Top 10 Healthiest Foods

This video is intended for high school students, grades 9 or 10, to make them aware of some of the healthiest foods that are easily accessible, and why they are good for you.
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  3. Best Kpsher diet is BBQ ribs that have much low glucose pork fat–Yes eat pork fat as part of low carb diet-Fry everything in Corn oil to help farmers! Also eat hot dogs and chops at Nascar events with your fries and Beer!

  4. Wheat? Haha! 70 percent of people, have a glutenallergy, without eaven knowing, and fish contains mercury, which is linked to autism.

  5. Vegetable and fruit juices are a poor choice because they usually contain large amounts of fructose that is processed like a toxin by a liver and contain little fiber that helps in digestion of carbohydrates. It is much better to eat fresh fruits and vegetables (not to mention that it is almost always better to eat unprocessed food).

  6. My mom came in and told me to turn the computer screen toward her because it sounded like I was watching porn.

  7. I am actually one of those kids who love spinach, yes I enjoy it. It’s good for you and everything. I like vegetables with water.

  8. It depends on whether the salmon is wild or farmed. Farmed salmon is an unhealthy food product. Wild sockeye salmon from Alaska are the most nutritious and least polluted. Re: apples, you’re right that non-organic apples are can be pretty toxic.

  9. Generally speaking, yes, wild salmon is much better than farmed. Wild salmon eat a diet rich in natural omega 3 fatty acids, so they end up in the fish you eat. Farmed salmon tends to be higher in pollutants and toxic residues, and is lower in omega 3s. And they spend the day swimming around in their own excrement. Red (sockeye) salmon is not farmed, so it’s the healthiest kind to eat.

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