United Nations Relief Operation in Dacca

A few nice highest protein foods images I found:

United Nations Relief Operation in Dacca

Image by United Nations Photo

Children from the village of Ishurdi gather around the unloading of high protein food donated by UNICEF and flown in by the International Red Cross, in the hope of obtaining flour from any broken bags.
1/Jan/1972. Dacca, Bangladesh. UN Photo/T. Hagen. www.unmultimedia.org/photo/

Through the swamp

Image by kightp

Mike told us the benign duckweed, which helps clean the water, keep it cool and provides high-protein food for wildlife, is being crowded out by invasive salvinia, which chokes the waterways. To the unschooled eye, the two water plants look much the same.

China Tour 2009

Image by hisglassworks

Our last meal in China.

Just kidding! This was for sale at a local grocery store as a high protein food.
Yum, grubs!
And there were many other foods which are quite scary to us westerners! The dried sea cucumbers looked particularly frightening!

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