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The No-Carb Diet Discussion on ‘The Doctors’

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  1. Stephanie Person here on youtube follows low carb (for over 4yrs) and makes
    tons of vids and she doesn’t look starved at all and keeps her body fat
    percentage low without doing any cardio (due to a bum knee) and she looks
    amazing and has more muscles than most guys I know! Low carb FTW!

  2. Hello! Anyone heard about the Fat Blaze Factor (do search on google)? Ive
    hear some amazing things about it and my mate burned lots of unwanted

  3. Hey guys(: Have you thought about the Fat Blaze Factor (do search on
    google)? Ive hear some great things about it and my sister burned lots of
    unwanted fats:) 

  4. LOL, what do all these raw/carb folks think we were eating 100,000 years
    ago in the middle of winter? Leftover frozen bananas, or all those leafy
    greens that were growing under the snow, or were loaves of bread falling
    with the snow? I think they would be tracking down that deer in the snow
    because it has all the nutrients they needed to survive. I really doubt
    all our ancestors lived in the tropics all year round with banana/coconut
    trees everywhere, unless there were some alien whole foods markets back
    then. “The Doctors” what a farce. I know all you carberators want your
    donuts/bagels guilt free, but if you think your healthy because your lean
    you better go get your triglycerides and HDL checked, and get your liver
    scanned to see if you have a fatty liver, because you might be on your way
    to type 2 diabetes. I’ve been on the Ketogenic diet for 4 months and have
    effortlessly ( no added exercise) lost 20 lbs and dropped RA medication and
    feel better every day.

  5. ello! Have you ever tried – Banyield Amazing Weight Loss (just google it)?
    Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend got amazing results
    with it. 

  6. Hey:) Did you thought about the Fat Blaze Factor (do search on google)? Ive
    hear some great things about it and my sis burned lots of unwanted fats…

  7. So old school….low carb works for me, but I am healthy with it tho, don’t
    eat a lot of fat ether, lot of protein and fiber,

  8. There is a whole lot of hypocrisy and conflicting advice from so-called
    professional organizations in America and elsewhere. When I was diagnosed
    with type 2 diabetes last year I went to the American Diabetes Association
    website and signed up for their literature. Their dietary advice and
    recipes were all low fat but HIGH carb and included
    rice/pasta/potatoes/bread/whole grains (still CARBS!)/sugary fruits and all
    the other starchy garbage that my dietician told me to avoid! What a bunch
    of B.S.

  9. oh and btw the body isnt designed to burn anything specifically you can
    burn carbs fat protein and alcohol for energy

  10. No Carbs diet work amazingly but it is extremely difficult. Here’s what I’m
    eating now that is helping me lose weight quickly: Canned tuna, chicken,
    turkey – straight outta the can. Boiled eggs, sashimi, roasted chicken,
    Tofu blocks(no carb ones), and lots of Whey Protein Isolate(I have shakes
    anytime I feel hungry with water, add flax seed oil and L-Carnitine). I add
    green herbs to whatever I can for flavour. Also supplements, cinnamon,
    apple cider, green tea, and multivatimins.

  11. this guy is a doctor but def not anything to do with nutrition maybe has
    his phd in media i have been a medical nutritionist for 4 years now and
    have to say low carb raw (aside from the meat and eggs) is the healthiest
    diet hands down just saying from my experience

  12. That seems more of a high protein diet for me. Remember, 55%+ of your daily
    calories should come from fat, it should be your primary source of fuel.
    When you add a lot of protein and only a moderate amount of fat (canned
    tuna and chicken, low fat high protein) most of that protein will be
    converted into glucose via the liver, so you’re not really benefiting from
    ketosis, but you will be full, thus eating less. Good for weight loss, not
    really for health. 65f/32p/3carbs are % for weight loss.

  13. It’s funny how the make-up crew can take a truly attractive gal like Nancy
    O’Dell who would rate somewhere around a “high 7” to “mid 8” …..and turn
    her into a “near 10” …haha

  14. Health problems for some people depends on the type of proteins and fats
    ingested and the amount. If you cook fresh then you can prepare meals that
    will not have that type of effect and be lo carb! Even vegans use healthy
    fats like olive oil, and I had a vegan even suggest coconut oil to me as an
    alternative healthy oil. It is always a matter of choice that can make or
    break any eating lifestyle that you choose! The long term success of
    anything that works is to make it a part of your life!

  15. You are so right! Ketosis is nothing but a state of fat burning. It is NOT
    to be confused with the dangerous state that diabetics suffer with known as

  16. i been low carb ..and on a good amount of days , NO carb dieting for about
    2 months…at first i didnt like it..bc i had nO energy when i was lifting
    weights…( and doing research on building muscle, carbs help out a ton lol
    ) but after 2 months now..i actually feel great, get my work outs in..have
    a bunch of energy…BUT I MISS CARBS lol but yeah according to this im in
    “starvation” mode every day…but ive seen videos sayin ur body doesnt get
    into “starvation” mode until about 48-72 hours.

  17. The brain needs at least 20 net carbs a day; going below that is WRONG. I
    consume 25-30 net carbs a day :). Love KITOSIS!!! I never feel hungry.

  18. yeah this is not true total media i have been a medical nutritionist for
    the last 4 years and no one who has ever been to school for nutrition would
    say anything connecting ketosis with starvation mode these are two
    completely different metabolic processes and he states this in the first
    minute of the video showing he has no knowlegde of nutrition at all not
    sure what kind of doctor he is but shouldnt be takin to heart for anyone on
    low carb as it is not true

  19. This guy is an idiot. Ask him to PROVE that we need 100g of carbs per day.
    A half an apple is enough carbs to get you through a work out. Go watch the
    documentary Fat Head

  20. What a douche. I’ve been living in what he calls “starvation mode” for over
    a year – and yet somehow I feel great and I’m rarely hungry.

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