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  1. I have watched 2 of her videos and she has some valid points but she is
    full of crap in some points. Table sugar is not better than artificial
    sweetener if your trying to loose weight. FACT

  2. Don’t know where she is getting “margarine is banned in Europe” “White
    refined flour is banned in Europe”. Don’t know about anywhere else but not
    in England. All the things she said were banned are in the shops here.

  3. coffee doesn’t have sugar per se, you just need not to add it! it also can
    speed up metabolism. 

  4. Would a grill chase with wheat bread, butter (real butter) and cheddar
    cheese be o?

    also what cereal is ok? Would regular be ok? (The box with the cereal in a
    heart picture.)

    Also what apple juice is ok? Motto’s or 100% juice?

  5. why the hell do so many people care about what she said about Europe, who
    gives a shit what is banned or not banned, the point of the video was to
    tell people that want to eat healthier what NOT to eat. The point was
    pretty clear and simple to understand!.Thanks for the very informative

  6. Doing quotation marks with one hand and every 2 seconds in your intro makes
    you seem really unprofessional honestly.

  7. When you are actually saying that all these things are banned in EU, what
    exactly are you talking about? Because I’m from Spain and we DO have
    margarine, we DO have processed meat and we DO have white refined flour…
    so, I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say.

  8. The bread thing is a total bullshit
    eat a whole bread you won’t be hungry for like 6 hours
    plus bread is cheap and it is the main friend for every food ! 

  9. Is eating your vaginal discharge during multiple orgasms healthy for me.?
    You appear to taste like peppermint btw :)

  10. Yes A LOT of the foods we eat are just garbage disguised as heaven on a
    plate. Look on this site and you’ll know what I mean.

  11. so boring plus how am I suppose to put honey in sted of sugar wen I have
    tea! ur so annoying and ditsy and ur body also needs milk not just water!

  12. the director of fat head went on a fast food diet for 28 days and lost 12
    lbs and had better cholesterol 

  13. Were you actually eating during the making of this video? Sad thing is I
    especially want to go to eat all of these foods. While watching Super Size
    Me, I paused it to go get some McDonald’s. The reason? Pure physiological
    and psychological addiction. People will shamefully overlook the hazardous
    effects because of the the temporary “benefits” of pleasure yielded through
    dopamine spikes and serotonin spikes.

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