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What Foods Should I Eat? A New Video Launched by Conscious Counselor

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 27, 2014

When a person decides to start a healthy lifestyle, a big portion of that change is a change in diet. There are many myths out there as to what to eat to lose weight or to become healthy in general. With a wide variety of diets confusing consumers who wish to eat healthy, having a knowledgeable guide is extremely beneficial in the process of taking the path to a healthier life through food. Now, Conscious Counselor helps guide people who wish to become healthy in the right direction with their informative video on YouTube that talks about what food to eat and how it helps your body.

In the new video released by Conscious Counselor, the speakers encourage viewers to do their research. Different people have different diets that make them feel good and feel healthier. Some diets are particular to the person such as a blood-type diet that is tailored to that specific person. Picking what is right for a particular person can change someone?s energy level and outlook. For more information on this, or to view the full video, please click on: What foods should I eat?

The speakers in the video encourage others to see how their body feels after eating certain foods. Some foods such as bread can make a person feel sluggish and their body does not necessarily welcome other grains as well. Trial and error can be a large part in finding a healthy diet that works best for one person. For more info on this, please click on: What is a healthy diet?

Reading what foods are made out of can be beneficial too. Knowing what a person is putting into their body can help them make more conscious decisions about their diet for a happier and healthier lifestyle

Cleanses can also be an option to start off fresh with a new diet in their digestive system. One of the main reasons for a cleanse is to get everything out of the body that has been left over from a person?s life. There are many different types of cleanses that a person may do for a variety of reasons. This can be great for someone who is looking to go from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet, or someone that is looking to get any unwanted masses stray from their digestive tract. Doing a cleans and listening to the body’s reactions really allows the question to come in, “Just what is a healthy diet?”

Sead Pepic says in the video, ?One of my first cleanses, on day three my brain felt like it was in a pot of boiling water. It felt incredibly hot; the actual brain inside the skull, but when you feel my forehead it?s fine. Then I asked my health coach, ?What was that?? and he asked me if I had ever done the drug speed in my life and I?m like ?No. But I was on medication for A.D.D. which is similar to speed, but that was 10 or 15 years ago.? He said, ?It was still in you. Your body is getting it out and even though you might feel sick or have sick symptoms on day three of a cleanse?your body is not getting sick.?? Foe the full video, please click on:

Many of the speakers in the video experienced caffeine withdrawals on day two and day three of the cleanse, however they all felt better afterwards. That feeling really allowed to ask themselves, “What foods should I eat?”

Pepic also talks about an awakening experience he had during a cleanse for a new business idea. He says, ?I was doing a cleanse and I felt incredibly alive. I hadn?t done a cleanse in a year at that time. Every time I do a cleanse I remember what it?s like to be alive again. When doing a cleanse your energy goes towards your brain; your thoughts and ideas. During a cleanse I had a brand new business idea and I gave a lecture to women only about how to attract a quality man.?

Pepic thanks this idea to his cleanse and the power the process provided him.

Later in the video, the speakers also talk about emotional eating and how they have overcome different types of emotional eating. One speaker talks about how his 38-day cleanse helped him overcome emotional eating because he did not have eating to fall back on.

There are many different diets to choose from whether someone is looking to have more energy or to lose weight, making healthy and conscious choices can have a major impact on someone?s lifestyle for the better.

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