Atkins Diet

“The Law of 3’s” for Dieting and Success

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  1. Elliott, it would be cool if u put like a long rope in your gym, attached
    from the floor to your wall and made yourself climb up and down
    barehandedly. I bet that will train those arms and it’s fun at the same

  2. I tried this. 3 days flew by. Then 3 weeks flew by. Now I am on month 3 day
    1. Still going strong and down 40lbs. 

  3. The most important thing before correcting food intake is to regulate
    sleep. The next thing is to only drink water and to walk 1-2 hours a day.
    Once those things are in place you will naturally stop binge eating because
    the underlying hormones are in check. The LAST step is to the implement
    healthy foods into the diet, because by that stage it won’t feel like a
    punishment and the body will be ready for good quality fuel. 

  4. Elliot your Law of the 3’s od Dieting Success is Crazy sincere and
    Fantastic!! I like how you use this for young people or people of all
    ages that teach way beyond the “Gym”.

  5. Thanks a lot for this video Elliott, i know what to do to lose weight but i
    just cant do it, i will try what you said.

    Also im gonna apply this to no-fap.

  6. I decided 3 days ago to make my own 30 day bootcamp where I do the things I
    wanted to do, but never had the discipline to do. It’s pretty much just a
    goal made more fancy, but it helps. Day 3 and I’m meditating, stretching
    and training daily as well as maintaining a calorie surplus, which, as an
    ectomorph, I found challenging before. Thanks for this video, hoping the
    discipline I develop after that 90 days helps with other things like you

  7. How funny this is. I got hooked on Elliot’s video for the last three days,
    after stumbling on it by chance. What’s funny is I have been doing the 3 x
    3 x 3 breakdown for many, many years working out when I have to hit a set
    of 10. I use the same method in competitive running and training my
    students to increase their stamina and speed by breaking their run down to
    phases. I tell them, don’t worry about how many miles you have to run. You
    find a point down the street, a tree, a car or whatever and you pull and
    push with all you have to that point. When you get there…your next race
    is to the next point, that’s it. You don’t think about anything else other
    than resetting once you get there. It’s the power of the mind!

  8. This is very Zen. With the focus on just 3 days (which is closer to the
    present then 90 days) it makes a task that once seemed hard, easier,
    because the time frame is shorter. Instead of not doing something for 90
    days, don’t do it today. When you wake up tomorrow, don’t do it then
    either, etc. We practice this in martial arts all the time when you are
    changing the structure of your body and mind

  9. elliott this is the fucking shit. how many forms of discipline have u set
    for your self to learn at the same time?

  10. Oh man …Elliott is fucking awesome.

    I was just on the verge of giving up until he popped up on my homepage…

    New Year’s Resolution …the law of 3’s will be followed.

  11. Great video. Very simple, should be one of the first things a person finds
    out when they are looking to change their life.

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