you explain “Why” somebody would become “brain dead” if they follow
    Atkins….. I dare you….

  13. How could you say you did atkins you didn’t even do it right and you not
    supposed to eat like normal your supposed to add five carbs a week until
    you stop losing weight

  14. Exactly! The idea is to cut out carbs during the induction phase so that
    your body’s adapts to burning protein and fats for energy instead of
    “manufactured carbs” then you gradually introduce healthy carbs “fibrous
    carbs mostly” This guy is brain dead… he obviously didn’t read the
    book… if he did then he is too fkn stupid to understand it

  15. the glycemic index has nothing to do with getting diabetes??? hahahaha
    Wrong Wrong Wrong… You are a clown I suppose the Glycemic index is a scam
    huh? all the blood tests that record how the blood reacts with low, med,
    high gi carbs is a scam also? It’s just a marketing tool huh? High Gi carbs
    doesn’t force the pancreas to release insulin which results in the muscle
    cells becoming resistant over time huh? Type 2 diabetes is Not insulin
    resistance eh? Again… you are a Clown in need of Study

  16. 99% of Dr. Atkins cridicts havent read the book … It has 4 stages .. not
    just 20 gram limit.. This video shows ignorance.. I find it amazing someone
    can train so hard and not be able to read …. The guy is soo wrong its

  17. This is called anecdotal evidence and it is never very strong. There are
    too many studies that that prove that low carb is a perfectly healthy way
    to eat. “For 2.3 million years, humans have eaten fruits and green
    vegetables.” Green veggies are most certainly allowed on Atkins. You forgot
    to mention though that for 2.3 million years humans also ate lots of
    protein. Humans have always eaten lots of dead animals.

  18. Anything less than 50% carbs is a low-carb diet, be it Atkins, Zone, Paleo,
    whatever, because they starve the body of its most efficient (and natural)
    fuel source – carbohydrates. The immediate deleterious effects of low-carb
    diets are many: low energy, constipation, bad breath, dehydration,
    decreased libido, etc. Long term effects of high protein diets can be
    deadly. As a bodybuilder, the carbs are what need to be replaced after a

  19. You are full of it mate… I’m not denying we are suppose to eat fruits n
    vegetables… so I don’t know why you are bringing that up and changing the
    subject all the time… new diet? that’s a laugh… I suppose you DENY that
    too much fruit will lead to gaining weight? gee… sugar… (fructose)
    Narrr doesn’t make you put on weight does it? Not to mention fruit is bred
    to be much higher in fructose than intended by nature.. Suppose you deny
    that also? What research? You are just talk….

  20. Are you in contact with Dr Atkins or did he die from his diet? surely you
    wouldn’t be stupid enough to follow a diet that killed its author? no one
    could be that stupid surely? is anyone that dumb? that thick? that
    senseless? do you consider yourself intelligent?

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