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What is Spirulina? A Protein-rich Top Superfood Algae

Spirulina is an ancient, singled-celled freshwater blue-green algae that has existed since the beginning of life on earth. Spirulina can be consumed as a pow…
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  1. Good video with very circumstantial information! In some countries
    Spirulina isn’t very popular, meaning many people don’t even know about it,
    which is sad, because this alga is really wonderful! It really does improve
    digestion, energy, focus, and overall well-being. Some individuals have
    issues with the taste, but this tiny problem can be solved easily by adding
    spirulina in juices, shakes, and smoothies.

  2. i used to weigh 250 lbs at 6’1″ and had semi serious digestive problems and
    i started taking spirulina in a smoothie with ice oranges bananas and
    strawberries. sometimes id add apricot seeds into it and all, ALL,
    digestive issues were gone in about a week or so. its been almost two years
    now and i still haven’t had one day of discomfort and i have absolutely no,
    zero, intentions of going back. it changed in a week things that had been
    with me for 33 years. and i weigh between 150/160 now and all joint pain
    has disappeared. and though i work outside i never lifted a weigh or ran a
    mile. it smells like complete and utter poop but it helped me out with

  3. great info. TY. but, Spirulina? no more. can’t trust any natural sources
    for it. It’s been Poisoned thru human pollution.

  4. I adore your channel !!! You are giving the world a college degree in
    nutrition — and, I for one, love you for it. A heartfelt thank you.

  5. wow, thank you for a well done presentation on Spirulina! I have just
    discovered it, and am so excited to tell people about the health benefits
    of it! I am going to refer them to your video for the most comprehensive
    overview of spirolina in video form that i have found.

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