Washing Antiflame suit?

Question by donny: Washing Antiflame suit?
my boyfriends work suits say “do not use organic/tallow soap” whats that mean? what is tallow soap? Is Gain ok to use?

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Answer by Angel
Well.. i have no clue.. but tallow.. is to do with animal fat.. so i would assume you wouldnt want to use animal fat on an antiflame suit as it would be flameable? im guessing here, i have no clue

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  1. I worked at a cleaners and we had Antiflame suits come in that we had to dryclean. The suit should have information on the tag for the company. I would call them and ask them the best way to clean the suit.
    Maybe the maker is on the tag and you could look it up on the web.
    I would not clean it until you know for sure how to do it. It could be dangerous for him, if its not cleaned correctly

    Good Luck

  2. Anti-flame coveralls or suits usually state on their wash tags :

    Not not use detergents containing organic/tallow soap.
    Not to use chlorine bleach.
    Not to use acidic additives in the rinse process (sour rinse).
    Avoid direct and intense steam while ironing.
    Avoid over drying and recommends moisture retention 10-15%.
    Store under dry conditions.
    Avoid direct sunlight on stored products.

    This is to ensure there is no rapid wear and tear and the fire resistance of the suit does not wash out during laundering.

    (Organic/Tallow soap is a paste hand soap)

    Otherwise, I think you wash it normally.

  3. Tallow is animal fat that is rendered to make soap or candles – usually comes from sheep or hogs – I’m not sure why that would be any more harmful to removing the flame retardant quality from the clothing however it may have something to do with soap residue that is sometimes left on after clothes are washed – tallow is flammable (hence why it can be used for candles) I would think that gain or any other commercial laundry detergent should be ok to use – just check the ingredient list if there is one to be sure –

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