why is there TRANSFAT in pesto sauce from “WHOLE FOODS”?

Question by dennis11364: why is there TRANSFAT in pesto sauce from “WHOLE FOODS”?
ok… so i bought this pesto sauce for pasta from “Whole Foods” (a major health organic chain) and I feel ripped off because theres like 2g of TRANS fat PER teaspoon. In the ingredients theres no hydrogenated oils (only olive oil) or anything… but how can there be trans fat 🙁 🙁 🙁 i’m definitely not eating it now.

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Answer by lexo80
That’ll teach you to make your own pesto next time….

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  1. “Organic” only means not raised with any hormones, or antibiotice (if meat) and no insecticides or artificial fertilizer if vegetables/fruit.
    Doesn’t cover Trans fats. The trans fats in the pesto you bought were probably from the pine nuts that were used in making it.

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